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Top 5 Ads of All Time

This is a great littel video to watch.. Have always loved the first one and am glad it made this persons top 5. The soccer add is also awesome just because of the sick moves and the Virgin Atlantic is solid and I don’t think it should be on the top 5 list.  The diving ad is a classic and the last ad is simply awesome. Still have no clue what the ad is for but I have watched it 20 times and am still trying to figure it out. I will not stop watching it until I do. Makes me want leg warmers and head bands to come back. Anyone have an idea of what the last ad is for?  Read more

Does Penis Size Really Matter

I took a poll of 100 girls that I have slept with.  While dating, they all said size didn’t matter and then then once they dumped me they all said it did.  I am going to be sticking with what they told me at first.  Now, get the truth as told by Arizona’s Finest and find out where your length stacks up among the other countries in the world. I know one thing – from now on when talking about my length, I am going to use centimeters. I already feel that much bigger.

Submitted from AZ’s Finest. Does size really matter or does it boil down to how well you use what you’ve got?  I personally think it’s a combination of both factors when it comes to the ability to make a woman really curl her toes with pleasure, but just like asking whether or not a falling tree makes a sound in an empty forrest when no one is around to hear it, people will continue to ask the proportional question without getting a definitive answer.  The average penis is supposed to between 5.5 – 6.2 inches long and 4.7 – 5.1 inches in girth.  According to, “the vagina of a woman who hasn’t had a child is only 3.0 inches long when she’s not sexually excited, and even when she’s aroused the average Read more

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

Dear Staff,

We are having our holiday party this year on Friday, December 23, 2011 starting at 4:00PM at XY Chromosome R Us Restaurant.   After all, it is RollinSD.  We will do our absolute best not to offend anyone.  Please know, we are taking measures to ensure we have addressed every: religious, political, dietary, alcohol sensitivity ever known to mankind.

There will be no Santa Claus, no Christmas tree, no Christmas carols, and no alcohol in case anyone is in recovery or should Read more

Kill The Irishman

Kill the Irishman(2011)   Directed By: Jonathan Hensleigh

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars, “A good gangster story, but lacking the significance of a great gangster movie.”

About three months ago I did a piece on my top five gangster movies (HERE). The  topic sparked some discussion on past gangster films and I also received several emails with suggestions about possible gangster movies I may have not seen. Now me missing a gangster movie is like TMTMTL passing up an interview with a quality SD hottie…ain’t going to happen. Thus, I figured all the
suggestions I would get would be of films I’ve already seen.

However, a fellow movie buff named Dana Panzarello suggested I check out this mobster movie called Kill the
. At first, I somehow thought I missed out on a hidden gem from back in the 1980’s, but a closer investigation of the movie revealed it was actually  Read more

Last Minute Christmas Shopping?

If you are like me you have yet to step one foot in a store for your Christmas shopping. The only store I have been in over the past month is Vons and you can’t get much Christmas shopping done there.  So for those of you who are like me I have the perfect gift for you to pick up.  Don’t think this one will be delivered by Sunday but you can always give them a card saying your present will arrive in a few days.  I hope everyone has an awesome Christmas.  Shit I started this post at 9:30 and now it is 2:10 and I still have not left the office to go shopping. Enjoy this video and peace out.. Read more

Pardon the Chargers: Week 16

The RollinSD sports team combed the tailgate after-parties on December 18th to commence the Chargers seventh victory over the Baltimore Ravens. The game was epic and so were the fans. San Diego definitely brought out the passion and The Chargers brought the Powder Blue. We sat down with a few of the fans and interviewed them about the Chargers outlook on the future. We protected their real names in order to ensure complete disclosure…

Are the Chargers gearing up to make a playoff run?

The Perfect Christmas Present For That Special Woman In Your Life

What a great idea for that special lady in your life.  Register for a few of these and put them in her stocking for Christmas.  You will look like a hero and have all your friends envious.   Now, some of you may be a bit reluctant to sign your significant other up, but think of it this way… are helping her out and getting a Christmas gift checked off your list.  Read more

My 8 Favorite David Feherty Golf Quotes

Golf to many is very boring to watch.  I will agree that watching it live can be very boring but on TV is is great.  You get to see one amazing shot after another and a cold beer is always 15 feet away. If the golf itself doesn’t entertain you then David Feherty sure will. This guy has so many classic lines and they are just so much better then any other golf commentator. Here are my 8 favorite Feherty Golf Quotes.

1. “Fortunately, Rory is 22 years old so his right wrist should be the strongest muscle in his body.”

2. “That ball is so far left, Lassie couldn’t find it if it was wrapped in bacon.”

3. “I am sorry Nick Faldo couldn’t be here this week. He is attending the Read more

The Aztecs are Bowling in The Big Easy

The San Diego State Aztecs are heading to the New Orleans
Bowl. The Aztecs lead by coach Rocky Long finished their regular season 8-4
record. They earned the spot in a bowl game for the second consecutive year but
this year they will be the away team. The Aztecs face Louisiana’s Ragin Cajuns
on December 17 in the Super Dome of Louisiana.

First-year coach Rocky Long plans to do what he can to limit
the distractions of the pre-bowl festivties down in The Big Easy. He wants his
team prepared to go out and earn their ninth victory of 2011.

What A MK-48 Torpedo Can Do?

What can a MK-48 torpedo can do?  We have all seen the subs in the movies and them targeting ships and shooting a torpedo or two at them. You know when you see the while line rushing through the water and then boom.  Well check out this bad ass.

You have never seen footage where a single torpedo does damage like this. It’s a US made (non nuclear) torpedo that is in use today by our submarines. Very precise, very accurate and very powerful. This is the Australian Submarine Navy doing a live torpedo practice shot on one of their decommissioned ships. They used a MK-48 torpedo developed in the USA . It is not a contact weapon. It is designed to go off directly underneath the ship at Read more

How To Distract A Pitcher

I have always loved heckling players in sports. I don’t mean that I am rude, but love to give them a little shit and get into their head if I can. I remember years ago when Rickey Henderson played for the Padres and we were in left field we kept calling him out and he loved it. He kept playing the game and love our attention.  So in most sports you can yell, scream and do almost anything to try to distract a player.  Look at basketball and a player trying to make a free throw.  There will be 400 people standing up behind the basket waiving flags, shirt or what ever to try to get your attention and get you to miss.  Then there is golf. You can’t even fart or burp without getting escorted off the course.  Bring a cell phone and try to snap a photo from 200 feet away and these golfers with rabbit ears get all bent out of shape that you caused them to miss the shot.    So this is the girl that I want on my side when trying to distract an player on the opposing team.  Just Watch her left hand as she is a real trooper.

Read more

Why Kids Need Cell Phones

This has become a debate in my house. I have an 11 and 8 yr old son and my oldest wants a cell phone. I don’t understand why he would need one because he is never out of my wifes site for more than 30 seconds.  I can understand if he was walking to or from school, but at this time he is not.  He is not at the mall with friends or really doing anything where my wife and I are not around.  Then Carlos sends me this video and you know what? I will be at Verizon today signing him up for my family plan. I need to teach him to use the camera and video and you never know RollinSD may just have a shit load more videos on it. Read more

The Coolest New Sport- 2011 Ghetto Olympics

I thought I have seen it all.  Remember the Bum Fights years ago?  Sucks they got shut down.  I have heard of midget bowling also and was promised years ago that this party we were going to was going to have midget bowling.  Typical of my boy Mario to make up a story like that, but he always makes shit up.  So no more bum fightss fighting and now midget bowling but we do have the Crackhead Toss to look forward to. I hope these guys continue to entertain us weekly with new tosses and maybe add in a few obstacles.   Make it like the NFL Combines.  Instead of seeing how high someone can jump, they can see how high they can toss the crackhead.  Read more