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Could Be The Hottest Celebrity Alive!!!

Reggie Bush has to be kicking himself for letting her go.  She has had her ups and downs on how she looked in the past.  I saw the video of her and Ray Ray the other day and she was pasty white and looked so young and pudgy, but this was pre Kim becoming a women. This was her in a cheesy self made porn tape and it accomplished what she wanted. It made her famous and put her in the spotlight.   Now, she has womanly curves and has aged to perfection.  The baby fat look is gone and now she reeks of sex. Read more

The Wheel Of Fail

Remember, just because something seems like a good idea, doesn’t mean it is.  If you have to think about it for more than 10 seconds it most likely is stupid idea and should not do whatever it is you are thinking about.  Years ago, nobody would have known about your stupid idea.  Now, with cell phones that can pick up a raccoon on the moon, Youtube and the internet, you so much as shart when walking down the street, everyone in your office will know about it by noon time.  Even with me saying this Read more

Fun Game To Play

This is one of those games you can’t play just once.  The first time, you will not do so well.  The second time, you start to kick some serious ass and then almost think it’s boring.  The third time, you get addicted.  You only shoot for the head and are thinking you can go for 10 minutes without missing the A-Hole or killing a hostage.  Read more

Need Volume On This One….

This video was emailed to me from a reader named Jimmy.  Normally Rollin’ would give a $10 gift card to Gaglione Brothers for a submission, but not this time.  He kept talking about how funny this video was and what the lady did was amazing.  I agree  the video is funny and what she does is cool, but just listen to the two people talking that are taking the video.  WTF are they saying?!?  This is why I am posting the video… is some of the most annoying sounds I have ever heard. Read more

Bandwagoners, Hang On Tight

The Mormons got the best of the Aztecs last night. The top two teams in the Mountain West conference hit the hardwood in Provo, UT and San Diego put up a fight but ultimately, lost. The Aztecs have finally lost a game; their shots were just not falling. The most telling stat is that they were three out of twenty six from beyond the arc. The Aztecs had an off night but the most off-putting element of their loss to BYU was,  that they lost in the clutch.
The season is not over and San Diego has their next game on Saturday. Now we will learn how these Aztecs can bounce back. Read more

GM Sells More Cars In China Than In The US.

These are the kinds of stories that the politicians and their spin doctors love.  Makes it sound like great things are happening for American workers.  As a result the US should start doing more and more deals with China.  Hence Jeff Immelt’s appointment as some kind of biz czar followed immediately by the announcement that GE has won a bunch of new contracts in China.

Uncle Sam’s balls are mighty tight in the Chinese vise but most of our politicians are so intoxicated by their lust for power that they don’t feel the pain and realize their nuts are about ready to vaporize. Read more

Learn From Your Mistakes

I try to be a good dad. I let my kids do things on their own and they do make mistakes. I always give my wife a hard time when she helps them with homework because she basically does it for them.  My 2nd grader had his family tree project due and it  looked like some college student did it.  It was in 3D, had moving objects and a 9 inch LCD screen  {I am kidding wifey :-)}.    What I am saying is, to be a good parent you need to protect your children but, let them fail and hope they learn from their mistakes.   If they keep making the same mistake over and over, then there is a cause for concern.  Read more

San Diego Shock Rock- The Natives

For the older readers, you remember where you were when MTV first came on the air.  Well for those who are too young to remember that or were still just DNA at that time, you will want to remember this date. RollinSD music is now launching.  We will be on the streets of San Diego covering the hottest bands and clubs out there.  We are not looking for the biggest bands out there, but looking for bands that are hot and flying just under the radar.   San Diego is a hot bed for many different styles of music and we are going to bring it to you.  Read more

Phone Scammers Are "Upping" Their Game

I can’t imagine that, in this day and age, there is anybody still out there falling for phone scams where you find out you have won millions of dollars, or have been selected to help some African prince get his wealth out of the country – all for a small up front fee or your personal information.  It’s such a cliché at this point it’s become an almost comical part of pop culture and you hear references to it in movies and TV shows.  Read more

This Year’s Darwin Awards

No kids,  I am not making this shit up.  They come out every year and seem to get better and better.  I think someone needs to come up with the first, “Decade Darwin Awards” and count down the best, or should I say worst, 10.  Does Darwin not look a bit like a primate in the photo to the left?   I would love to have our own RollinSD Awards where we get people to send in stupid things their friends do. I know it won’t compare to this, but it would still be awesome to make fun of them on a website.  Anyone have a story you want me to add to the bottom of this? Read more

RSA- Earthquake Tips

Living in Southern California surely has it benefits, the weather being the biggest.  Even when it is shitty here, the weather is still better than 90% of the rest of the world.  With all the good comes some bad.  We do often feel the ground shaking more than other parts of the world and some people get freaked out by it.   There is nothing you can do about an earthquake except know your options and be somewhat prepared.  The best Martini I have ever had was made during an earthquake.   I little extra shaking can actually be a good thing.  Below is some very good information on what to do during an earthquake and this could help to save your life.  Read more

Why The Blackhawks Sold Their Zamboni.

We have had a few hockey posts over the past month.  There was the Teddy Bear one when over 16,000 teddy bears were thrown onto the ice, the post on the New Years day game between the Penguins and the Capitals, the sick fight and now this.  Hockey just gets it. I think if they had these girls cleaning the ice between periods, they should shorten the periods to 10 minutes and have 6 periods.  Read more

Beware of SDSU….

The Aztecs are now 20-0 and I was there to confirm it. It was a solid basketball game and the Falcons of Air Force put up a calculated fight. Throughout the game, the Aztecs were just more physically imposing. The Viejas Arena was packed and the Aztecs luckily won the hard fought battle 68 to 55.
On Wednesday night January 19th, I sat about thirty rows from the court on the opposite side of “The Show.” Those kids were crazy, but except for the student section, the arena was oddly mellow. Everyone was cheering for San Diego but the fans in my section were the stoic type.

During the game, “The Show” only had three chances to distract free-throw shooters (The Aztecs don’t commit fouls). The sea of giant cardboard head cut-outs splashed around but not one head was a distinct distraction. It was the relentless noise and stomping that intimidated the Air Force and brought their coach to his knees. After the game, Falcons coach Jeff Reynolds went to the SDSU student section, known as “The Show.”
Read more