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Surgery Gone Bad


I guess it is a blessing that I have always just been an ugly person. I wake up every day saying shit you are ugly, but I knew this when I went to bed the night before. I guess it could be tough being in the spot light; once being pretty or beautiful and then seeing it disappear and hear people talking about how old you are starting to look Read more

I Bet You Can’t Watch This Video Without Saying Oh, Sh*&

I love the internet for so many reasons. One is I get to run RollinSD and write stupid jokes and post funny videos and not make any money doing it.   The other is because of videos like this.  Without Youtube and the Internet how would we see things like this?  Would there have been a TV show  Americas Worst Crashes? I don’t think so.   This kid is moving a decent speed and then bam it happens. I bet you can’t watch it without saying Oh Shit when he wipes out.  Read more

Who Had The Better Slide?

Everyone has been talking about Heath Bell and his  slide in last nights All-Star game. I will admit it was great how he ran in from Right field full speed and then did a quick slide digging up some turf in the infield. I was reading that he had talked about doing it earlier in the day to a few of the players.  Bruce Bochy stressed in a pre game speech the importance of  home field advantage  and they need to win the game. I guess having a 4 run lead in the 8th was good enough for Heath to show the world that he is the man. He is not as awesome as PB DoucheBag, but still pretty awesome.  So I say thumbs up to Heath, but if you liked Heath Bell’s slide you need to see the second video.  It wasn’t as dramatic,but it was an awesome slide.  Who do you give the edge to? Read more

Beer Goggles?

Everyone has heard the term, beer goggles.   My question to you is, do both men and women wear them?  Some would say yes, but I say no.  Men are always horny and always looking for a piece of action.  As the night goes on and they have a few more drinks, their standards go down.  Is this because of the beer or because the night is coming to a close and their options are decreasing?  I think it is a little of each but ultimately, the beer goggles help him drop his standards more and Read more

Fastest Gun In The West

I was at my father in laws yesterday with the family and the kids asked him if they could see his gun. He went upstairs and brought down his pistol. He make sure the barrel was emptied and let the kids hold the gun.  They were totally freaked out holding it and my wife was more freaked out.  I then pictured this video and how truly talented this guy is.  For anyone who has fired a gun you will appreciate this and for those of you who have not you need to get to the range and fire a pistol.   Look up a firing range in San Diego and get your ass down there and give it a shot.  Read more

Geography Lesson Of The Day

Ever watch the show Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?  I think they need to have one Are You Smarter Than A 3rd Grader.  I am not stupid but I am also not even close to as smart as a 5th grader on the questions they ask. If they ask practical questoins like how many 16 oz beers are in a keg, how can you use a cigaretter lighter or seatbelt buckle to open a beer or how to get Happy Hour prices when it is not Happy Hour yet I would kick some serious ass.   So why am I bringing this up again?  Well I try to be a good dad and help my kids with their homework.  I was helping my oldest the other night with his geography and my head was spinning. I realized I don’t think I could name all 50 states.  Wait are there 50 or 51 states?   So we are working  on a map of the Middle East and I am seriosly lost and am of no help to him.  So Brad sends me this map of the Middle East and Iraq and it totally helped me out.  So if you have a son in 6th grade show him this map below and he will think Read more

Who Shot JFK?

I had posted this a while back but was at lunch today and someone was talking about JFK’s shooting so I decided to re-post this. Check out the video and let us know what you think.  Again RollinSD is stepping it up a notch. We are not  just bringing you bathroom humor or smokin hotties, but giving you news that you can use.  We are now filling you in on something that has been debated about for years.  This video will explain why the limousine slowed down during the shooting.  Lyndon Johnson said on TV the day after the John F Kennedy was assassinated that the world would never know all the facts surrounding Kennedy’s killing for 75 years  and until the complete file of information would be released.  I ask who was the Read more

People Busted With Rollin’ Gear

Now you never know who you will run into at Vons and what they are picking up.  Check out Athena wearing her RollinSD tank.   Looking good girl.  If you want to see more of this hottie you need to get your ass down to Club Expose.  She works most days and if you think she looks good in the tank wait til you see her take it off.   Expose has just gone through a full renovation and it is almost complete.  Just wait til the Cigar and Huka bar open in a few weeks.  So when you are out and about get a photo of you wearing the gear and you never know, you might get on the website. Make sure you buy your gear today. RollinSD Gear Here.  Look for the limited edition RollinSD OTL shirts and hats to be up this week.

Read more

Whole Foods Parking Lot

My boy CP sent this one in knowing my love for Whole Foods.  I go to Whole Foods once or twice a week for a healthy lunch and this video song nails the place. The spots are tiny and people take their sweet ass time getting in and out of their cars.  I have sat there for 5 minutes watching some fat shit unpack their tiny shopping cart and they keep looking at me and start going slower and slower.  Parking at Whole Foods is always an adventure on its own.So you finally park your car and then you need to make it by the people out front with their clip boards trying to get you to sign some petition.  Every once and a while you find a hottie out front with giant melons Read more

Sickest Gymnastics Video Ever

I dated a gymnast in high school and I didn’t realize how lucky I was until after we stopped dating. I thought all girls could do things like she could.  Well to my surprise there are few and far between. Well even as good as Bonny was, she has nothing on this girl. I can’t even try to comprehend how this girl does what she does. If I bend over too fast to tie my shoe or I don’t  brace myself when  I sneeze, I throw my back out.   So watch this video and be prepared to be very impressed. If any of you young kids our there are reading this and are dating a gymnast remember that your girl can do things that 99.9% of the rest of your girlfriends will be able to do. Don’t let her go. Read more

Real or Fake Edition #5

This one is a bit different from the other real or fakes I have posted on the site in the past. The ones in the past are more video editing than anything else. I am not to sure on this one. Thinking it could be real but also saying no it isn’t because of the camera angle and then there is the reason of why didn’t the candles light his fart on fire.  I know 90% of the guys reading this have tried to light a fart on fire before to see if they can get the blue flame. I have done it before and all I say to anyone that has not tried it. If you decide to make sure you have underwear on. Otherwise you are going to burn your ass.  Let’s just say it happened to a friend of mine.  So what do you think of this?  Real or Fake? Read more

Fan of Mascots?

I have never been a fan of Mascots.  They remind me of clowns and actually freak me out a little bit.  The baseball mascots are stupid but do entertain the crowd. I will tip my hat to the San Diego Chicken from years past.  He was legit and a rebel amongst mascots.  In this day and age I am thinking the mascot needs to go away. Well, I thought this until I saw this video.  Bango is sick, watch this stunt!  He makes the dunk and I still have no clue how he doesn’t break his neck when he falls.  This guy must be all jacked up on Vicodin and Oxy or something.  Either way, he is the man. I sleep on my side wrong and I can’t walk for days. Read more

Who Do You Want To Have Your Back?

What would Spring Break be without a bunch of drunks flexing their muscles and getting into fights?  Here are two classic SB fighters, both completely different. 

#1  The Silent Assasin:  He doesn’t say shit and takes on all.  SA takes guys down with one punch, goes to the next, takes him down then goes back and kicks the first guy.  Read more