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The Orgasmic French Kiss

I was forwarded an article from a woman reader and she said that the men reading this site need to read this and that there are some great tips here. I really am not one to comment on this because I have been married for so long I don’t really remember what a French Kiss is. I mean I have seen people do it in the the movies but it makes me feel uncomfortable.  So I am not going to dissect this one and am going to let good old Iceberg handle this.  This will be your RSA (Rollin’ Service Announcement) for the week.

Iceberg here.  I actually like this topic. I have been married and am now divorced and still hang with my ex-wife from time to time and also have a semi serious girl friend. Read more

Did you fake it? Why women really fake an orgasm.

According to a new study done at Temple University, about 60 percent of women have faked it at some point. An orgasm that is. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t one of them. I fake it often.

The question is why?   Why are women pretending to get off if we’re not? Originally, researchers believed it was to stroke the male ego, but this study found that our reasons for faking have more to do with us. Most women surveyed faked it to mask a fear of intimacy, to get sex over with, or to increase their own sexual satisfaction.

All of the above for me. I’ve faked it for every reason in the book. Because I’ve felt too vulnerable to have an orgasm, because I was uncomfortable with a particular partner, because I had gas and didn’t feel like announcing it, because I was being poke in an uncomfortable way, because I couldn’t stop thinking about work, because the sex was bad and I didn’t care to try to make it better, because I couldn’t focus on myself as much as when I masturbate, because Read more

Men Love Breasts

A few weeks back, TMTMTL asked me if I would like to begin contributing my smart ass two cents to Rollin SD.  This of course, is an opportunity that I can’t pass up!  Knowing that this site primarily caters to men brings a bit of a challenge, so what better topic is there to discuss than breasts?  Now, I know what you’re thinking, Gigi just wrote about them last month in her article “Is There Such a Thing as a Bad Boob?”.   We both know that you’re full of shit Read more

RSA-Staring At Breasts Increases Heart Health

I have seen the emails for years now and didn’t know if it was true or not. Leave it to a Boston station to report on this.  I have always thought that at 44 yrs old I am pretty healthy. I drink more than most and eat like shit but still feel like I am in better shape than most. I went out for a late lunch today and ended up at the Silver Fox from 3 to 7  and came home feeling no pain..  Had some dinner and am still on the computer. I will be up at 5 am tomorrow to work out and is that why I am in good shape?   I don’t think so. I stare a womens chest all the time. I can’t help it. I really need to wear sunglasses all the time so I can just stare at her tits non stop. I need to show my wife this video so when I walk by her showering she won’t cover up her perfect tits on me. Read more

These Messages Must Stop

Rollers welcome back Amanda Jo.  She went MIA on us for a bit but is back with some real legit advice.  So read this an learn guys.

Half of my heart breaks for guys like these, but then the other half rolls it’s eyes and says get a clue pal! World, meet Lance Martin. A random, but real important “publicist” from Hollywood. Apparently these days guys think Facebook is a female delivery service?

I know guys rely heavily on the “spaghetti theory” when it comes to crap like this, (Email 25 girls, and a few have gotta bite!) However, I am overrrr generic party Read more

Mother’s Day Advice

Greetings Rollers!  I’m excited to be contributing my first post to RollinSD!  Don’t let my name fool you.  Lady Loose Lips does not mean I have a loose vagina.  It simply means I have no filter when I speak, and usually say what I think.  I hail from a long line of sarcastic women who love to tell others what to do.  I’m here for you.  I’ve seen and done it all and have an intense wealth of knowledge on many subjects.  Send me your questions and I’ll help you out of whatever bind you got yourself into.  No questions?  No worries. I have a plethora of opinions to share with you.  If you don’t like what I have to say, that’s fine.  But if I wanted your opinion, I’d give it to you.

Today’s advice is for Mother’s Day.   For some of us, we owe the utmost gratitude to our mothers.  Without mom, we may have gone hungry, never made it to school on time, or learned how to tie our shoes.   Mothers go out of their way 365 days a year to make sure their families are taken care of.  Yet, there is only one measly day out of the entire year devoted entirely to Moms.  Read more

Rules When Texting Chicks

This was sent in from one of our readers.  She actually has a really cool blog here in San Diego and this girl just gets it. I am trying to get her to become a weekly contributor and to give us guys a heads up of what to do and what not to do when it comes to women, fashion and about being a cool guy.  The women readers of RollinSD will also be able to take a few notes as she will also have information for them.   San Diego say hello to Amanda Jo of Here is her first contribution Read more

A Special Valentine's Day I Love You

Men sometimes have a little more difficulty expressing their feelings and emotions.  Saying the words, “I Love You” can sometimes be more difficult than the Fonz saying, “Sorry”.  Most men think a nice slap on the ass or a tit grab is enough to show their appreciation and their true feeling about you.   So, on Valentines Day ladies, remember this and if you hear them utter any of the below statements that is Read more

Dear Hottie On Valentines Day

Rollers, read this and take action. I am a slacker and really can’t do this because my girlfriend  reads this damn site daily and it won’t be a surprise.   This is for all of you who secretly get up in the middle of the night to check the site.  Then erase all your cookies and delete all past sites you went to because if your wife knew you were on RollinSD, she would shoot you.  Thanks to Marty for sending in this question to our own Dear Hottie.  I’m thinking if you do this, you may get  that ever so illusive blow job you have been waiting for? Read more

Dear Hottie

This is our first post of Dear Hottie and I think you will all enjoy this.  This is our version of Dear Abby, but the girl we have answering your questions is a true hottie (anyone know what Dear Abby looks like?).   I met this hottie a few weeks back at lunch and starting talking about the site and featuring her as a hottie.  She didn’t want to be featured but wanted to be a contributor in this manner. Not only is this girl hot, but she also is a real spark plug.  Full of energy and has the perfect attitude. She tells it like is and if you don’t like what she has to say then don’t ask for her opinion.  Her first entry is from a friend of hers telling her a story and asking for her opinion. Read more

Learn From Your Mistakes

I try to be a good dad. I let my kids do things on their own and they do make mistakes. I always give my wife a hard time when she helps them with homework because she basically does it for them.  My 2nd grader had his family tree project due and it  looked like some college student did it.  It was in 3D, had moving objects and a 9 inch LCD screen  {I am kidding wifey :-)}.    What I am saying is, to be a good parent you need to protect your children but, let them fail and hope they learn from their mistakes.   If they keep making the same mistake over and over, then there is a cause for concern.  Read more

Is There Such A Thing As A Bad Boob?

Rollers, welcome Gigi.  This is her 2nd post on the site and I love her topics and insight.  She became a contributor when one of our readers responded to one of her comments on a post.  He said Gigi should write for the site. So, as a good listener, I reached out to her to see what she thought.  She liked the idea, but was a bit apprehensive.  Her first post has a link at the bottom of this post so be sure to check it out and let me know your thoughts. I think this girl is a keeper.  Read more

What Do Dads Really Want?

I read TMTML’s post and couldn’t resist a follow up, so here goes…..

We had friends over the other night to watch the Lakers whoop down on the Celtics one final time, (that’s right, I’m a Lakers fan even being a transplant!) and I overhear my boyfriend’s buddy bitching about Father’s Day.  Let me start by saying, this all started because I gave my boyfriend a pass and told him to do whatever he wants on Sunday;  he has been hunting someone down for a simple round of golf to no avail.  The conversation couldn’t have been more stereotypical and went something like this, ‘I can’t go dude, my wife has me getting up early to go to her parents house for brunch, then we have to go to my Dad’s house for an afternoon BBQ.  What about me?  What about me wanting to do what I want to do??”

Back to TMTMTL’s post today – I did get to do exactly what I wanted on Mother’s Day, I went wine tasting with a big group of moms!  We get home and dinner was waiting, it was great!  So, why don’t we let them to do whatever they want on Father’s Day??  Why do we feel the need to plan and/or force them in to yet another family day?  In defense of all the wives/girlfriends out there, I know it’s not intentional; we think we are doing something nice for our men.  I am by no means the perfect girlfriend, (pretty damn close though!) but I do try to remember, this isn’t about him not wanting to be with me or the kids. It’s about him wanting the same courtesy he gave me; being allowed some time to do what HE wants with no thoughts about the kids, coaching, work, watching his language or catering to me.  Incidentally, I came across this link – and according to this poll, the other thing they do want is….drum roll please…!  When don’t they want that? Men really are that simple. It is his day, give him what he wants!