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Kevin McDonald’s Shot Of The Day On Marston Hefner Being Arrested

There are days when you take a shot and they just seem to taste better and have more of an effect than others.  For example we do Jager Bombs before our Sunday softball games at 8:30 each weekend.  Well this weekend after making a few too many I poured Guinness into the glass and then the Jager.   Well I might have just come up with a new shot called the RollinSD Bomb.   Really takes the bite away from the Jager and has a nice smooth finish.  Well watch Kevin McDonald’s shot of the day and this is not real nice. He tells it like it is and has great kick at the end.  Kevin nails this one and hit it out of the park.  I think my two favorite lines of 2012 are in this video. 1. Hugh Hefner the Costco of Pussy 2.  the Baskin Robbins of cooter, 31 flavors whatever you want.   What are your favorite lines?  Read more

RollinSD’s Daily Shot Of The Day by Kevin McDonald

I have been talking to Kevin for a few weeks now and think we are almost ready to get him as a contributor on  We are talking about a Daily Shot or a Weekly Shot.  Kevin is brilliant and has a certain sense or humor and whitt that the readers of this site are going to love.  Here is a sample of what I hope to have on the site in weeks to come.  Kevin McDonald’s shot of the day on Tom Brady’s wife, supermodel Gisel Bundchen blames Patriots receivers for Super Bowl loss.   Rollers enjoy your shot and let me know what you think by posting comments below. Read more