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Painful To Watch

This clip has been in circulation for some time, but worth a revisit.  You know, you can’t be human and not feel some compassion for this kid, but as I watch it, I’ve got to think that if this college student wants to be in broadcasting, he has to enlist a little more “The Show Must Go On” mentality.   I heard this in audio first, before seeing the clip, and thought he was getting so nervous that he couldn’t speak.  Now if you watch, you see him shake his head at the camera and talk to himself, which I submit is just giving up.  The periods of quiet, the fumbled teleprompter readings, and my favorite “and rebounding out the list” instead of “rounding out the list” completes this train wreck.  Just painful to watch.  It’s funny that he obviously rehearsed his wannabe catch phrase; “Boom goes the Dynamite”, but if he could rehearse that, Read more

Giggity Dabba Doo

You can see in the attached clip that Family Guy creator and voice-over talent, Seth Macfarlane, has had this idea on the brain for some time.  Yep, the prime-time animation mogul Macfarlane has completed negotiations with 20th Century Fox to air new episodes of The Flintstones, heading into production this year and set to air in 2013.  Will Bam Bam be on Ritalin?  Will Dino dump on the floor and hump Betty’s leg?  Will Wilma’s omnipresent pearl necklace need to be pixelated when Fred first gives it to her? We are about to find out.

This will be the fourth series under Macfarlane’s belt, with vehicles Family Guy, The Cleveland Show and American Dad, all Read more

Kemba Goes Pro- But Has He Earned The Right To Leave?

It may or may not be common knowledge that both John (principal of and I are UConn graduates, so obviously this was an exciting year for both of us.  I started college in 1986 a month after we acquired Jim Calhoun.  Now Calhoun can be mentioned in the same breath, and counted on the same hand as coaching greats John Wooden, Bob Knight and Coach K with 3 or more national titles (and the commonly overlooked NIT Championship Calhoun Read more

"Cmon Vince" DUI Sentence A Little Harsh?

Vince Neil does not get to complain that getting 15 days in the clink for a DUI is “harsh”, not after killing someone driving drunk back in 1984.

Drunk driving is a mistake many people have made, and hopefully have made without any permanent consequence – but I am always confused why millionaires make that mistake.  Nick Nolte, Paris Hilton, Mel Gibson, and the list goes on.  Most rich people have drivers, and all of them can afford cabs.  Hell, I’d drive Nick Nolte home just for the story, and to ask him about filming 48 Hours and what Eddie Murphy was like on his first film.  But one famous person who can’t make this mistake anymore is Vince Neil, after killing his passenger back in 1984.  No more mulligans with drunk driving for that guy. Read more

RollinSD’s Perfect Storm Party

Get your asses down to the Tilted Kilt on Saturday night and be ready to do a little early St Patrick’s Day Celebrating.  RollinSD’s “Perfect Storm” party takes place next Saturday at The Tilted Kilt downtown starting at 7PM.  Cort McMeel will be present to sign copies of “Short”, drink discounts for Rollin Crew, St. Patrick’s Day observed and the first weekend of March Madness.

When we throw a party, we want to do it right – and we want to give you plenty of reasons Read more

Boob Tubin- Archer of FX

If you’re not watching “Archer” of FX, you’re missing out

Boob Tubin:  RollinSD highly recommends the second season of “Archer” currently airing at 10PM on FX.

Our new favorite wise ass takes over Thursday night Must See TV, and gives us yet another new adult-oriented cartoon to savor.  “Archer”, a completely self-absorbed, sexist wise ass has its laugh out loud moments, but has me smiling throughout the 3o minutes of the program.  Read more

“What? No Real American Heroes?”

With the onslaught of Marvel and DC comic books hitting the big screen, you’d figure American actors would be working overtime saving the day and fighting crime.   In actuality, only the creators of Captain America, have hired locally.

It’s almost like it is being done on purpose.  Our American movies and uniquely American comic books with kick-ass American heroes have been conquered by Australia, Britain, Ireland, Wales – and dammit even Canada.  What’s up with our hometown actors?  Fuckin thespians.  Read more

Warriors come out and play


These are specialty Critical Kemp below the radar recommendations, that may have slipped past the regular theater circuit, or were in limited release – but are must sees for the Rollin crew.

The Warriors

(Avail on DVD)   I’ll go out on a limb and say I doubt any of the movies we review from here on in will have had the social significance of “The Warriors”, which is also why this movie remains a side “B” pick.  This isn’t a side “B” movie because it was in limited release or low on the radar, it’s actually cause many movie channels now refuse to show it.  Many of us will have been too young to have read this first hand in the papers back in ’79, but “The Warriors” did such a solid job, albeit unintentional, of glorifying gang life – that real gang banger activity spiked after this movie in a way that wasn’t seen again until the days of the Rodney King verdicts.  This is one of those rare pieces of artwork that had a direct impact on society at the time.  In the same league as the 1930s “War of the Worlds” radio broadcast by Orson Wells, where everyone thought the alien takeover news reports were legitimate, “The Warriors” movie directly caused an escalation in inner New York City gang fighting, and eventually some people were killed.  In later years, when “Colors” came out (Sean Penn and Robert Duvall) about LA warfare between the Crips and the Bloods, picketers held up signs in front of movie theaters that read: “Remember the Warriors”.  All due respect to the fact that people were hurt, the movie is epic, and deserves to be rediscovered.

The first thing “The Warriors” had going for it from the start was Walter Hill got a shot to direct it.  This guy starts his career writing movies for Steve McQueen, and his first script, “The Getaway” ends up being directed by Sam Peckinpah.  That’s like being baptized in whisky piss and turpentine by the movie gods. 3 years later, after “The Warriors”, Hill goes on to discover Eddy Murphy in “48 Hours”, Eddie’s his first film – so you get the sense this guy Hill knows what he is doin.  Also worthy of mention is that Hill casts James Remar as both Ajax in “Warriors” and as the bad guy Gantz in “48 Hours”. Remar plays wise-ass tough guy real well – he’s one of the few bad guys you enjoy enough to end up even rooting for him. Even cooler about James is the stories he tells in AA about film industry afterparties in the early 80s.  If you’re a 12 stepper, grab a meeting on the west side in Manhattan sometime.  My buddy Diesel said he’s a regular up there and you can catch him almost daily.

But that’s enough behind the scenes.  Watch the link and you be the judge – here’s the premise:  A Coney Island gang goes to the Bronx, where the entire network of city gangs from all 5 burrows converge and are set to unite under one flag.  At the meeting, the leader of Manhattan’s largest gang – The Riffs – is shot and the Warriors are framed for his murder.  The rest of the movie is simple. 15 guys, the surviving Warriors, have to “bop their way back” fighting cops, street freaks and every other gang-banger in New York from the north of the Bronx to the southern end of NYC; Coney Island.  Making the trek even harder is that all the while their movement is tracked and locations reported over the radio by a late-night AM smooth jazz announcer.  All you see of her throughout the movie is a tight shot of her big black-lady lips on the microphone, which is awesome.  If there is a single scene in this movie that isn’t cool or doesn’t make you want to put on your colors and walk through enemy territory, I have yet to find it.  Rollin Approved.

– Critical Kemp

Critical Kemp Sons of Anarchy


More below-the-radar Critical Kemp recommendations for the Rollin crew, for movies or series on DVD that deserve time on your tv screen.

“Sons of Anarchy” (Season 1 – Now avail on DVD)

So this is solid advice for any Rollin member who has some annoying douche that works with your girlfriend or wife – you know the type; you hear that he stops by her office a couple times a week, to “just say hi” or “see how she’s doin”, but we all know what the fucker is up to.  Now it’s okay for you to do this at your work, of course, but if you’ve sniffed out one of those douches buzzing around your old lady, do the following:  First, don’t jerk off for a week.  Brew that no-release angst up almost to boiling point.  That’s the hard part.  Second, drink a fifth of whisky in one sitting, preferably a brand named after a guy from the south.  Next, watch as many episodes of the first season of “Sons of Anarchy” as you need to, the exact point varies a little bit for everybody, but you’ll know when you are ready.  Then, surprise your woman at work at close of business for “surprise dinner”, but most importantly, pretend to run into douche-boy by accident on his way out of the office, and offer to walk him to his car.  By the end of the walk, drive-by douche should have an understanding that you are a powder-keg of testosterone looking to be set off, and will scurry away like a kicked dog.  From that point he’ll do no more than smile nervously at Read more