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Chip Franklin Let’s Play War


When I was a kid, little boys played War. Try that today and they’ll have you on a couch quicker than u can open a bottle of Zanex. 

 Remember the toys we played with then? Not so much now. Jarts? Basically life size darts for games of skill and impalement. You’d throw them across the lawn at a target, or a cousin. They’re gone.

And what better to have after a good game of Jarts than a bubble gum cigarette? Just like Uncle Bob. The one with the hole in his throat.

Remember the BB gun? They’re still Read more

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day

By Melissa Michaels

 Valentine’s Day is just a around the corner.   It brings much angst among couples and singles alike.  It’s a huge freakin’ deal for women!  Some of the nervous questions
loom like these: Is he sending a dozen roses to my office?  Is he going to propose?  Is it going to happen tonight?

Men, shall we talk?  MM Gspot to the rescue.  Please don’t screw up this day whatever you do. Follow these top 10 instructions and guarantee you will get some lovin’.

  1. Set the mood for romance: Start the day with sweet everything.  Serve her breakfast in bed or send breakfast to her work with long stem red roses with a sexy note to
    tantalize her mind telling her what you’re going to do to her in bed.

2.  Get her wet: Light some candles and incense.  Cover the bathroom floor with rose pedals.  Fill the bathtub with some bubbles and Read more

Padres Pre-Season Predictions

Yes, it is that time of year….road trip to AZ….the Padres will be lucky to make it to .500….fan base has eroded and many are now Angels fans….Moorad is cheap and a liar….Byrnes has a silly look on his face at all times….Pads did make a nice trade getting 4 triple a strong prospects for Latos….in essence, they are a minor league team with a few major leaguers like Maybin, Quentin, and Headley

State of the Pads:

Starters-Luebke, Stauffer, Mosely, Volquez, and Richard     This group certainly will scare no one but serviceable if all stay healthy-they have 3 strong arms in Kelly, Wieland, Erin, waiting for the call up to Major Leagues.  It is going to be a long year.

Closer-Hudson Street, He is no Heath Bell and a step down from last years Read more

Dave in the City Can’t Make NFL Predictions

As we approach the NFL’s Conference Championships, here’s a look at my top five NFL predictions, made back in August.

1. The Ravens won’t finish anywhere near 10 wins…  Not only did the Ravens finish with 12 wins, but they locked up a first round bye and eliminated the Texans in the Divisional Round last week.  Ray Rice led them there, and the old gang of Lewis, Suggs, and Reed backed him up on defense.  The Ravens have their problems but they certainly weren’t a lottery team.  In fact, they’re meeting the Patriots on Sunday.  More on that later…

2. Cleveland Browns: Surprise Team of the Year  The Browns surprised all right.  They were surprisingly AWFUL!  They’re so bad that they received 4th overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft.  Goodness, gracious. Read more

Football and Thanksgiving

Greetings to you all!   I hope you all are having a wonderful Thanksgiving Week.  We here at are thankful for many things including:



…and some of the time, family.

–In that order.

Today, we look at “Football.”   Football has been tied into the Thanksgiving Holiday as long as there’s been football.  The first Thanksgiving NFL game, or one of them, was played way back in 1934 at Detroit, Michigan.  The Lions lost to the Bears that day 19-16.

Since then, the Lions have been a mainstay of Thanksgiving Football every year since 1944 without fail.  In 1966, the Dallas Cowboys joined the Lions by hosting a Read more

Seven Hot Games to Watch in the NFL This Weekend

The NFL’s Week 10 is going to be a hot one.  Seven scintillating games await us with many playoff implications on the line.  Let’s look at them one by one:

 Thursday… Raiders/Chargers…both teams tied for the AFC West lead.

The Chargers need to get their heads out of their ass and start playing good football.  It’s one thing when Rivers plays with a stick up his rear, but how about the rest of the team playing some defense for once?   SD will host a limited offensive team with the Raiders missing Darren McFadden.  GET IT DONE, Chargers.

 Bills/Cowboys…both teams fighting to make a playoff run

I had a good feeling about the Cowboys, but the game against Seattle was disappointing.  I honestly think the Cowboys are a good team with a good defense.  The ‘boys ought to lock down and beat up Ryan Fitzpatrick.   This is a team that prides itself at rushing the passer and, Dallas should GET IT DONE.

 Saints/Falcons…battle between the top two teams in the NFC South

This is a legitimately good match-up with two teams that are big contenders for the South.  I don’t like either team’s defense and I think Read more