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Summer Is Almost Over

Yes, that’s right.  Summer is almost over.  It seems like just yesterday it was Memorial Day and we were entering the summer season and now…… we are just a few weeks away from Labor Day.  I hope all of you enjoyed the summer and went to as many BBQ’s as I did.  Read more

Fat Tax, Is It Fair

OK, I am not a hater of fat people.  I actually like most fat people that I know, but I kind of agree with what this salon is doing. I just came back from the East Coast and on my flight back I had an isle seat. I am sitting in my seat just getting ready for the flight and I see this monster walking down the isle.  I think to myself, holly shit that would suck to have to sit next to him.  Then what do you know.  Read more

Great Commercial

Why can’t we have commercials like this in the US?  Are you kidding me?  Half of San Diego doesn’t speak English as their first language and I think they would get a kick out of this and possibly sign up for the classes. The US needs to lighten up a bit with their commercials and start getting a bit more creative.

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Sick Wiffle Ball Catch, But Sicker Field

I have never  been a great wiffle ball player, actually, I have never been great at any sports.  I do remember living on Martha’s Vineyard one summer before moving to San Diego though.  My roommate and I would play wiffle ball every night after work for an hour and pound 15 beers each before heading out for the night.  Read more

Careful When Pulling Up To An Intersection

There is a light at the top of my street and there are always accidents at that intersection.  I’m not sure if it is because it is just over a hill and people are driving too fast or people are on their cell phone. I do know that I look both ways before entering the intersection though. With so many people on cell phones these days you can’t be careful enough. Read more

Jennifer Aniston Says People Laugh At Her…..

So, who really gives a shit?  Why do we even talk about Jennifer Aniston these days?  All I see all over People Magazine and US is that her and Brad are still talking and that her and Angelina are fighting or what ever.  If it wasn’t for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie you wouldn’t even talk about her. Has anyone talked about the other Friends cast members?  No, and you know why?  Because they are irrelevant.  They were on a great TV show many years ago.  Gilligans Island was a great TV show and Read more

Rollin' Service Announcement (RSA) #2

RollinSD is taking off better than I could have planned.  I am starting to get a ton of emails each day with material for the site (most sucks) and then I received this one today. I actually emailed the person back and asked are you 100% sure on this and she said yes. A good friend of hers who is a State Trooper told her to be careful.  So thank you Susan, for hooking us up with this information.

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Pit Bull on Steroids

I will start by thanking Jimmy A for sending this one in. Not sure how legit the photo’s are, but they are very gruesome to say the least. I have know people with Pit Bulls and most of the owners are meatballs.  I had a friend who used to take his dog to the beach and have it run pulling a 25 pound weight behind it.   Read more

Rollin' Service Announcement

Instead of a PSA we have an RSA and it may have a little edge to it.  I have wanted to start this for a while and have been gathering different articles/columns and finally decided to start it last night.  What started this was a little BBQ we had at our house for my son’s soccer coaches.  They are great families and coaches and

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