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Kassim Osgood Gets Pistol-Whipped

Is dropping a ball when you are wide open in the end zone worse than getting pistol-whipped in the head?  That question is up for debate.  Being on National TV and dropping a pass to win the game can be one of the worst things that can happen to a wide receiver in the NFL.  I said one of the worst.   Getting pistol-whipped in the head is never a good thing, but what happened to Kassim is even worse…… Read more

Sick Bat Skillz

Yes I spell it with a Z…… I always say, when you are this sick you get the Z.  Just like if something is crazy I don’t say it is ridiculous, but it’s recockulous. I know it isn’t a word, but I will make it one.  Would you rather your junk be called a dick or a cock?  Cock is just so much better.  I have pretty sick bat skills when I am at the plate. I can  at will hit to both sides when needed but can’t paint the line. Read more

Who Has Fallen More?

Watching this video made me think.  Who has fallen more Bobby Brown or Mike Tyson?  Bobby Brown was on top of the world in the late 80’s and married to one of the hottest chicks in the world, Whitney Houston.  Since then, he has been arrested for domestic assault, been in and out of rehab and basically been a complete bust. Mike Tyson was the baddest man ever.  Nobody could touch him and then something happened.  Read more

Dez Bryant Spends $55,000 on Dinner

A Look Behind the Numbers for the Typical Roller:

Rookie Dallas Cowboy Dez Bryant and his $54,896 dinner tab.

Before I even get into the numbers,  I just have to say how bummed I am the Cowboys finally won a game this year.   I was hoping they would go 0-16 for the season.  Don’t get me wrong, I love their cheerleaders, always have and always will, who doesn’t?  They are the hottest chicks in the league.

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Ass Of The Week

The internet is full of asses and I’m not going where you may have been thinking with this one.    These asses are people who are true asses and the worst  part is, most turn out to be parents.  I am sure this happened years ago, but there wasn’t the internet to capture this and spread them around.  Let’s do our best part to spread these around.  Read more

Crazy SUP Surfer

Maybe this person isn’t technically a surfer.  A SUP surfer (Stand Up Paddle) took this video from his board.  We see them  paddling all the time off of Del Mar and La Jolla and it actually looks somewhat difficult and requires very good balance.  Now after watching this video I am thinking that all the SUP surfers  have a few screws lose.  This is coming from a guy who only like water when he is in the shower, but seriously.  Read more

It's in the Genes II

Last week we took a look at Obama’s aunt who lived illegally in Boston for 10 years and receives free housing and monthly disability payments despite paying nada dinero into the system.  She thinks the government has an obligation to make immigrants citizens.

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So You Think You Can Dance?

This guy can move like no other.  I’m not sure why he is dancing to a song sung by a 14 yr old boy, but watch him go. I don’t think these girls have a clue what he is doing behind them.   I bet he is the shit at the local hang out in Mobile, Alabama.  With him moving so much and so fast I would think the trailer would start to roll or shake a bit.  Read more

Children Have To Ruin Everything

I bet it took this monkey hours to work up the courage to do what he is going to do. This monkey is acting like most men wish they could; just walk up to a chick at a bar or beach and start going to work on her.  All is going well and the others are in awe that he had the balls to do it and do it in front of a camera.   Then the one young monkey has to play a game of loose the finger and ruins the whole moment. Read more

Great Warm Up

Before soccer practice, I have my team of kids stand in place and jump 45 times in a row to get them all warmed up.  I don’t however, have them do what is next in this video.  At first I was watching and asking myself if I was supposed to be looking at someone having sex in the crowd or was someone picking their nose in the background.    Read more