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Beautifully Fit

Ladies and some gentlemen, this is for you.  Men, you may recall the summer of 2011 when this Hottie first graced RollinSD. Remember this?:

Local-Hottie-Holly Dean

She is a celebrity make-up artist, creative director, fitness model and soon to be author.  Ahem, Ms. Dean is also my stylist.  Over the holidays, we had a chance to shop and talk and talk shop about helpful tips for staying beautiful and fit.  Rollers, I thought this would be great to share our conversation with you to begin 2012 by bringing Sexy back.  Pay attention now:

MM: What are the top 3 beauty do’s?

HJD: Well beauty comes in all forms, face, body and style. Most important is your skin.  It is the largest organ on the body and most seem to neglect it.  The skin has 5 main functions: Protection, heat regulation, excretion, absorption and water resistance.  You should always use lotions, moisturizers, eye creams, serums, toners, primers, etc. to help balance and hydrate your skin.  Make sure to use sunscreen for protection from the damaging ultraviolet rays that will also help slow down the aging process (Choose lotions that fit your specific skin types such as Read more