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Did you fake it? Why women really fake an orgasm.

According to a new study done at Temple University, about 60 percent of women have faked it at some point. An orgasm that is. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t one of them. I fake it often.

The question is why?   Why are women pretending to get off if we’re not? Originally, researchers believed it was to stroke the male ego, but this study found that our reasons for faking have more to do with us. Most women surveyed faked it to mask a fear of intimacy, to get sex over with, or to increase their own sexual satisfaction.

All of the above for me. I’ve faked it for every reason in the book. Because I’ve felt too vulnerable to have an orgasm, because I was uncomfortable with a particular partner, because I had gas and didn’t feel like announcing it, because I was being poke in an uncomfortable way, because I couldn’t stop thinking about work, because the sex was bad and I didn’t care to try to make it better, because I couldn’t focus on myself as much as when I masturbate, because Read more

Do Men Really Think About Sex All Day?

This weeks post is for the female population that has gotten sucked into the ridiculousness of this site. :-)  About 90% of what we see here is geared towards men. I personally think a change is due.  Picture it – local hottie for WOMEN.   I like the idea already.  I may have to talk to TMTMTL about this idea.  Anyway….speaking of men, I’ve always thought guys were more likely than ladies to think about sex all day. After all, don’t we have better, more cerebral things to think about?

Now it turns out that the old belief — that men think about sex all of the time – may not be true. A new study reveals that men Read more

Lady Loose Lips Speaks

Lady Loose Lips is back and I’m pissed off.   I recently heard a report of a former Miss Something or Other that was “molested” by a female TSA agent.  This woman was so distraught by her so called attack, but she had enough sense to turn on her flip camera to record the details after her horrific experience. I am so tired of hearing people complain about being “violated” by the TSA while traveling.  Here’s what I have to say to those people; SHUT THE HELL UP.  I for one would rather be felt up than blown up.  And, if you’re really that sensitive about it – take a train, or a bus, or hell… walk for all I care. Read more