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Aloha Taylor- San Diego’s Hottest News Chick has opened many doors for me to meet many new people in San Diego. Sometimes you don’t know what to expect when meeting someone in a band or on TV.  You often have a preconceived notion about what they will be like. Well with Aloha Taylor I was right on the money. She is just like she looks and acts on the set. For a women with such beauty she has not one ounce of pretentiousness in her body.  She was one of the sweetest people I have met in a long time and she laughed at all of my stupid jokes. Aloha was just crowned San Diego’s Hottest News Chick by Channel 93.3. I was lucky enough to sit down with her last week right in the middle of the contest and was able to find out a little more about what she is all about.  Make sure you tune in on Thursday to hear her on the radio.

With a name like Aloha, I am guessing you are from Hawaii.    Yes, I am a native Hawaiian.
What does Aloha mean in Hawaiian?  The root of Aloha is love….Aloha in Hawaiian  it can mean so many things from hello to goodbye…Aloha au ia ‘oe…means I love you.  Well,  Aloha au ia ‘oe back at you.

The literal meaning of aloha is “the presence of breath” or “the breath of life.” It comes from “Alo,” meaning presence, front and face, and “ha,” meaning breath. Aloha is a way of living and treating each other with love and respect. Its deep meaning starts by teaching ourselves to love our own beings first and afterwards to spread the love to others.

According to the Kupuna (elders)”, being able to live the Spirit of Aloha was a way of reaching self-perfection and realization for our own body and soul. Aloha is sending and receiving a positive energy. Aloha is living in harmony. When you live the Spirit of Aloha, you create positive feelings and thoughts, which are never gone. They exist in space, multiply and spread over to others.
I believe many from Hawaii embody the Aloha spirit.  I’m part native Hawaiian and values I was taught were to love one another, respect all living things and to be humble always.

Well I can tell right now that you truly embody the Aloha spirit.  When you are back on the islands do you get whip lash from turning your head so many times when people say Aloha and you think they may be calling you?   Haha.  No, I can tell when someone is calling my name.

Tell me about being a Meteorologist in San Diego.  Was It hard to get into?  I love being a Meteorologist.  Before you ask, yes I did go to school for my degree and  graduated with a 4.0.  I forecast the weather for FOX5 here in San Diego.  You need to tune in nightly so I can let you know what the weather will be like.    We are on live Monday-Friday 5pm, 6pm, 10pm.  I look at weather charts of different layers of the atmosphere and come up with my forecast daily.  Best job in the world and wouldn’t trade it for anything.

What do you say to people that say forecasting the weather in San Diego has to be the easiest job on the planet?  I know I say it a few times a day while watching you!  Our weather is awesome but to those who say we are sunny and 70 everyday, I say, not so…Wild fires are weather driven…they are a severe threat to San Diegans…I can remember the October Wildfires of 2007.  7 days before they broke, I remember looking at the weather charts in fear.  The story they told was of a perfect storm for Santa Ana’s and relentless wildfires.  I packed up my house and took video of my belongings days before any warnings were issued.

What  advice for someone getting into the business?  Get your foot in the door.  Intern if you can.  Be eager and persistent and learn as much as possible.  If weather is your passion, major in meteorology.

A good friend told me once to dress the part and show them you can do the job you want.  I started out as a writer in a newsroom.  I was the only one that came to work in a suit or very professional outfit each day.  Learn as much as you can and as many jobs as you can in the newsroom.  Be nice to everyone and learn from them.  You never know if you’ll have to cross their bridge one day…even the people with more entry level jobs than you…they get promoted all the time and could be your boss one day!

Tell me a joke…what did the snail say on turtles back?  ….wee.  Ok Rollers I need your help here.. can someone help explain this one?  I just came up with a joke.   What is the difference between the weather and Aloha Taylor?  The weather can’t be hot and yet so cool at the same time.

Turn-ons and turn-offs?   Arrogance is a big turn off.  After all we are all human, we are all created equal, and who’s to say, if you were dealt the same cards in life as the guy next to you, you wouldn’t be walking his/her exact same path.  Turn-ons, a humble person that lives with kindness in his/her heart and embraces all walks of life.  Everyone has a story, and stories teach valuable lessons.  Also a quiet confidence..very sexy.

How would you describe yourself? Dark chocolate with tinge of cayenne pepper. (sweet that is not too much and good for you with a little kick)  I would describe you as Pua ‘i’ini ‘ia.

Tell me a little about being  Miss Hawaii.  Well, I was miss Hawaii USA 1996….not Hawaiian tropics.  Experience was enriching and prepared me for lots that I had to desk with in my career.  You see peoples true personlities rise to the top as competition day got closer.  Some girls were nice and genuine from day one…some were nice at day one then slowly became “catty” .  Some were just “catty from day one.  I learned to just be nice to everyone and if the person i was making friends with turned out to be genuinely nice back that was a bonus.  In the begining it really hurt my feelings when people would be mean…I realized in order. To have harmony and balance in life you have to do everything without expectation…I developed a much thicker skin through the process.  I can remember one girl purposely ripped another contestants dress by stepping on it before competition.

I can also remember I never smelled so much fake tanner in my life.

That’s not something I was used to coming from Hawaii.  I’d lay out covered in baby oil on the sand for hours to get darkest tan.  And I bet you had a crowd of men around you pretending not to be staring.  Where is that photo?  Ha Ha, I have them stored safely away.

Favorite food and why? Raw Salmon  -Omega 3 …sushi any day, every day.  I usually eat according to what’s good for my body..Example dark chocolate for antioxidants, oatmeal to help with cholesterol, Red wine for the many health bene’s.

What catches your eye in a guy first? charisma…that includes a humble confidence.

Songs/Groups that put you in the mood to have some fun?  Disco…I’m sorry, but that makes me happy.  Also music from the islands…

Catch a man looking at your neckline, do you call him out with “eyes up here” or no worries for first time offender?  I don’t ever remember being in that position.  I think if one is going to advertise then ones attention will go there…I think conservative dress, often exudes sexy more than pilling the hors d’oeurves on a plate.

Do you have tan lines?  Don’t we all somewhere?

If you had to sing one song Karaoke what would it be? I love karaoke…do you know what it means?  I would guess it means drunk people thinking they sound good on stage, am I close?  It means empty orchestra…I used to run a karaoke show in Hawaii in my younger days.  I couldn’t just sing one song…the song choice would be based on the audience and company.

Movies that have you laugh out loud?  Wedding Crashers, it’s complicated, Anchorman

Do you have a special workout routine you follow to stay in this kind of shape?  Yes, eat well…healthy…

What would a guy have to do or say to make you blush?  It’s not what a man says, but how he says it and the sincerity he has as he looks into your eyes.  Aloha I think you are so fine and want to marry you-  why are you blushing?  

Where would someone find you on your day off or night out?  Sleeping…I never get enough…busy bee, single mom, fulltime job at life is crazy!!

What do you find attractive that most women don’t? Manly hands.  That is funny.  That is what we used to call our leasing agent and she was a women..

What do you like best about being a girl? Best excuse for getting out of hard labor.  Also the visual of a being a man in a bath of fragrant oils and rose petals with candles, just doesn’t equate.  Girls rule.  Honestly, the gift of having a child.  Blessing from god.

You like your man with big biceps or bit of a beer belly? Bit of beer belly…much more cuddly.  Now you are making me me blush girl.

Do you say yes mostly with your eyes, body language, or quiet “ooo”s and “ah”s?  Ooos and ah’s…during a delicious desert, (my favorites pumpkin pie or key lime pie)  I can’t go without saying it over and over.

Would you prefer a Boy toy or a man who takes control?  A man in control, is a man with confidence, intelligence and strength.  Who is going to kill a spider or change the battery in my smoke alarm?  A man in control for sure.

Show him what you like or give him subtle clues as you go?  Subtle clues.  That way you can see how much he really pays attention and cares.  If he gets it, that is a sign of fair skies…if he doesn’t, thunderstorms could be lurking.

Where are you sexier, Friday night in a black dress or Sunday morning in an oversized t shirt?  Oversized t-shirt- my new t-shirt..:-).  I was always taught, less is more, no pun intended.

Favorite words?  “it’s a beautiful day!”  “chotto matte” (means just a moment in Japanese)  “pau”  finished in Hawaiian

And one last question for you.   When is this heat and humidity going to get out of here?  If I tell you and the readers you won’t need to watch the News so you are just going to have to keep tuning in.

I just want to thank anyone and everyone who has watched my forecast.  My success would not be so sunny without you…the viewers.  I really appreciate you!  In Hawaiian we say “mahalo”; in Farsi we say “merci”; French “merci” as well; Spanish, “gracias”; Japanese “arigato”; Korean, “kam-sa-ham-ni-da”; Chinese, “xie xie”; Filipino, “salamat”; Samoan, “Fa’afetai”; German, Danke sheon; If I missed your language I’m sorry.  These are the only ones I can remember at the moment.  Post your language if I missed it and I promise I’ll use it more often J

I really would like to thank you for your time and for you being so patient. I know I am all over the map and I tend to drive people crazy.  I look forward to a follow up with you soon and please help with the humidity…..  Make sure you all tune in daily to watch Aloha on Channel 5 Fox news at 5 pm, 6 pm and 10 pm and maybe you can catch her in her new favorite tank top.




tony pena

way to go RollinSD.. always thought she was not only the hottest chick on the air but also the classiest…. this interview proves what I have thought all a long…

tony franklin

pure hotness. love the 2nd photo of her..props to RollinSD and Props to Aloha for winning the 933 contest.. will be listening tomorrow am..

robert abbey

Congrats on winning! Aloha is too hot for Rollin and has enough class to photo opp with home boy Lance…..woof, woof

Linda Ruiz

Love to see a women who is so beautiful on the outside and also so beautiful on the inside… way to stay true to your roots girl.. your parents should be so proud

tony franklin

love the responses to the interview questions and also love the top two photo’s great shots… need to get her to wear a RollinSD shirt on the air…


so hot… hotter than the weather we are having..

Cason Spears

smokin hot…. when you gonna do the news in a bikini and all oiled up like in your Miss Hawaii days?