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Breaking News- Photo Of Arnolds Schwarzeneggers Love Child

I am not going to say RollinSD is TMZ  because we have a long way to go.  I do want to say we have made major strides in the right direction and this photo goes to prove it.  The Rollin community out there is on top of their game and have been sending me more and more things over the past few weeks. I want to thank all of you for helping make San Diego’s hottest new website. From the looks of the photo is looks like the photo was taken shortly after birth.  Why did it take so long for this story to come out?  How were photo’s like this hidden for so long? Now is there any doubt that this is Arnold Schwarzeneggers love child that his mistress had? Read more

Supply and Demand is alive and well and living in Florida

Hate it.  Love it.  Spend it or profit from it – The fact is that when the supply of a good or service is high in demand with relatively low supply, the cost of that good or service is going to be high.  In this specific case I am referring to the ticket prices to be entertained by billion dollar business entities BOSTON RED SOX and New York Yankees.  Having been to several Red Sox games over the years, and a few games between the clubs, I can state that it is an experience and worth spending a bit more.  But $750 for a Spring Training game where guys wearing triple digit numbers and no names on their jerseys are playing from the 4th inning on???  Read more

Phone Scammers Are "Upping" Their Game

I can’t imagine that, in this day and age, there is anybody still out there falling for phone scams where you find out you have won millions of dollars, or have been selected to help some African prince get his wealth out of the country – all for a small up front fee or your personal information.  It’s such a cliché at this point it’s become an almost comical part of pop culture and you hear references to it in movies and TV shows.  Read more

Cheering? Really?

Unless you are a hermit who has zero access to any form of media, you know about the senseless shootings outside a super market in Arizona last Saturday and were saddened by it.  If you are a hermit, you won’t see this anyway so fuck you.  So – I tuned into the memorial last night as a way to show some kind of respect to the fallen on what should have been a somber occasion.  Read more