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The Gratitude Campaign

I am a huge supporter of our Military even if I don’t always agree with why we are doing what we are. Over the summer, I took my family back east over the summer and there was an 18 yr old flying from SD to North Carolina to go serve on duty. This kid barely had hair on his face and he was going to protect our country and fight for our freedom.  When we were in the airport that same trip, I made my boys go up, shake hands and say thank you to any military personnel we saw.

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What The Hell Is This Girl On?

I am all for a girl who likes to party and in my day, I used to love to go to Grateful Dead shows. I took part in all the partying and had great times, but still never understood the spinners.  For those of you that have never been to a Dead show, the spinners were these freaks that would take a bunch of acid and get together and spin the whole damn show. I, to this day, still have  no idea how they did it without getting sick or just not falling over and killing themselves.  They would spin for 20-30 minutes at a time. No big deal?  Read more

Scientists Learn Why Alcohol Can Be Good For You

Scientists learn why alcohol can be good for you.  Well it is about god damn time.  What took them so long? I have been saying this for years and have been waiting for some type of scientific backing.  To all you doubters, here it is.  Mind you, it says binge drinking maybe harmful to you so this is why I don’t binge drink. I keep a constant amount of alcohol running through my veins all all times.  Read more

Ferrari vs Land Cruiser

Everyone knows that a Ferrari is much faster than a Land Cruiser.  The Ferrari is made for racing and speed and is a symbol of the rich and famous. The Land Cruiser is made to go slow, go over mountains and tough terrain.  Here is a quick tutorial on what a Ferrari does for you and what a Land Cruiser does for you. Read more

Your Brain Age

For those that don’t think alcohol or pot makes your brain slow down give this a shot.  I tried this last week while I was 8 beers deep. I did pretty well considering I was drinking.  My brain age is 36 and I am 44 yrs old so I am a smart drunk. So, I tried it again this morning before posting this and my first time my brain age was 45, naturally I got pissed. I am dead sober and my brain is acting slower than when I am boozed up.  What up with that?  Read more

Never Mess with a Woman Bigger Than You

We went downtown on Saturday night for a fundraiser and on the way down we were stuck in traffic in San Diego.  I was looking out the window and I saw this woman kicking the shit out of two men.  She was a big woman and the guys were decent sized, but she was just throwing them around like they were  pillows.  It reminded me of this video from 1993.  I have posted it before, but had to bring it back…..

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Don't Mess With This Golfer

I have played golf for many years and there is one thing I know; some people take golf more seriously than others. I remember an old roommate of mine when I first moved to San Diego.  We would play once a week and I would beat him by 1-2 shots a round.  Then he would go out with a different group and shoot 5 shots better with them. I used to tell him he probably cheated and he responded, “No, I didn’t.  When I play with them they don’t tell jokes, drink beers and smoke cigars while playing.” I looked at him and said, “Then why play?”   Read more

The Real Difference Between Men and Women

If you were a guy and your girl came home like this how would you feel? I know I would feel like I just won the lottery, right?   The question is, are men and women really that different?  The answer is 100% yes.  It is amazing sometimes that we can actually live with each other. I watched this video and laughed like most of you will and then I thought to myself……..

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RSA- Careful Out There Driving

We have all done it and some do it more than others.  You get up the next day and say holy shit, I shouldn’t have driven last night. I am not here to lecture because I have done it my fair share of times, but when are we all going to realize that drinking and driving is serious. Read more

Chargers Pound The Broncos

It is that time of the year again when the Chargers put it into 4th gear and start to dominate games.  The rest of the league should start to bow down to this team when they are clicking on all cylinders.  Just look at the girl to the left.  She gets it.  Just 3 weeks ago the sky was falling and people were talking about next years draft and today we sit in position to win the West.  Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves right now.  Read more

I Love This Santa

Everyone always pictures Santa as a happy, fat guy.  I have seen a few of these guys they put in the suits at the malls and they are nothing like this.  They are old grumpy men and most probably can’t really manage this job.  Imagine having crying kids sitting on your lap all day. Imagine getting kneed and kicked in the balls non stop all while trying to sound upbeat and happy.  I don’t blame these guys for sucking back tons of booze before their shift.  Read more