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Coastal Beauties Mansion Party 5. The San Diego Event You Don’t Want To Miss

I was lucky enough to sit down with the lovely Jenna Banks the owner of  Coastal Beauties last week to talk to her abut her 5th annual Mansion Party happening Saturday September 28th.     This is a an event you don’t want to miss.  If you have other plans cancel them.  You cousin just passed away have them move the funeral date, just get your butt to this party.

On Sat Sept 28th, Coastal Beauties will be partnering with Supreme Team Media, Famous Vodka, U4Rik Vodka, and Gale Force Productions to bring you our exclusive 5th Annual Mansion Party.  This is  held at a private estate in Rancho Santa Fe and the layout is amazing.

This event will feature live shoots, fashion shows, live poker, DJ’s, hosted bar, appetizers, CB model appearances, painted models & more.  Guests include an elite mix of models, aspiring models, sports players, business owners, luxury car dealers, scouts, industry professionals,  poker players, photographers, fans and friends.  Will it include you?

It is so much fun to party in an environment where the models are walking around, dancing and talking to everyone…not stuck behind a rope.

guaranteed to make this event the perfect blend of sexy and social!


While waiting at Starbucks for Jenna to arrive I will admit I was a bit nervous.  When she finally arrived she gave me a big hug and made me feel right at home. I will admit I did feel a bit uncomfortable from time to time with everyone staring in our direction knowing they were all asking themselves, ” how is this guy sitting with a girl like this?”   Well we finally settled into talking and here is what Jenna had to say about her Coastal Beauties Mansion Party. 
Jenna for those readers who are not familiar with Coastal Beauties can you tell them a little about


Coastal Beauties and what you and your company do?  

Coastal Beauties is a model marketing and promotion company that hosts elite parties.  In the last year, Coastal Beauties has partnered with Supreme Team Media, a creative production company,to build content for models that includes web sites, graphics, logo design, business cards, video production and more!

Read more

Andre Nickatina House of Blues May 23rd

 May 23rd at House of Blues Downtown, Andre Nickatina will be performing! Originally Andre Adams, this American rapper from San Francisco is famous for his sharp stage presence as one of the last Legends of the Bay Area. This is not a show you want to miss. Nickatina is known for songs like “Ayo for Yayo” and “Smoke Dope and Rap”. With heavy bass that brings the classic hip-hop from around the block  back but keeps it fresh with a unique voice that commands like an MC should. Fun and funky lyrics that make you laugh and make you think. Nickatina’s subject matter covers everything from gang violence to the American drug culture. His unique spin on the hip-hop culture has brought something new to the table and ensures a good show. Nickatina’s song’s are easy to listen to yet still hold loyal to being music of the streets. Anyone can enjoy. This show is going to be a great way to make the middle of your week bearable again. Rockhill Studios and Mr. Jihaan Barbat have done it again with another great show. Buy your tickets today at   ~Tom Searcy

Seedless 420 Party

Seedless annual 420 party was an awesome celebration of a day centered around understanding. The theme this year was diversity in music. The show featured a night of music from Hip-Hop kings the Living Legends. Reggae sensation Johnny Osbourne was also featured. The night was broken up with DJ sets of roots music. 6Blocc Deejayed Dub-Step sound to continue the diversity. The opener’s for the night were a sound all of their own out of Atlanta. Fountainhead opened the show for the 12th annual party. This event was put together by Seedless and Rockhill. Thanks to Mr. Jihaan Barbat for coordinating, promoting, booking, and “all-arounding” this event. Mr. Barbat has put together many awesome shows in this town and he is definitely a San Diegan to know.  Jihaan brought us Snoop Dogg for 420 last year. He also put together the Don Carlos and Junior Reid firehouse reunion show. Quality musicians that people really want to see. Only your friends at Rock Hill and Seedless could put together something this epic for 4/20/2012.

The House of Blues was Seedless’d out in banners and green logo lights. Read more

Padres Finally Earn 10th Win Of The Season

The Padres finally earned their 10th victory of this so far dismal season. The conversation about the Padres around San Diego has dwindled down to either a whisper or a emphatic laugh. As soon as the padres pitchers so some promise they end up getting injured. Recently Cory Lubeke and Huston Street both went down with injuries. The calls keep going against San Diego and there a lot of San Diegans that believe this team has given up. Last night on May 7th the padres put up their dukes and did their best to hang on to a three run lead. Their bullpen was tested by the Rockies but the padres hung on to defeat Colorado 3-2. Chase Headley was part of the winning effort with a play at the plate. The Padres will have to fight tooth and nail for every inch to re earn the respect and loyalty form their fan base here in San Diego. Every great winning streak had to start with a first win and hopefully this win will be the one to inspire the padres to keep winning. The need to find a way to play with some swagger like they really want to win someone anyone has to light the friar under these guys.  ~Tony Fantano

Chargers 2012 Schedule Out, Make Your Predictions!

After a disappointing finish to last season Chargers Fans are looking forward to next year. With the 2012 schedule out it’s time to size up their opponents and make your predictions for the following season. The road to the playoffs is not going to be an easy one, but let’s take a look at some of the excitement to look forward to.


Divisional Match-ups

There’s a new sheriff in town in Denver and Broncos fans will be turning in their number 15 jerseys for 18’s with the latest addition of Peyton Manning. The Chargers are no longer going to be favorites to win the division and this could be exactly the motivation they need. They always play Read more

Get More Money On Your Tax Returns

Can this crap be real? I am always skeptical about this so I called a friend who is a CPA. He said he has also seen a few cases of this but not the numbers they are claiming in this video. Either way something needs to be done about this taking place.  We let everyone in the country with no hassles and now we are just handing over money to them.  What do you think? If yoiu think something needs to be done about this please post this on FB and email it to friends. I for one say it is BS.

Wednesday Joke Of The Day

This was sent in from Robert G.  Thanks for this one brotha.

A real woman is a man’s best friend.
She will never stand him up and never let him down.
She will reassure him when he feels insecure and comfort him  after a bad day.
She will inspire him to do things he never thought he could do; to live without fear and forget regret.
She will enable him to express his deepest emotions and give in to his most intimate desires.
She will make sure he always feels as though he’s the most handsome man in the room and will enable him to be the most confident,
sexy, seductive and Read more

Who Would You Rather Sit Next To On Your Next Flight?

I have flow many times and to this date have not been lucky enough to sit next to a smokin’ hottie. I have close a few times and will tell this one quick story about flying back from Vegas.  It was a typical guys bachelor party weekend and we were all broken at the airport.  We saw these two transplant strippers walking around the airport and getting ready to fly back home after a long weekend of taking dollars from helpless males.   We get fired up when we realize they are on our flight and this was when South West had the front rows that had you facing back towards the plane and the two back rows facing each other. 

We get all the way to the back and have a few seats across from us open and here come the porto strippers and ask “Can Read more

Tuesday Joke Of The Day

You should be checking daily for our joke of the day. You have one worthy of making the site send me and email and I will see what I can do.

I came into work on Monday with two black eyes.  One of my co-workers asked my how I got them.

I explained that I was in the bar on Saturday night.

I noticed two large girls by the bar.

They both had strong accents so I said “Hi, are you two girls from Scotland ?”

One of them chirped “It’s Read more

Amazing Catch

Check out this home run thief.  I have no idea what the announcers are saying, but I love it.  Yeahhhhaahhh.  The fact that this guy could climb the wall like a cat and get in position to catch this ball is amazing. I have 3 guys on my softball team this morning that let balls drop 3 feet in front of them as they backed up for the ball and then decided to charge it.  Read more

See Ya VJ, Hello Robert Meachem

The Chargers got rid of Vincent Jackson, They let him go and signed Robert MeachemWhen it comes down to it… Jackson was a self-centered player that took off plays when they team needed him to step up. Jackson would often make some bone headed plays on and off the field. Meachem looks like another version of well Vincent Jackson… Read more

Aztecs, it is time to Come Up

The Big Dance is finally upon us and now San Diego can test their skills against some national opponents. San Diego was selected as a number six seed in the Midwest bracket and will face the eleventh seeded NC State. The men from Montezuma Mesa are hungry for another game. A fan got in Jamaal Franklin’s head and almost got him into big trouble…keep it classy San Diego. Haters gonna Hate. Read more

RollinSD’s Version Of The Antique Road Show

How great would this be to have a show like this.   I think it would make it to a second season and get good ratings.  The judges could give the hotties ratings on different things.  One show could be on asses, the other tits, hair, jokes  and so on.  It is definitely sexist, but it would get watched and there would be a competition.  The person who gets the best ratings wins something.    Maybe I should not be posting this idea and actually come up with the show.  I can just see it now.  The guy walking up on stage and giving his intro on his girl and why he thinks she has the perfect ass.  He can build her up all he wants and then the judges go to work.   Maybe this is meant for Playboy TV, but I think they could make a version for regular TV.  Just remember you heard it here first.  This video is similar to how I see Rollin’ version of the Antique Road Show going but ours would be a lot hotter. Read more