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Exactly What The PGA Needed

Two things happened recently that is great news for the PGA. One happened yesterday with Rory McIlroy running away with the 2011 US Open.  Not only did he win by 8 shots but it is just how he did it. This is not the local pitch and putt you see on some of the weekly PGA Tour stops. This is supposed to be the toughest four days of golf they will play all year and he rips off a 16 under par and did it like it was nothing. Anytime someone made a shot it was like Rory looked at his caddy and said oh yeah, wait til they see this shot.   The guy was nails and bounced back from a Greg Norman like choke at the Masters.    Tiger Woods who?  That is right.  If this kid keeps it up they will not be talking Read more

INDIE movie Spotlight: Come Together

In my never ending quest to view and review all the movies in the world, I can’t forget about the flicks that get released under the radar. That’s right my friends, I’m talking about Indie films.

These low budget and often underfunded ventures give up and coming actors their first big break (George Clooney’s early career had him starring in Return of the Killer Tomatoes) and can also become cult classics like Night of the Living Dead.

 So we at RollinSD decided to give these risk-taking filmmakers some much needed publicity in getting their films out to the public. This is my first of many “INDIE movie Spotlight” articles to come that will give Rollers a synopsis of the indie film and also include a small Q&A with the directors behind the movies.

 Now reviewing a true independent film takes a little more understanding of moviemaking. Read more

SDSU Basketball is giving Fans a season to look forward to.

The Aztecs basketball program has been reignited and the smoke from last season has only barely begun to clear. With team leader’s like DJ Gay, Billy White, Malcolm Thomas, Mehdi Cheriet, and Kawhi Leonard leaving or graduating there is a huge gap in Mountain West Champion Aztec’s line-up. Coach Fisher and the gang have been out trying pick-up solid recruits and transfers where ever and how ever they can find them. Coach Fish is just starting to reel them in.
Dwayne Polee II is on his way back West to be with his ailing mother. While he is here he also decided to play basketball for San Diego State. Polee is an excellent dunker and is bound to have THE SHOW frothing at the mouth. After winning a state title for Westchester High School in Los Angeles, he spent a year playing with St. Johns from the Big East conference. He is on his way west and is undoubtedly drawn to the Aztecs program because of the school’s tendency to “let the players play.” Aztecs basketball is fast-paced and in your face. Dwayne Polee just wants to get some. Read more

Green Hornet Review by Xtra Butter

The Green Hornet (2011)  Directed by: Michel Gondry

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars “At least my popcorn was comped.”

Okay, I’m going to be honest here and tell the truth…It took me four times to watch this movie before I actually finished it. It wasn’t because the movie had a long running time; it was because this flick was poorly developed, poorly casted and just outright BORING!

Now don’t get me wrong, the movie had potential, but somewhere down the line the wrong person started giving ideas. The opening seven minutes of the movie were solid and really set a tone that I hoped it would follow. However, the early tone set did not last Read more

Which Came First, The Players or the Fans? Sometimes, Not at All.

So we’re about a week into the Rizzo-experience and he’s seemed to generate about a three-beer-buzz around the Padres.  I’m tempted to use the word excitement, but I’m not that bold, and that’s really hard to say when he’s sandwiched in the lineup between Ryan Ludwick and a player-to-be-named-later.  Also, I’m still not sure whether the head rush I get when Rizzo comes to the plate is a player busting with potential or that player’s busty blonde mom appearing on my TV screen.

 Either way, Anthony Rizzo traded his spot on the Bull Durham bus for a paycheck from the MLB’s cheapest team (both of which probably beat my paycheck, and my 40 hour a week seat under florescent bulbs).  But now that he’s on the Friar’s payroll, Read more

Sick Audi RS8 Video

This was sent in from Brain M a real car freak. Trying to get him to contribute weekly to the site but have not had much luck.  I started to watch the video thinking ok another guy driving fast but then got sucked in. I realized I was grabbing my mouse tight and grinding my teeth. I think I even started to move my body as if I were the driver. Then I started sweating. This guy is sick behind this wheel and I can’t imagine what it must feel like to be in the car driving that fast and tanking turns like this.  The best part is he is not doing this on a perfectly smooth race track.  He is driving this Audi RS8 like this on a regular street. To read more on the Audi RS8 and what it can do click here Audi RS8 Read more

Due Date's Dog's Brother

I watched Due Date for the first time last night. The movie had some great parts where I laughed out loud and even spit beer out of my nose.  I think my favorite scene was where Zach Galifianakis was jerking off in the car and the dog started at the same time.  I couldn’t help think if the guy taught the dog to do this and then I started thinking “holy shit I had posted a video of a dog ripping one off a while back”  So I searched through RollinSD’s archives and the video was on our old server and not available.  Thanks to my sick Internet skills and YouTube I was able to locate this video for you.  Would love to bring this dog to party Read more

You Know This Video Will End In A Bad Way

With some things you just know exactly how they are going to end. This video is no different.  I am watching this kid waiting for him to fall and hurt himself. Thinking to myself this kid is an idiot but he is going to put a smile on my face when he falls. I sometimes get a kick out of other peoples idiot ideas and moves.  Well I didn’t think what happened would happen.  This one made me grab my package and say “Ohhh, Shit”. Read more

Whole Foods Parking Lot

My boy CP sent this one in knowing my love for Whole Foods.  I go to Whole Foods once or twice a week for a healthy lunch and this video song nails the place. The spots are tiny and people take their sweet ass time getting in and out of their cars.  I have sat there for 5 minutes watching some fat shit unpack their tiny shopping cart and they keep looking at me and start going slower and slower.  Parking at Whole Foods is always an adventure on its own.So you finally park your car and then you need to make it by the people out front with their clip boards trying to get you to sign some petition.  Every once and a while you find a hottie out front with giant melons Read more

Sickest Gymnastics Video Ever

I dated a gymnast in high school and I didn’t realize how lucky I was until after we stopped dating. I thought all girls could do things like she could.  Well to my surprise there are few and far between. Well even as good as Bonny was, she has nothing on this girl. I can’t even try to comprehend how this girl does what she does. If I bend over too fast to tie my shoe or I don’t  brace myself when  I sneeze, I throw my back out.   So watch this video and be prepared to be very impressed. If any of you young kids our there are reading this and are dating a gymnast remember that your girl can do things that 99.9% of the rest of your girlfriends will be able to do. Don’t let her go. Read more

Real or Fake Edition #5

This one is a bit different from the other real or fakes I have posted on the site in the past. The ones in the past are more video editing than anything else. I am not to sure on this one. Thinking it could be real but also saying no it isn’t because of the camera angle and then there is the reason of why didn’t the candles light his fart on fire.  I know 90% of the guys reading this have tried to light a fart on fire before to see if they can get the blue flame. I have done it before and all I say to anyone that has not tried it. If you decide to make sure you have underwear on. Otherwise you are going to burn your ass.  Let’s just say it happened to a friend of mine.  So what do you think of this?  Real or Fake? Read more

The Worst Best Man

Being the best man at a wedding really doesn’t have many advantages. There is no real upside unless there are a few hot single brides maids and it seems like you can only do wrong.  If you don’t keep the groom out of trouble and sober for the wedding you are in trouble, if the groom is late for the wedding you are in trouble and if your speech sucks you get ripped on for many years to come.  So why do people want to be the best man so badly? Is it an ego thing?  Well watch this video and I am guessing this guy wishes he never was asked to be the best man and I am thinking the bride will not be talking to him anytime soon.  Please email me any really good or really bad best man speech videos.  I am thinking nobody can top this one. Read more

The AA 12 Fully Automatic Shotgun

I am not a huge gun guy but do like watching video’s like this.  This AA 12 riffle video is just awesome and you will believe the power of the gun.  This guy looks like it was made in wood shop at some high school in Russia.  It looks like they carved the wood out of a telephone pole or something like this. Well don’t let the looks deceive you.  This gun can kick some serious ass. I would like to have one fo these in my house in case of a rainy day. I don’t think too many poeple would be messing with me.  I also like his shirt. I hear voices in my head but they speak Russian. Read more

How To Spot A Douchebag.

Sorry Ladies (and the occasional guy that reads my posts).  I had to take a much needed hiatus.  But I’m back, and full of shit as usual.  So, while on my hiatus, I dabbled in some much needed R&R.  While I was frolicking about, I ran across some very interesting people.  A species better known as Douchebags.  Ok, cut the crap.  I saw a lot of a-holes out there that really drove me nuts, and I’m a pretty cool person. But these guys made me want to scratch my eyes out.  So, here’s a warning on how to spot a Douchebag when you’re out and about this weekend.  You can thank me later.

A Douchebag is a person with an over-inflated sense of self worth. Douchebags often put themselves out as an alpha male. The best way to distract a douchebag is by taking its picture because Doucebags are attention whores. Read more

Super 8 Review by Xtra Butter

Super 8 (2011)  Directed by:  J.J. Abrahams 

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars  “Better than the average movie, but not smarter than any masterpiece.”

 Now I consider myself a pretty big J.J. Abrahams fan. I really enjoyed his direction in Mission Impossible III. I loved his reboot of the new Star Trek, and I even thought Cloverfield was entertaining. Not to mention, the guy is also responsible for bringing LOST and Fringe to television, so the guy has skills. You add-in Hollywood legend Steven Spielbergto the producing credits and you would think “damn this movie is going to take me for a ride.” However, this movie just didn’t do it for me. Read more