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Amazing Catch

Check out this home run thief.  I have no idea what the announcers are saying, but I love it.  Yeahhhhaahhh.  The fact that this guy could climb the wall like a cat and get in position to catch this ball is amazing. I have 3 guys on my softball team this morning that let balls drop 3 feet in front of them as they backed up for the ball and then decided to charge it.  This guy almost looks like he is running in fast motion or you are skipping ahead on your DVR.   This pitcher owes him big time for this grab.  Why is this guy not playing in the US?  I guess the better question is why don’t we have walls like this in the US.



one of the all time greats.. I agree they need to make a stadium wall like this in the US
so we can see catches like this one..


are you kidding me? I had to watch it 3 times to believe it.. how the hell did he climb
the wall the quickly?

purple and gold

The Dodgers better be in touch with this guys agent.. could use some speed in the outfield
like this in LA

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nice camera work idiots.. I don’t care about the catch as much as how he climbed the wall.. zoom in on that and go slo-mo so we can see that.