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Soccer Four Days In A Row?

Could it be true?   Yes, four days in a row I have posted a soccer video.  Well, I keep getting videos sent to me so what do you want me to do?  Scrappy, I am sending you a tee shirt of your choice for this one, my friend.  Doesn’t make we want to watch soccer, but having the cameras shoot the crowd instead of the match itself provides much more action and entertainment.   The US needs to take notes from this video and start up an event like this.  The songs are not even that bad in this video.  Fits in with the theme and I can just imagine all the foreign girls dancing all night long in the streets of Brazil and Argentina to them.  Read more

Undertaker and Brock Lesnar Exchange Words

I am not sure what to think of the Undertaker’s interview. He was ring side and look shocked that Lesnar lost the fight, like 99% of us are.  I do love how when Lesnar walks by and gives the Undertaker a  look, he doesn’t back down and then says, you want to do it.  I know wrestling is 100% fake, but this was real. It would have been great to see them go at it right there on TV by the ring.  Not sure what the beef they have is, but obviously there is something between them.  For all you MMA fans, come down to the  Sheraton Four Points, 8110 Aero Drive San Diego, CA 92123  this Friday night to check out San Diego’s own local MMA  EPIC FIGHTING. Read more

Kim Kardashian – Naked or Photoshopped?

This was sent to me from a friend and I am still trying to figure out how legit it is. Here is the message –  Kim Kardashian is butt-ass naked in the November issue of W magazine (here are a few more pics).  You have got to hand it to Kim, she may be annoying and over exposed, but at least she has no qualms what so ever about showing off her tits and ass.  Unlike some actresses out there. Read more

Another Solid Soccer Video

Yesterday I wrote about soccer and not being able to watch it.  It made me think a bit about the sport and I thought maybe I should give it more of a chance.   I do coach my son and that is bearable because he is on the team , but I really don’t find the sport that interesting.  So I set out to find another video that may change my mind.  After looking for a few hours, I was able to find this video which I thought was definitely watchable.  How about when the ball gets headed into the net and the goalie just stood there, nice effort.   Read more

Best and Worst Jobs

I have seen a few of these before, but never in one clip like this.  Before watching this video, sit back and think about your job and all the things you hate about it.  Then think about the perfect job.  I guarantee after watching this video you will not think you have the worst job in the world and may actually go up to your boss and say thanks. I also bet the job you thought of as the best job in the world will not be as good as the last job.  Read more

Jenna Jamison Video You Can Watch at Work

Every male over the age of 15 knows who she is.  We have seen her movies, movie clips and tons of her photos. One of her most famous photos, is the one of her ass with the broken heart and the words, ‘Heart Breaker’ on her right cheek.   That makes its way into every power point sent around the internet that has anything to do with thongs or butts.    Here is a video of her that I am 99% sure none of you have seen. There are shots/photos of her you have never seen before and none have a photo of her in a thong or topless if you can believe it. Read more

A Reason to Watch Soccer

I have always thought the only reason you would watch soccer, is a chance to see David Becham’s wife in the crowd. Otherwise, why watch me run around and kick a ball for an hour and see one or two goals?  Well, this video was sent to me from a reader in Miami and he said if they had soccer like this in the US, maybe more people would watch it.  I opened the video with a little hesitation but quickly started to agree with the guy.  Read more

Real or Fake of the Week.

I get a ton of these sent me me by readers.   I try to figure out if they are real or fake before posting them on the site or sending them to my group of friends.  This one I am not sure about. It starts off kind of slow, but I am entertained by the guy and had a similar experience with electronics this past weekend. I was dropping my son off at a bday party and came home and my wife said the TV is broken and she hates the TV.  I said I just left 5 minutes ago and it was working. Read more

I Love the Weather

In San Diego there is really no reason to watch the weather.  The chicks are not that hot and what are they going to tell you that you don’t already know?  Tomorrow it will be in the low 70’s and sunny.  Around 6:45 it will start to get dark and so on. People who have grown up in San Diego have no idea how lucky they are.  Back East, the weather was an important part of your day.  You would always check the night before to know what to expect the next day. Read more

Optical Illusion For Men

I showed my wife this and she saw the boat right away. I thought I saw it for a second, but it wasn’t a boat. I have tried this 20+ times and am not having any luck.  Not sure if it is just how men’s brains are wired  or not.  The video is not long and you may find yourself playing it over and over a few times to try to find it.  Even with your girl saying it is right there, can’t you see it?  You will still have a tough time.  This is crazy  Read more

RSA For The Week

This was sent in from Gigi and  here is what she wrote, “Note to self:  If you miss an elevator, bashing in the doors won’t make it come back. Instead, you will plummet to your death..”    I have no idea what this guy was thinking.  Oh, shit I just missed the elevator in my sweet new ride.  So let me back up and ram the door a few times to show how cool I  am in my new ride.  Idiot, you are denting your sweet new ride.  Then you rip through the door and when you land you scared the shit out of the person in the elevator. Read more