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I Thought I Had Seen Everything

I have surfed the internet and random sites for many, many years.  I have hung in all kinds of bars and places, but have never seen anything like this.  Are these Sumo women?  Miss Jumbo?  What happened to all the cute little girls that work at the massage parlors?  Maybe they have all come to the US to help us out with our problem areas…….  The winner is 348 lbs……. Read more

How To Get Rid Of A One Night Stand

This one is for the ladies.  Every woman should have one in the bathroom just in case.  This chick is hot, so I am sure the guy is bummed, but probably thinking,  Cool I get to get out here because I forgot what her name is!   They really need to create something like this for men though.  Women don’t take men home that often for a one night stand and if they do they are normally much more picky than a guy.  Read more

Today Is My Lucky Day

Have you ever woke up saying,  Today is my lucky day!  I have had a two week stretch from hell where I feel the exact opposite. Nothing seems to be going my way.  I go to McDonald’s to order a double cheeseburger and coke, the lady in front of me orders 15 happy meals, has different condiment orders for each and has to get specific toys for each.  Read more

Juggernaut Bitch

This is one of my all time favorites. There are so many classic lines in this. 

“Silly bitch, your weapons can not harm me.  Do you know who the fuck I am?  I’m the Juggernaut Bitch….”They have tried to come out with others, but there is nothing like the original.  I have watched/listened to this 100+ times and say all the time “you can not harm me Charles” In softball I took a line drive off the knee a few weeks back and started with my “you can not harm me Charles” chant.. Read more

Greatest Soccer Celebration Ever?

If you had to rate soccer celebrations after a goal this would have to be one of the top. I can say this with confidence, even though I have only seen maybe 5 goals in soccer in my life time.  I can remember Mia Hamm scoring a goal and ripping her shirt off and sliding across the field, but that is a chick.  I understand a goal is a huge event in soccer and think the teams should be a little more Read more

Whale Lands On Boat In South Africa

I know this is news from last week, but people are still taking about it.  They are saying that they are just happy the whale was able to swim away after the accident.  I am all for animals and keeping them safe but to be honest, the last thing I thought about after seeing this was, I wonder if the whale is ok?  Seriously……. I immediately thought how the hell didn’t that boat sink after a 40 ton mammal landed on it?  Read more

Need To Get Back At Your Wife or Girlfriend?

If you are like me, you take a lot of heat from your wife or girlfriend. I am not saying it isn’t well deserved, but face it, us guys take heat a lot and just roll with the punches.  I am all cool with this, but wouldn’t it be fun to just scare the crap out of that person once as payback?  I found this video and think a few of these are worth watching and possibly duplicating in your household.  Most look like they can be done with just one person if you can set the video camera up properly.  Read more