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Meet Natalia Xene- Smokin’ Hot

OK, we had to head up the coast a bit to find this next Hottie.   Not only is she hot but she is a total spark plug and we will definitely be calling on her to be at our next party or tailgate.  Make sure when you see her in a club dancing you tell her you saw her feature on RollinSD.  You never know maybe she will give you a some special attention.

Where are you from?  How long have you been where you been in Orange County? Born and raised in New Jersey I’m an East coast girl who moved out west.  I’ve been residing in Orange County California for the past few years.

Tell me about what you do.   I currently dance at the Yost Theater for Havoc Thursdays and Sutra .  These are the go-to clubs in Orange County that host well-known international DJ’s and have the hottest gogo dancers in the OC. 

How would the RollinSD fans find out more about you and when you are working?  Easy they can go to my website  NataliaXene and also follow me on Read more

Rollin Hottie Sarah Anne

Here is another smokin’ hottie to get you through your Wednesday.  Not only is Sarah a real treat to look at but she is also a real spark plug. I would love to go out with her and her friends for a night and am just not sure if I could keep up.  Rollers meet Sarah Anne

Where do you live, where are you from & How long have you been there? I’m from Oceanside, I currently live in San Marcos while attending Cal State.  There are some real lucky students walking around Cal State right now and I am sure they are loving you on campus.

Tell me about your job/work as a Model/Dancer: I’m a CLUB & FESTIVAL DANCER, MODEL, PROMO GIRL, RING GIRL & FIRE PERFORMER. I work at events throughout Southern California as Read more

Rollin’ Hottie China-Kat

With the start of a the New Year RollinSD has alligned themselves with one of Souther California’s premier talent agencies  Jag Agency.  We are going to start featruing one of their many talents on a weekly basis. We will be featuring hotties, DJ’s  and musicians. This is going to be an awesome year and just strap on your seatbelt and be prepared for a fun ride.  Rollers Meet China-Kat.

Where are you from and how long have you been where you live now? I am originally Born and raised in Santa Barbara have never changed schools or moved houses everything has been pretty mellow so i decided to move to Hollywood and get some action.

Tell me about your job/work. I am a professional Model and dancer. Currently working with JAG-AGENCY. I have Modeled for various companies such as Couture Candy, Knotty Girl Designs,  Hard Handy, Happy Endingz Bikinis, Bunny Jackson Couture and many freelance photographers. I have been the resident GoGo at Tonic Read more