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I Bet You Can’t Watch This Video Without Saying Oh, Sh*&

I love the internet for so many reasons. One is I get to run RollinSD and write stupid jokes and post funny videos and not make any money doing it.   The other is because of videos like this.  Without Youtube and the Internet how would we see things like this?  Would there have been a TV show  Americas Worst Crashes? I don’t think so.   This kid is moving a decent speed and then bam it happens. I bet you can’t watch it without saying Oh Shit when he wipes out.  Read more

Too Many Classic Bloopers

Video’s like this make me feel real lucky. I have done many stupid things  in the past and still continue to do them and luckily none have been caught on tape.  Knock on wood.  If someone were to take a video camera to one of my softball games I am sure they could fill a 10 min highlight reel in just a few games.  There are so many great moments in this video. I don’t know what my favorite is, but I love compilations like this.  Some of these people look they could have been seriously hurt.  This is just one to kick back and relax to.  Read more

Who Is The Biggest Idiot?

Watch this video and let me know who you think is the biggest idiot.   Some of these actually have me grabbing my balls and saying “oh shit”  I can understand a few of these but the first guy is a complete idiot. The second one is painful to watch and #3 and #4 will have you clutching your balls.  Email me the order in which you rank the idiots.  The first person to match my order will get their choice of a RollinSD shirt.  What one do you want?  Rollin Gear I just grabbed my boys again to make sure they were still in one piece.  The skateboarding one had to really hurt. Read more

You Know This Video Will End In A Bad Way

With some things you just know exactly how they are going to end. This video is no different.  I am watching this kid waiting for him to fall and hurt himself. Thinking to myself this kid is an idiot but he is going to put a smile on my face when he falls. I sometimes get a kick out of other peoples idiot ideas and moves.  Well I didn’t think what happened would happen.  This one made me grab my package and say “Ohhh, Shit”. Read more

The Wheel Of Fail

Remember, just because something seems like a good idea, doesn’t mean it is.  If you have to think about it for more than 10 seconds it most likely is stupid idea and should not do whatever it is you are thinking about.  Years ago, nobody would have known about your stupid idea.  Now, with cell phones that can pick up a raccoon on the moon, Youtube and the internet, you so much as shart when walking down the street, everyone in your office will know about it by noon time.  Even with me saying this Read more

I Hate Splinters

Everyone has some memory of getting a splinter in their foot or finger as a kid.  You remember it being huge and painful and your  mother or father holding you down to try and pry this bad boy out with a pair of tweezers. Then, after 10 minutes of you screaming and squirming, your parent finally pulls out this two by four that was causing you so much pain.  You look over to see what caused all of this and can’t believe your eyes.  What the hell?  This thing, that is  half the size of a grain of rice, caused all the pain and suffering?  Read more

All New 2010 November Fails

I can’t get enough of these. Thanks to whoever it is out there putting them together.  All of us take you for granted. From me to to you, “Thank You” from the whole internet community.  You will have to watch some of these twice. Not sure what is my favorite, but this will be kept in my favorites for a while. I just showed my kids this and they couldn’t stop laughing and then making faces.  My oldest just said, Read more

Love These Guys Protecting Us

This video is graphic and not for everyone.  I think these US Snipers are using a 50 cal riffle and are just some bad ass mo-fo’s. I am watching this and still can’t see the people that are getting killed.  I need to find out how far away these snipers are.  Anyone out there able to help me out with their distance?  These guys are thinking they are all sneaky and hidden.  Read more

Dance Move Fail

I can’t get enough of watching stupid people video tape themselves.  Make sure you have your volume up on this one. Not to hear the stupid song, but to hear the crash.  I get people like to dance and video tape themselves, but why not go in a different room?  Do you need to cram into a small room and try a move between beds?  At least he puts his cigarette down before Read more

This is What Video Cameras Were Made For

There are some inventions that seem much more important and relevant than they really are.  How many of you have used your video camera to tape an event and the never go back to look at it?  My wife just put all our old videos onto CD’s and both a new video camera to take videos of who knows what.  Every time I try to watch them it is my kid running on the soccer field for 5 seconds and then it stops and goes to a different shot.  After 2 minutes, I need to go take a Dramamine.  Read more