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Rollin SD’s D Wolf Sat Down With DJ Theron

Thank you DJ Theron for allowing us at RollinSd to take a bit of your time to get to know you a little better! How long have you been a resident in San Diego? And where are you from? I’m honored to get a chance to be a part of your site!  I’ve been living in San Diego for about 13 years; I’m another transplant…From Maui, HI. I love going back home to paradise, but can’t wait to come home to SD…can’t beat the weather, good people and, of course, the beautiful ladies here, hehe.

So what inspired you to become a DJ? Was this always in the cards for you…? I actually didn’t plan on becoming a DJ. I was always into music. Growing up in Maui was unique; we were always a couple of years behind the “mainland”.  I was originally born in Northern CA, but moved to Maui in the 4th grade.  The more I reflect, the more I see how music was and is a big part of my life. I played saxophone for Read more

D Wolf Sat Down With DJ Diamond

It’s all about the HOSTEL GIRL TAKE OVER!!! How are you lady? Thank you so much for allowing Dwolf to interview you… I must say I have questions upon questions for you… So let’s just dig in!!!

You are Crazy beautiful! Long blonde hair, beautiful body and stunning face… What inspired this gorgeous creature to become a DJ? And how long have you been working at it?  Thank you very much for the kind complements!  I got my degree in Sports Medicine and was planning on become an orthopedic surgeon or go into sports therapy, I was in the health and fitness industry at the time and realized that spending the rest of my life in a clinic or hospital setting wouldn’t make me happy. I didn’t want to live my life that way so I thought about what really made me happy. I loved performing, I had grown up on the stage as my fathers assistant (he was a magician) and acted in theater up till college. I loved the stage! I was also a huge house music fan. I was introduced to the scene in Manchester England where I had a job in a health facility for a short time, I would spend my nights at the famed Hacienda nightclub and fell in love with house music. It seemed natural to put the love of Read more