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Funny and Annoying At The Same Time

I hooked up with a chick like this in college.  She was hot and it took me a while to hook up with her. I can still remember right after we got down…. she was just as annoying as this chick is. She started tickling me, rubbing my hair, saying, ‘Wasn’t that awesome??’  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I wanted so badly to just stand up and say I am out of here.  Problem was to this day she still has the best set of tits and ass I have ever seen…   So I put up with it for a few more sessions and weeks and then couldn’t deal with it. I first thought it was maybe a one time Read more

Ohhhhhhh That Had To Hurt

 For the first minute of this, I am trying to figure out what the hell is going on.  Are they going to hold the mattress up against the guy’s door??   Then I get fired up and think maybe there is a pissed off pit bull behind the door and they are going to let it out and the guy is going to fight it off.  That could be good, right?  Read more

Painful To Watch

This clip has been in circulation for some time, but worth a revisit.  You know, you can’t be human and not feel some compassion for this kid, but as I watch it, I’ve got to think that if this college student wants to be in broadcasting, he has to enlist a little more “The Show Must Go On” mentality.   I heard this in audio first, before seeing the clip, and thought he was getting so nervous that he couldn’t speak.  Now if you watch, you see him shake his head at the camera and talk to himself, which I submit is just giving up.  The periods of quiet, the fumbled teleprompter readings, and my favorite “and rebounding out the list” instead of “rounding out the list” completes this train wreck.  Just painful to watch.  It’s funny that he obviously rehearsed his wannabe catch phrase; “Boom goes the Dynamite”, but if he could rehearse that, Read more

Miami in the Finals Who Would have Guessed it?

Was “The Decision” successful? Not many can make a strong argument that Lebron James did not make the right move in choosing Miami. They just advanced to the NBA finals over the one-seeded Chicago Bulls. The last game of Chicago’s season was stolen away by Miami. Derek Rose, Chicago’s leader and shining star got man-handled in the games last two minutes when James and company shut Chicago down. It was a demoralizing loss for Chicago. To see their star player get rejected on the season’s final shot was down-right devastating. Throughout the entire fifth game Chicago was working to choke off any attempt Miami was making to close out the series. Chicago had the lead most of the game but Miami hung around and in the last two minutes Miami made their move. Lebron sunk a clutch three-pointer to tie up the game. Read more

I Feel Like This Guy Today

I am not sure what the hell I ate over the past few days but my stomach has been all over the place. I have not gone near a burrito so don’t even think it is the Mexican food. I even have slowed on my beer consumption preparing for the big weekend. Wanted to give my body a few days rest so I can put on a clinic this long weekend.  Have 4 cases of Blue Moon in the garage and I am hoping to only have 6 left on Tuesday morning.  Now that I think of it maybe it is the lack of beer I have been drinking that is causing my body to go into shock.   Have a great weekend everyone and I hope to see a lot of you at the LSU Crawfish Boil Read more

I Wish I Had A Problem Like This

Being and Irish White guy I would never be at risk of something like this happening to me.  Now this is creative advertising and I really wish we could see ads and commercials like this in the US.  It sucks that we only see advertisements like this on the internet when an ad like this would make television much more interesting.  Now who would like seeing this ad a few times a night? Read more

Fear The New Gear

Memorial Day officially kicks off Summer and RollinSD just released it’s new bad ass hats and shirts. See them all here and get yours  now before they are gone.  You want to get noticed then you need to be rockin’ RollinSD gear.  I have been told that some bars give you free food and drinks if they see you wearing the new gear and that hats make picking up a chick easier than slipping her a roofie.   Memorial Day Special  $15 for shirts shipping included and Hats $20 with shipping included.  Remember when you are out this weekend and you see something good please use your cell and take a photo and email me to Read more

If You Don't Get Goose Bumps Listening To This, Then Move……

Memorial Day is here and this should be played on every radio station across the country once an hour on the hour.  I am not a big country music fan, but this song quite simply kicks ass. Then add in the video and it is 100% kick ass.  I played it 10 times and now this could be my favorite song.  This is a lot since on the way to work today I listened to Mickey Avalon, Kid Rock and Eminem.  Seriously check this out and please share this on Facebook and email it you your friends. We live in the best country in the world and is you see a service man or women you better run up to them and shake their hand and thank them for what they let us do. The 4th of July is just over a month away and this should be played at every firework show across this great nation of ours.  I hope everyone has an amazing Memorial Day weekend and I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.   While watching the video and listing read the lyrics below the video. Toby Keith you are the man. Read more

Holy Sh*t It Is Eminem's Sister

This girl has to be related to Eminem and Katie Perry.  I kind of like the song but watching her sing it drives me crazy.  Her facial expressions drive me nuts and I could just see her making faces like that all the time when she talked. At least Eminem when whining looked cool doing it.   How does someone sing this fast?  I keep thinking it is sped up but her dam mouth is moving that fast. Imagine her nagging you on a Saturday to get off the couch and mow the lawn.  I would lose it. Does anyone know if Carol Payne talks like this? Read more

This Girl Has Skills

Now I am not completely sure how this girl does this. I can do it because I am super ripped and work out 8 days a week for 3 hours a day but I also don’t have double D bolt-ons.  So does she have something attached to them and the puppet master is pulling a string?  I have no clue but it’s my goal to find this girl and find out how she does it. Will try to get a topless video for all of you but not sure if this Read more

Why Does This Never Happen When I Am At Denny's

When I go to Denny’s, there are two or three things that are guaranteed to happen. One is that I have to wait 20 minutes to get seated and there are 4-5 open table.  Two is that I get seated right away and then wait 20 minutes to get my coffee and menu and Three?   I get my food after waiting 20 minutes and it is either the wrong order or it is cold.  I watch this video and think to myself that all the above scenarios would actually be cool if I was able to sit across from this chick and watch this happen every 5 minutes.  What do you think? She kind of looks like an uglier Jessica Simpson. Read more

Please Vote- Need Your Opinion On This East Coast Hottie

RollinSD is looking to change their Local Hottie photo on the front page of the website.  I want to know what photo you would rather see on the front page?  And no – I can’t put both of them.  I don’t think we can go wrong with either, but still want to know what you think.  Do you want the front view photo or the rear view?  To see more smokin’ hot photos of Jennifer, check out her feature Jennifer and be careful not to fall in love.  Now check out the the two photos below and let me know what you think.  Oh, and please stop drooling on your keyboard, it is very childish. I also want to thank MTM Photography for helping out with these photos.  If you need the best photographer on the East Coast you now know who to call.  My parents live in Webster Mass so when I am home this summer I plan on visiting MTM during a few of their photo shoots.  Michael is not only a kick ass photographer Read more

Evan Longoria Saves Reporters Life

I have watched this video 20 plus times and want to think it is real but still don’t know. Evan Longoria of the Tampa Bay Rays saves reporters life by bare handing a line drive.  Evan is one of Gillette’s new “Young Guns” and the video just happens to have Gillette framed in the video.   I love how the Gillette signs are in the background and it just seems staged.  The ball does disappear for a split second but it does come off the bat and the batter finishes his swing and reloads for the next pitch.. You tell me real or just an ad for Gillette and the new “Young Guns”? Read more

You Can't Teach Stupid

The title is one of my favorite sayings and I owe Tommy H for it.  He will say it at softball a few times a year and at the best times.  It always makes me laugh my ass off when he says it.  Well so of the people in this video might not be stupid but at the same time I don’ t think they are the brightest people in the world. I am sure if someone followed me around with a camera for a day they could add some video footage to this with me in it.  Enjoy this one and remember when are are about do do something and you have to Read more

D2 Man the Video

I received an email to bring back the D2 man video.  We have a lot of new viewers so I think it may be a good time. He is way too good to keep a secret.   Also, how do I get the girl with the short hair to be our next Rollin’ Hottie, damn she is fine.  Watch the first video and then the interview with D2 man.. Even the non golfer will love this one.  How many of you will be walking around the office singing this song?    Golfers out there Read more