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Tom Brady’s Wicked Pissah Accent

I am from Boston and can’t stop watching this video.  I will give Tom Brady props for doing this and he is actually a decent actor.  Not sure if Under Armour commercial or a Dicks Sporting Goods commercial, but either way it is wicked awesome.

I am not sure what my favorite line in this is and here are a few of my favorites and then add in the acting and facial expressions.. Winner.

“Sorry man I can’t understand a word your saying”

“Say something and I will spit ball with you.  Yo, Go SOX!”

“Hey that’s some wicked hot chowdaaahhhh”

“You really just gotta try the lobstaaaah”

“Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, thats a good band.  You know what band I love more  Baaahston”

Then the Lady saying “Hey are you Matt Damon? ”  and Brady responding no and the guys saying “I knew it Aflack”

What do you think is the best line?  Either way I think the kid in the commercial is awesome and will definitely be in a comedy soon.  This is one of my all time favorites. I want to know what you think  TOM BRADY VIDEO 

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Makes Me Want A Heineken

There are many commercials that I like and don’t like. I am not 100% sure on this one. The walking fridge is kind of a stupid concept,but then again I like hard nipples so I am torn. I  was showing my partner at work this the other day and he said it was  a great commercial and would be perfect for an NFL game.   I argued  that it wasn’t. I am thinking it is a great commercial for Letterman or Conan , but not for Sunday at 11:30 AM.   Watching this makes me think that a nice cold green bottle in my hand would make me happy but I don’t think it is right for the y0ung kids.   Read more

Need Glasses?

Again, another great ad that you will not see on American TV sets.  Someone really needs to change this.  There really needs to be two different types of ads and have them at different times of the day/night.  At 11 pm, they should allow ads like  this to be on TV.  If you don’t think your child should see ads like this, then they should be in bed like the rest of the good little kids.  Read more

Jerry Seinfeld’s New Super Bowl Commercial Acura NSX

I received this from a reader saying you need to see Jerry Seinfeld’s hilarious new Super Bowl commercial.  I will go on the record now saying I was never a big fan of the show or a fan of his.  The commercial starts off solid with Jerry going into the Acura dealership and wanting to be the first to buy the new Acura NSX.  He finds out that he is number two on the list and then goes into a huge sales pitch/presentation trying to get the guy to let him have the first Acura NSX.   Some of the things he does are pretty funny.  Bringing the Soup Nazi to the guys house and the line I own all the characters was good.  Then Alien was a nice add and the zip line through Manhattan showing all the real estate he owns was also solid, but the ending was not that great.  The Jay Leno twist was good but I think they should have made him drive up in a Audi R8 and have him drive off with

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Maybe I Should Change The Name Of This Site To US Commercials Suck

I think I post more things on this site about how US Commercials suck and we need allow companies to get more creative.  Shit you can watch the family guy and Peter and his son have balls for chins and say things that make me blush when watching it with my kids.  So someone in the industry please comment on this post and tell me why can’t we have more commercials like this on TV?  I am not saying to have them on from 3pm to 9 pm but after that should be good.  The kids that these are not made for should be in bed and if they are not then that is the parents problem not mine. I think these commercials are much better than half the crap on TV right now.   I am hoping they play this on during this years Super Bowl. Give this a watch and tell me what you think.  Read more

We Need Ads Like This In The US

Yes….I am back on my US commercial rant.  Now Canada gets it, or at least La Senza does.  They put commercials out that get your attention and it works.  When is the US going to learn from other countries??  Advertising on TV is going to be a thing of the past in the US if things don’t change.  People DVR all their shows and skip over the commercials, but if there were commercials like this I am thinking Read more

I Love The Dos Equis Man

I talk a lot about advertising in my posts. I didn’t go to school for it or anything like that, but am somewhat infatuated with it. I actually like to watch commercials and rip them apart if they suck and prop them if they are good.  There are way too many bad commercials out there and not enough good ones.   One of the best campaigns I have seen/heard in the past few years, is the Dos Equis ads and they are very effective. I have many times found myself in the beer isle of Vons day dreaming about what it would be like if I could take all the beer home. Read more

Not Really Sure About This Ad…..

This video was sent in by JT and he asked  how many Rollers feel like this every day at their job?  I think it is pretty cool, but what the hell does this ad have to do with the Fed-Ex Cup besides they have golf bags at their desk? Shouldn’t  this be for a job posting board like Monster or something? It should say Hate Your Job, Can’t Wait To Leave The Office?  Read more

German BMW Ad For Pre-Owned Cars

Now this is advertising.  I am hoping some of the moms at my son’s school see this and get all pissed off.  Why would they get pissed off? I don’t know, maybe because they have nothing better to do than worry about what other people are doing.  This is effective advertising and it should be brought to the US.  Don’t worry about the fatties who will be offended by this. They are driving mini vans anyways and won’t be looking at a BMW.  Read more