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Beware of the Husband Hunter

I found this article on line the other day – kind of like peanut butter and jelly though.  I want to hear some good stuff about what women want;  that they are dirty girls or are looking for a one night stand with a stranger in an elevator.  Even though it Read more

Pimp My Bride

[hana-flv-player video="" width="400" height="330" description="" player="4" autoload="true" autoplay="false" loop="false" autorewind="true" clickurl="" /]You know you wish you could do this.  Have your wife get all whored up for your wedding.. I love how he is trying to hold back from laughing.. Love the TV on her back.

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Train vs Tornado

Now I am trying to figure out if this is real or not.  It looks pretty legit, but a tornado hits the train, takes it off the track and doesn’t knock over a tree?  At least in the Wizzard of Oz a house was blown over! I am thinking it is real, but the camera stays too steady and why the hell do they have a camera on the back of the engine anyways?  In case Jesse James was riding along side the train, jumps on one of the cars and was going to hold up the driver?

This is Scary Stuff

I am not against immigration to the United States, but do it the right way. Our borders are way too easy to cross. Instead of sending billions of dollars over seas to less fortunate countries we need to start spending it on protecting the best country in the world.  There is  a man made river along most of the border.  Take the alligators that are causing problems in Florida and drop them in there.  While you are at it, mix in a few Piranha; then we will see how many people get across.  Check out these two videos and you will realize we are in some serious trouble if we don’t secure our borders. Forward this to everyone you know by using the share button below the videos. This needs to get out.

Don’t forget to check the rest of this site for some other great video’s and information.

Two and a Half Men or 14 and a Half Men?

Two and a Half Men!?  More like 14 and a Half Men.

Word on the street is that Charlie Sheen was holding out for more dough per episode of his hit TV show Two and a Half Men.  He has supposedly struck a deal with CBS to do at least two more seasons, but we don’t know at exactly how much per show.  According to TMZ he was looking for a cool $2 million an episode.  Yes, I said per show, not per season.  WTF?  Obviously it doesn’t suck to be born into a famous family.  Where would Charlie be without his old man Martin?  What the hell happened to his brother, I lost track of him after Breakfast Club.   That’s a topic for another time.   We don’t know what Charlie settled for, but we do know he was making a measly $865,000 per show up until now.  That’s just 14 and half times what you make in a year if you made say………….. $60,000.  That’s per episode mind you, …..not per year.   Not trying to bum anybody out, just put things into perspective –  that’s what I do.   The damn show is 30 minutes long,….22 minutes when you throw out the commercials.  Using the old, unacceptable amount of only $865,000 per 22 minute show, that equals just over $39,000 per minute.  How is that fair?!  He makes in 2 minutes more than a lot of people make in a frickin’ year.  The guy is not that great an actor.  If you like a show, give props to the writers.  The guy wears some cool shirts, but the socks and topsiders……….come on dude, you look like a tool from the knees down.  He pulls some smokin’ hot chicks on the show………. and probably in real life with that kind of cash to throw around.  Oh well, it is what it is,……guess I should have studied acting.  -The Financial Freak you want me to talk about something and give you a full analysis just let me know In this clip that is a minute long he says 4 words.. That is $9750 per word..

Rabbits are just soft cute animals……

Bull shit they are.  These two are made for a movie and could star next to Arnold in Terminator 6.   I can’t decide which one I feel is tougher,  although I am leaning towards the one with the crows.   The first one is just toying with the snake but it is a giant snake. The guys commentary and his laughing is classic!  Maybe that is why I don’t think this rabbit is  as tough as the other.

Ok, now this next little fuzzy cute animal is a bad ass.  He takes down one crow and the others try to help and he runs them off.  Damn, I was sitting at the beach the other day eating chips and a few sea gulls flew up to me and were staring at me from 10 feet away. I freaked out and thought there were going to attack me. My buddy said he found a birds nest in the wreath of his front door….. heard some noises out front and there were two crows on the ground right below the wreathe.  He ran them off but comes out an hour later and both baby birds were gone..  I hope one of the crows in this video was one of the crows at his house. Payback biotch.  click on the photo below for video.

Could this be the same rabbit in both videos?

Great Commercial

[hana-flv-player video="" width="400" height="330" description="" player="4" autoload="true" autoplay="false" loop="false" autorewind="true" clickurl="" /]

This is so true.    All this posing and posturing and then a hottie comes along and the biggest, baddest Mo-Fo turns into a pussy cat.   The US needs to start showing commercials like this – what is it going to take?

The Chokin' One

The Boston Celtics beat the Cleveland Cavaliers to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals.  Just thought I’d get that out there because the talking heads at ESPN are obsessed with the LeBron failure and his future.  That’s ’cause it is juicy stuff.  He seems to have been greasing the skids for Read more

You've been Rondo'd

It was with great delight that I witnessed the thorough beatdown the Boston Celtics administered to the one man gang and his not ready for prime time players.  There was much discussion between games about LeBron wanting to check Rondo straight up, and neither was a factor in the first half.  The C’s supporting cast however consists of three future hall of famers and LeBron has a creaky Shaq who is calcifying before our eyes and may be in full rigor mortis before he and the rest of the cadavers are dispatched Thursday in Boston.

The 1st half was competitive, going back and forth with the Celtics settling for a six point lead which could have been more.  Rajon Rondo was virtually invisible, but asserted his will as the 3rd quarter unfolded- Taking the ball to the rack and finding his teammates in their scoring zones.  He even knocked down some jumpers, including a shot clock beating 3 which deflated the Cavs.  It was far from his transcendent game 4 performance, but few have done what he did in that game- Ever.  Only Wilt and Oscar can boast playoff lines of 29-18-13.  He has claimed the Celtics as his team.  This team with 3 guys going to Springfield is now driven by a 6′ 1″ elastic band of energy.

Maybe I am a traditionalist old bastard, but the PA announcer chanting De-fense with piped in drumbeats in an attempt to exhort the crowd is obnoxious and tacky.  Wacky video game sound effects on missed shots or foul calls are anathema to real hoops, and makes the blowout even sweeter.

As the lead swelled to 16 in the third the frontrunning crowd started to boo.  The angst was palpable as they sensed they could be watching the golden child for the last time in a Cavs uniform.  They started streaming for the exits with 6 minutes leaving a half empty barn.

LeBron is alot like Peyton Manning- Tons of MVP’s and regular season accolades yet unable to bring home the ultimate prize when it matters most.  Unless you count a tepid effort vs. an awful Bears team.