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Thirsty Thursday Song Of The Day By Janeiro

Thirsty Thursday with Janeiro- The weekend starts today!!! I chose KANYE WEST & JAY-Z to start us off this weekend, the WATCH THE THRONE album has had some many bangers on it, and especially this one.  HAM is the name of this song. This weekend I will be going HAM…as usual!! Look for me this tonight downtown at VOYUER with my boy CHARLES LEE, we will be doing a shoot with SHARLA KNIGHT!! Come party all night with us, Mention, and I will introduce you to SHARLA, and buy you a drink!! Requests come to
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Wayback Wednesday Song Of The Day By Janeiro

Wayback Wednesday With Janeiro- Today I chose MOTLEY CRUE’S classic party song GIRLS, GILRS, GIRLS! This song is from 1987..the era of true hair bands! This is a real blast from the past, happy hump day guys, hope this classic track gets you through the rest of your week! We all know that JANEIRO loves GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS!!!! SHOUT out to NICK for the song request! Look for me tonight at EFFINS pub, as always, come out and party with me, mention the world’s best website, and I’ll buy you a drink!! Song requests come to


Janeiro’s Fresh Friday Song Of The Day

Fresh Friday-The way I want us to finish up our work week is thinking about MONEY!! This song is a remix, but it completely out does the original. This song is a request from a loyal fan, Cam, this goes out to you playboy!! Have a great weekend guys, I will catch you Monday with the more of the songs that you guys want to hear..As always you know how to reach me for song requests



Fired Up Friday With Janeiro

This week I decided to mix it up a little bit, and put a classic party jam for my Friday choice for song of the day…This is the way to start your weekend off. We will be partying like rock stars tonight! Come down and say hi to some of San Diego’s hottest girls, and guys…The party starts at 9, and goes until 2am. Join Justin Sampas, Delilah Wolf, Parris Harris,, and yours truly Janeiro for an amazing night! Come say hello, mention RollinSd, and get a shot from me… This is how we do it…See you guys Monday, Send me your song requests to!


Way Back Wednesday with Janeiro

Way back Wednesday- This week I had to do a tribute to one of the most amazing voices of all time, Miss Whitney Houston. This song reminds me of being an innocent kid, when all that mattered was playing outside. My mother, sister and I used to listen to Whitney while going on road trips, chillin at the house, and when she used to drop us off at school. You are gone, but will never be forgotten…R.I.P. Send me your song requests to, and I will get them put on.

Rollers Welcome Eleve- One Of San Diego’s Hottest Groups

I had the opportunity to sit down with San Diego’s hottest, and most talented group of young ladies, a group called Eleve ( which means rise ), and when you hear the sound these ladies bring to the table, you will do just that!!! I sat down with these ladies after a photo shoot and interview with Rockstar Magazine…The life of these Rockstar ladies is non-stop!!

I would like to ask you ladies to introduce yourselves to the readers of, first name, and what part of San Diego are you from?   Cheyanne, ( Otay ), Sierra ( Mission Valley ), Stephany ( El Cajon ), Amy (Chula Vista ), Alex ( from the Bay ), and Jennavie ( Chula Vista )

How pumped are you to be performing at Mardi Gras this year?  We have never performed on such a large stage before, and are super excited to show our home city what we can do!!

 What is your favorite song to perform? We love performing “Enjoy the Ride”, and “I don’t care”…They showcase our ranges, and we love to show off for Read more

Fresh Friday Song Of The Day From Janeiro

The freshest song out right now comes from an OG to the rap game, and h is protégé. Snoop and Wiz Khalifa! Young, Wild, and Free is an awesome ode to drinking, smoking, and havin’ a good ass time. This track is getting insane amounts of exposure and if you have not heard this where the hell have you been hiding.  Get your ass out more and enjoy life.  Have a great weekend guys and girls and be sure to check me out at the VIP Fashion 2012 a the Four Points Sheraton.   This show is gonna be off the hook. Until Monday Peace out  ~Janeiro@RollinSD>com


Thirsty Thursday Song of the Day

HappyThirsty Thursdays- This song/video will help you get the weekend started.

Thirsty Thursday- Usher’s mega hit “Yeah” is just what you need to hear when you are on your way to get your weekend started. I used to listen to this track on repeat, on my way to get my crew to head out to our  favorite night spots.  Enjoy this video Rollers. Read more

Terrible Tuesday’s Song Of The Day

Terrible Tuesdays- These are the songs that you have heard throughout the years that you think to yourself “How the hell did this shit get on the radio”

Terrible Tuesday- Lou Bega’s 90’s “HIT” song “Mambo #5” is by far one of the most popular songs ever, but no one really knows why…it talks about absolutely nothing. This is this week’s terrible pick, try to watch the whole video.  ~Janeiro Read more

Rollers Welcome Janeiro Our Newest Contributor

I would like to introduce you all to Janeiro RollinSD’s newest contributor.  He is going to be giving you a daily dose of music for you to start your day with.  Here is how it will go.

Mellow Mondays-These are for those of us who have had a wild ass weekend. It’ll ease you back into your work week with something smooth.

Terrible Tuesdays- These are the songs that you have heard throughout the years that you think to yourself “How the hell did this shit get on the radio”

Way back Wednesdays- These are the songs that take you back in the day…way back in the day

Thirsty Thursdays- These will be the songs that get your weekend started

Fresh Fridays- These songs will be the hottest songs out right now.

If you think you have a song you that you feel should be part of Read more