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The Manliest Fight Ever

I have seen many fights on TV in my life and this one is bar none the manliest fight I have ever seen. This is non stop action and I kept asking myself is this WWE wrestling?  Not sure how they both were not knocked out sooner.  Ever try swinging like that for a few minutes straight?   Shit I work up a sweat just brushing my teeth..  This is one bad ass fight.  Enjoy this one and make sure you come out to Epic Fighting 18 on May 31st..

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Amazing MMA Kick-Anthony Pettis

I have seen this a few times and still am amazed.  Try to do something like this at home and please make sure you are getting video taped so you can be in the next fail video I post.  Check out Anthony Pettis.  The guy does a running kick and jumps off the cage to get into the air.  I think the guy he was fighting was laughing when he saw him coming at him and then bam, he is down for the count.  How would you have tried to defend this? Read more

There Are So Many Things That Don’t Suck About San Diego

This is by far, one of those things.  How many years have you lived here?  Have you ever chartered a yacht and took it around San Diego Bay for the day?  If not, you have no idea what you are missing.  Epic Fighting,  San Diego’s premier MMA Group, did just that this past weekend.  Luckily, RollinSD was invited to come along and enjoy the day.  Read more

Epic Fighting III

For the more than 1000 fans who witnessed Epic Fighting III at the Four Points Sheraton, you will know what I am talking about.  For those of you who have never been to a live boxing match or MMA, you don’t know what you are missing.  The punishment these fighters go though is unbelievable.  The knees to the thighs, the kidney punches, small head butts, the list goes on……I had goosebumps watching these warriors go toe to toe.  Jason Stewart and Joe Snell put on one hell of a show and the crowd loved it.  Read more

Undertaker and Brock Lesnar Exchange Words

I am not sure what to think of the Undertaker’s interview. He was ring side and look shocked that Lesnar lost the fight, like 99% of us are.  I do love how when Lesnar walks by and gives the Undertaker a  look, he doesn’t back down and then says, you want to do it.  I know wrestling is 100% fake, but this was real. It would have been great to see them go at it right there on TV by the ring.  Not sure what the beef they have is, but obviously there is something between them.  For all you MMA fans, come down to the  Sheraton Four Points, 8110 Aero Drive San Diego, CA 92123  this Friday night to check out San Diego’s own local MMA  EPIC FIGHTING. Read more

Epic Fighting – Ty Holder Interview

My name is Ty Holder, I am 27 years old, stand 5’10” tall and weigh about 205lbs.  I train out of Alliance MMA on the corner of 3rd & Kst in Chula Vista, San Diego and study multiple martial arts such as muy thai, jui jitsu and wrestling.  I believe, to fight in MMA now days, you have to have some  good ground skills, good stand up, and the ability to transition from standing to the ground or vice versa.  I am a strong believer in karma; how you live will come back to you in the end.  Read more