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I Wish The NFL Could Act Like This In 2010

I am not sure how true this is and even if it is fake, I still am laughing my ass off.  This is just priceless.  With all the BS going on in the NFL right now, this would be great for an owner or GM to take a stand like this.  Enough with being politically correct.  Granted the NFL would fine the owner but I still think the PR and Press of a letter like this, would help to increase the season tickets sales.  What do you think? Read more

Caption Contest #5

LAST WEEK to get your caption in! Our last caption contest didn’t have too many submissions and I am not sure why. Maybe it was too hard for the readers to come up with something clever?  Or, maybe my first caption was just too tough for people to beat.  Either way,  this photo should be a lay up for most of you and I won’t even start this one off.  Read more

Let's Play A Game…..

Everyone remember Sesame Street and the song/game,  One of  These Things is Not Like the Other?  Well, thanks to Jason a reader of the site, we are now going to have our own game. He send me this photo today and here you go.  For those of you who don’t remember the game, I have included a quick video to refresh your memory.  Read more

Repeat, But Just Too Awesome Not To Post Again

I had posted this video a few months back, but a reader sent it to me again. I figured with all the crazy stuff going on with the weather; the East Coast with the snow storms and San Diego getting tons of rain over the past week, it would be good to post it again. This guy has no clue of the photo on the screen behind him and I wish they had a video of the producer and others laughing at him. Read more

Juilianne Hough's Banned Video From CMT

So do you pronounce her name Ho?  I don’t care because that’s how I am going  to pronounce it.   I have heard all about the video and it being banned from CMT.  I am not sure why CMT banned it.  Maybe because it is too edgy,but guess what – that is what sells.  She is smoking hot and has the face of a porn star.  The way she does her make up and her platinum blonde hair.    Just look at this video. They could play it like this and guys would watch it (and there is no music/sound)  The sound actually sucks, but I don’t care. I just want to watch her take her clothes off and dance around.  I just found out today that she won Dancing with the Stars twice. Read more

Women Wakes Up In Coffin

Let me start by saying, I know that RollinSD is not the best at reporting the news and making its stories concise and clear.  I tend to ramble on and on when I write, we know this but I just don’t get this story.   When I think of Brazil, I think of women who are hot as hell with sick asses and great accents.  Now I am going to think of Brazil and feel confused. I have read this short article a few times and still don’t get it. Read more

Rex Ryan Foot Fetish Scandal

Just reading the title of this makes me want to throw up. I have never seen what his wife looks like, but I have seen him and I’m assuming she isn’t at 35 yr old hottie that weighs 115 lbs. I picture a woman who is a tad over weight like he is and has flat, smooshed feet. from carrying all that weight around.    I have a foot fetish myself, but not to this extreme. It is one of the first things I notice in a woman and if she’s hot but has bad shoes or feet, it is a deal breaker.  Read more

Santa May Be A Little Late Tonight

I was out late last night with a few of the boys and walked out to find Santa.  He was definitely still alive and breathing, but I think he may be just a bit hung today.  So, if you don’t get what you asked for it is not because you were a bad boy or girl, it could simply be because Santa was a bit hung over and just not in a good mood.  Everyone be safe driving today and tonight and have a wonderful Christmas.  I was lucky enough to have my cell with me and took the photo below.  Read more

Great Prank

This is a great prank and I hope that one day, a viewer will contact me about doing things like this and putting them on the site.  B. Smith, this is a hint….   I am sick of America’s funniest videos. There are many creative minds in the US, I’m surprised this isn’t already a show on tv.

So, say no one can come up with a show; let’s get RollinSD to create our own pranks and capture them on tape.  Anyone out there want to help me with this? Read more

Chargers vs 49ers Tailgate Party

RollinSD threw a blow out tailgate party for last weeks, Chargers/49ers game.  We had more people coming up to us saying, they wished more tailgate parties were like this and we love hearing that.  We had Bolt Transportation provide the Limo Bus to get us down there.  There is no better way to arrive, than in a limo bus.  The bus arrived full of The Exquisites, San Diego’s premier GoGo dancing team and in addition, we had DJ  David from Eclipse Events.  Scott Allison, of Scott Allison Photography was there to capture the entire event. Read more

Yellostone 10/23/2010

An unarmed man can only flee from evil, and evil is not overcome by fleeing from it. This was sent in from a reader of RollinSD.

Holly shit this is crazy.  Do you think this Buffalo has any fear?  My question is what the hell is the driver doing getting out of the car?  Are you kidding me?

Read more

Amazon Pedophilia Author Arrested

I am torn on this one.  First off, I don’t  think he should be arrested and go to trial. If you are writing a book like this, obviously you have done some very bad things and or are about to and then you are letting others know how to do them. So, don’t give him a trial;  just stick him in the worst prison you can find and let the inmates handle him however they would like. Let this monster get a taste of his own medicine.  Read more

Bruce Boudreau Makes Rex Ryan Look Like A Priest

First off, check out how nice this locker room is and then look at Boudreau.  A short, bald, fat dude in a suit and a bad red tie.  You look at him like, what can he say to motivate his team and then the F bombs start coming out of his mouth. I tried counting a few times and lost count. How many can you count?   They were down just 1-0 after the 2nd period and heading into the 3rd.  He is telling them that just one shot is all it is going to take and I think he just likes mixing in the F bombs. Read more