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Bomb Lesson #1

I have never seen a bomb, never heard one go off and hope I never ever do but, the image to the left is what I think one would look like.  We were talking about the house they burned down  in Escondido the other night over a few beers.  Someone was saying how the owner is suing, or the bank is suing because they burned the home down.  Someone asked how they knew the guy had bombs in his house and I guess someone doing work on the house tripped on a small pipe bomb in the back yard.  First off, how the hell does anyone know what a pipe bomb looks like unless you are making one?  Secondly, I am sure the city will pay for the mortgage to be paid off or something. They are not just going to burn down the owner’s rental property without looking into it.  Thirdly, why did they have to burn the home down anyway?  Because there may be bombs hidden in the the walls, ceiling or floors?  Don’t you have dogs that sniff that shit out?  Either way the word bomb scares the shit out of me.  Here would be my rules for making or planting a bomb.  #1 – do not pat too hard when burying in the ground.  #2  – Read rule #1 100 times.  I don’t think these guys read rule #1.  What do you think?

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OK here is the scoop. A bomb can look like just about anything, C4 and PETN will fit in everything from a baby bottle to a railroad car. A baby bottle of C4 will level a normal house. I have had wounds from several bombs including two from our own aircraft, two 250 pounds snake eyes which killed 24 Marines on December 10, 1966 in Quang Tri Province. There are much lesser devices but of the same ilk, including; grenades, mortars (60MM, 81MM, 120MM), rockets (RPG’s, SAMS, Bazookas, LAW’s), artillery rounds (105MM, 155MM, 175MM, NGF), mines such as claymores, bouncing betty’s (they spring up from the ground and blow up in your face), and now the ever popular IED’s (improvised explosive devices).

A bomb is a horrific event. All is still and quiet, you are walking along a path in a jungle, a desert or a city street and suddenly one goes off. All is instant chaos, you cannot imagine the volume of the noise (your ears will not hear anything else for days and probably ring for the rest of your life, mine do and I never know true silence), the impact of the explosion will physically move you (you may be thrown upwards or sideways but you will move without the ability to control your direction until you land somewhere), the smell permeates your brain and body and that odor will never be forgotten, people closer to detonation point will be essentially vaporized (cease to exist in any form other than sprayed body fluids and bits of bone), others will be slumped over and still with a tiny piece of shrapnel that blew through their brain, you will try to regroup, get up, regain your balance, check your weapons, etc while all the time rocks, dirt, dust and body parts (boots with feet and helmets with heads in them) are raining down all around you.

Someone will come up and tell you what to do or ask you a question but you cannot hear them when they are shouting in your face, your brain does not quite process as you have had a mammoth brain concussion where your brain has slammed against part of your skull and is hurt and the swelling has begun. You feel a nausea as you would when you fall on the ice and hit your head or been beaned by a fastball in the noggin, your nausea makes you vomit and it comes out your mouth and nose. You find yourself bleeding out your nose, then mouth, then ears and sometimes you need to push your eyeballs back into their sockets as your eyes feel raw from the dust and vapors of the explosive. Your vision is blurred and you are unable to focus. You wonder is this what it is like to die or am I already dead. The guy in front of you or behind you a moment ago no longer exists.

So why did the SD Sheriff’s burn down the house in the above incident? So none of their guys need experience the effects as I suggest. Have a nice day!

Dalene Panda

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