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New I-Phone Application

Cell phones have already come such a long way and I only see them becoming more and more advanced.  Soon, you will not have any need for a  home computer. Your cell phone will just plug into a monitor and key board and boom, you are all set up.    I finally stepped up on Friday and upgraded to the Droid. I have been holding off for as long as I could but finally broke down.  I traded in my phone that was the size of a small microwave and now am with the times.  So, now I am learning about all these new applications for phones and by just having the damn thing for 4 days I can’t believe how I lived without it.  I am now tweeting and following a bunch of people on Titter. I used to rip Twitter and now am a junkie.  Speaking of which, make sure you follow on Twitter HERE. Read more

Dear Hottie On Valentines Day

Rollers, read this and take action. I am a slacker and really can’t do this because my girlfriend  reads this damn site daily and it won’t be a surprise.   This is for all of you who secretly get up in the middle of the night to check the site.  Then erase all your cookies and delete all past sites you went to because if your wife knew you were on RollinSD, she would shoot you.  Thanks to Marty for sending in this question to our own Dear Hottie.  I’m thinking if you do this, you may get  that ever so illusive blow job you have been waiting for? Read more

Dear Hottie

This is our first post of Dear Hottie and I think you will all enjoy this.  This is our version of Dear Abby, but the girl we have answering your questions is a true hottie (anyone know what Dear Abby looks like?).   I met this hottie a few weeks back at lunch and starting talking about the site and featuring her as a hottie.  She didn’t want to be featured but wanted to be a contributor in this manner. Not only is this girl hot, but she also is a real spark plug.  Full of energy and has the perfect attitude. She tells it like is and if you don’t like what she has to say then don’t ask for her opinion.  Her first entry is from a friend of hers telling her a story and asking for her opinion. Read more