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Comparisons- So Spot On II

I posted on Tuesday Comparisons- So Spot On and have been getting a ton of emails from the readers.  Most are just going to google and typing in comparisons and taking things that are already created.  I expected a bit more from you, but did have one reader send in this comparison (Kristen you will be getting your tank top in the mail on Monday).  I am not sure if I actually agree with the comparison and don’t know her so she can’t be talking about my personality. I also think I have a bigger upper lip than the Grinch and think my hair stands up better than his.  What do you think?  See below for what everyone sent in. The first one is our winner because they are ripping on me…. Read more

How To Fix The Economy- By An 80 yr Old in Florida

This was send in from a friend. While it is meant to be funny  I do think there is so much truth to it.  Imagine if this really were to take place? I am sure it was cause many problems with senior positions in companies but I think they could hire these people back on as consultants.  What to you the Rollers think about this?  I say do it and I can retire in a few years. Read more

Hot or Not

I had a friend send me a photo of a chick wearing thong jeans and thought it looked pretty sweet. I did a little research on the Internet to find that many blogs were ripping on them.  Granted, they were all written a few years back.  I think it is time to bring the thong jeans back.   Maybe it just wasn’t their time back in 2008 and 2009.  I for sure don’t think they are for everyone  and  I definitely don’t want to see the 200 pounder in Walmart wearing them.  I would love to go out in PB or downtown San Diego and see the young hotties wearing them though.  Even get a few of our Local Hotties to wear them in a photo shoot for us to check out.  They leave just enough to the imagination to be real hot and show off just enough of the girls hips to drive a guy nuts.  Girls, I am not saying don’t wear your low rider jeans with a real thong underneath, I just think the jeans below are hot.  What to you think?  Hot or Not?  Read more

Snake Dies From Silicone Poisoning

One might ask how a snake can die from silicone poisoning?  Take one guess and I am pretty sure you are going to nail this one.  Damn, the snake was provoked and the woman was obviously coming on to it.  Do you blame the snake?   The chick has a decent head, but I am staring at her awesome rack.  If I was out with her and  she licked my nose I would have tried to sink my teeth into her giant tits also.  Good thing I don’t have fangs or maybe I would also have died by now from silicone poisoning.  You have to see this video. So is this animal cruelty?  Read more

Income For A Plastic Surgeon

How great is this?  I am cool with the idea of a tattoo and not sure how people will feel as they get older and have one. I am guessing that 90% of the people who are over 55 yrs old and have tattoos, are wishing they never had one put on.  So what about this guy? Times must be tough for everyone.  Now we have plastic surgeons giving tattoos on breast implants.   That is right.  Now you can get a breast implant for your tattoo.  Just think how perfect that is. You are out at the bar in San Diego trying to pick up a chick and are having no luck. You end up going home by yourself and having to punch the clown. Read more

Can You Split A Car In Two?

I am not sure who comes up with this shit and not sure if the question gets answered with this video.  At first I am thinking these guys are a bunch of pussies going into their little protective chamber.  Then I saw the sled or whatever it was start out like a bat out of hell and just crush this car.  As a guy I think this is cool, but still not sure if it answered the question.  I know one thing for sure that the car definitely was smashed into 1,000,000 pieces but was it split in two? You tell me.  Read more

Politically Correct or Politically Incorrect

I want to know what you think of this one Rollers?  This was sent in from Dave and he loves it. I say we live in a free country and we can do as we please. I am honestly not a very political person, but enough is enough. I am sick of everyone having to tippy toe around and being afraid of hurting someones feelings.  This guy is on his property and can do as he pleases unless he is breaking the law. I am thinking down the road there will be a law against this because he hurt someone feelings.  Watch this video and let me know what you think. Read more

Evan Hawkins Of Through The Roots

At our night at House of Blues we were lucky enough to sit down with Evan Hawkins from Through the Roots and get some info on the band and their upcoming nationwide tour. Evan gave us a great interview and we learned a lot about the upcoming tour that is kicking off in San Diego on April 16 at the Wavehouse.  RollinSD will be there!

What is your favorite venue in San Diego?

Soma. Because the Capacity and I like the energy level of that place just cuz you can Read more

Breast Sizes Across The World

Az’s finest posted last week a map of the world with each countries average penis size and this week I am posting a map with the average breast sizes.  It shows the US with an average breast size of a D. I know there are certain parts of the US where D is probably standard and that is most likely inside a strip joint. I would have guessed the average breast size in the US was a B to a C. I guess I am off on calculating breast sizes, but when I drop my kids off at school tomorrow I will do a quick survey and let you know what I come up with.  Check out Russia where the women are bigger than a D. Read more

Amazing Video Clip Of Earth From Space

This is not a typical post on RollinSD, but it was forwarded to me from Jimmy and I thought it was amazing.  This is a video from space of all the airline flights  for 24hrs sped up into a 2 minute video.  Watch as the highest concentration of flights move between the US and Western Europe as the sun rises and sets.  It is also cool watching the daylight pattern mover across the earth.  From space we look like we are a beehive.  I am truly amazed at the amount of flights that are taken on a daily basis. Read more

What Is With Gilligan's Island

This post really has no real meaning and it’s more me just talking, but I need your opinion.  I went to Arizona last weekend with my wife and son for a baseball tourney.  We had to leave on Thursday at 1 pm-  This means I am missing drinking on St Patrick’s with my boys and I’m not able to watch the first day of March Madness.  So, we start to drive and my son is in the back and wants to put on a video to watch. I am thinking cool but then he puts on Alvin and the Chipmunks.  Watching the video is hard enough.  Try driving on a long straight highway with nothing but sand/dirt on each side of you and having to listen to this for an hour is practically torture. Well, I survive the trip without pulling all my hair out.  Arrive in AZ in plenty of time to catch some of the last games and still suck down 10 beers to help me sleep.  Weekend was good and we are driving home.  Now my wife breaks out the Gilligan’s Island box set.  I am not shitting you, who knew they even had box sets?  The first person to send me a photo of them holding a Gilligan’s Island Box Set will get a RollinSD t-shirt. So my son  and her sit in the back seat and watch Gilligan’s island for 4 hours- no lie! Read more

Rules When Texting Chicks

This was sent in from one of our readers.  She actually has a really cool blog here in San Diego and this girl just gets it. I am trying to get her to become a weekly contributor and to give us guys a heads up of what to do and what not to do when it comes to women, fashion and about being a cool guy.  The women readers of RollinSD will also be able to take a few notes as she will also have information for them.   San Diego say hello to Amanda Jo of Here is her first contribution Read more

Diving Off The Coronado Bridge

I had a buddy who was leaving Coronado yesterday afternoon and was stuck in horrible traffic.  He said there was someone on the bridge and they were threatening to jump.  I received his recap of the event last night in an email and will share it with you.  Thanks Mr. Rollerson (potentially RollinSD’s newest beat writer) for your play by play. I am not sure if the guy actually jumped or not.

Whoa, did my play by play of the pre Olympic high dive competition live from the Coronado bridge get ‘DISSED!” What happened? Well, once again here we are, it’s Tuesday night, and the Coronado bridge, it be JUMPIN!!! Read more

400 Lb Man Runs The LA Marathon

There will be no fat jokes here.  This guy is a stud and a true inspiration.  I was on my way home from dropping my kids off at school and heard Scott and BR (Listen LIVE) talking about this guy and had to look it up.  I think I am in pretty good shape (actually I am a specimen) and when I play softball a few days a week.  I am totally wiped out after running the bases.  Part of the reason is probably because I don’t put my beer down or stop talking while running.   Scott and BR  interviewed Kelly Gneiting the  3-time U.S. Sumo Wrestling Champion on their station this morning and they were great. Read more

"Cmon Vince" DUI Sentence A Little Harsh?

Vince Neil does not get to complain that getting 15 days in the clink for a DUI is “harsh”, not after killing someone driving drunk back in 1984.

Drunk driving is a mistake many people have made, and hopefully have made without any permanent consequence – but I am always confused why millionaires make that mistake.  Nick Nolte, Paris Hilton, Mel Gibson, and the list goes on.  Most rich people have drivers, and all of them can afford cabs.  Hell, I’d drive Nick Nolte home just for the story, and to ask him about filming 48 Hours and what Eddie Murphy was like on his first film.  But one famous person who can’t make this mistake anymore is Vince Neil, after killing his passenger back in 1984.  No more mulligans with drunk driving for that guy. Read more