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Greatest Punter Tackles Ever?

Being a punter in football is really not a glamorous position.  You get to go out on the field a few times a game and kick the ball.  Every once and a while, you really let one go and you get props from your team.  Other times, you shank one like the Jets kicker did on Monday night and you are the goat.  Check out this first video of Jason Baker of the Carolina Panthers tackle of Leon Washington.  Washington raises his finger a bit early, as he thought he had the touchdown.  Baker says oh not so soon my friend and dives and just slaps his right foot.  Read more

Buying vs Renting

I work in the real estate industry and often have clients asking what the benefit is of buying over renting.  In this market there are many advantages.  Rates are way down and you can lock into a great 30 yr fixed right now.  Prices are as low as we have seen them and a house you buy for $400,000 today would have cost you $650,000-$750,000 4 years ago. Read more

Too Many Classic Bloopers

Video’s like this make me feel real lucky. I have done many stupid things  in the past and still continue to do them and luckily none have been caught on tape.  Knock on wood.  If someone were to take a video camera to one of my softball games I am sure they could fill a 10 min highlight reel in just a few games.  There are so many great moments in this video. I don’t know what my favorite is, but I love compilations like this.  Some of these people look they could have been seriously hurt.  This is just one to kick back and relax to.  Read more

A Must Watch For All Sports Fans

As I kid, I liked Americas Funniest Videos but as an adult, I want to be the host. The guy even annoys my two sons who are only 8 and 11.  The guy is so dry and really isn’t that funny. Half the stuff they show looks like it is made up.  The audience, that looks like they bus in from Arkansas and Mississippi, seem like they are half asleep until they see the applause sign (which they probably have to be told what it reads) and then get the electric shock from the back of their seats.  Here are some real bloopers that are not staged and some are amazing. The guy on the jet ski could be the luckiest guy on the planet.  Read more

This Kid Is Sick- Basketball Phenom

Everyone is talking about Jeremy Lin and the NY Knicks. Just wait til this kid get to the pros.  Forget about it. I have three kids and think they are decent atheletes, but nothing like this kid.  Do you think this kid will be playing for Duke or UConn in a few years?   The problem with basketball over the past few years is,  kids have only been interested in the slam dunk and gotten away from being able to shoot the ball and dribble.  Watch this kid Jordan- coincidence his first name is the same as the best basketball player to lace up a pair of sneakers last name?  Check him out jumping rope?  Are you kidding me? I jump rope like King Kong and this kid has me in total awe. 

Read more

Great Video- Ever Wonder If This Could Ever Happen?

I know I am not the brightest person out there. I have the attention span of a 2 year old on Red Bull and have a very odd sense of humor. I often argue things just to argue and often convince the people I am arguing with that I am right even though I have not clue what I am saying. I think they just agree with me just to shut me up.  Gigi do you agree?   Watch this video. I will say that her tits do look real but them am thinking that the World Chart on Breast Sizes said that Asians average breast size is an A cup.  These are FFFF’s or something like that. Read more

What Lamborghini Racing Video Is Hotter?

Both feature a Lamborghini,  hot large breasted women and both video’s are shot on regular streets and highways. You can see the businesses and cars being passed during the video. It make take you 4 or 5 times of watching the video to actually notice these things.   Gisele is being coached real well and does keep moving her seat belt and hair for us to enjoy her perfect cleavage, but there could be more movement and cleavage. Next time she needs to get one of the new RollinSD tank tops and a RollinlSD hat to keep her hair out of the way..   In the second video,  same hot car and Jenni is smokin’ hot and has perfect large breasts.  I think I am leaning towards Read more

Streaker Fail-Funniest Video of 2011 To Date

I get literally hundreds of emails daily with video, photo’s, power points and jokes and this one is the best to date in 2011.  This is what I want the local folk in San Diego to be video taping and sending me to put on RollinSD. I have come up with a few ideas for video and will be working on them with our crew soon so be sure to look out for the Rollin Originals.   Now this is totally suitable for work and even OK to show your kids.  I am still laughing when typing this right now. If you don’t forward this post to everyone in your address book and tell them have to watch this please send me an email and tell me to take you off any mailing list we have.  This video is priceless.  Read more

Is 50 Cent A Genius?

OK, Rappers get a bad rap for being idiots and not knowing shit. I am saying 50 Cent or someone that works for him is a genius with the creation of his Down On Me video.   Everyone has seen the video of the fat kid signing the Numa Numa song.  I don’t really know if the song was popular before this kid made his video or the kid made the song popular.  You know the  fat kid sitting in front of his computer and singing a song and making funny faces and dancing in his chair.  The video was an internet hit and I think it really started the whole viral internet video concept. Read more

Bigfoot Spotted In North Carolina

I wish I could make this shit up.   I am starting to think living in San Diego is a boring.  Why the hell was this guy and his chick heading to the cemetery to take videos?  What were they going to video tape?  I am going to start looking at the North Carolina News sites more often and start posting what I find.  This could get real fun Rollers. They have some interesting shit to report down there.  Thanks to Nikki Sixx for tweeting this story out this morning.  Check out the video of Bigfoot and then read the article below.  Again, I wish I could make stuff up like this and why didn’t the guy get a video of Bigfoot’s junk? Read more

Reason #2 US Commercials Suck

So you are probably watching this one thinking, ‘I should know where this one is going,  I should be able to figure it out’.  As it keeps going ,you get more intrigued because you can’t figure it out. (you know you get all gagged when you saw the guy brushing his tongue). I had toothpaste on my god damn tongue this morning and started dry heaving.  My wife was brushing her tongue and gags and then I start gagging and run to the toilet.  I have no idea how the guy did that for the commercial, he is a true stud.   The US needs to allow commercials like this on the air and let the American people enjoy Read more

I Love The Dos Equis Man

I talk a lot about advertising in my posts. I didn’t go to school for it or anything like that, but am somewhat infatuated with it. I actually like to watch commercials and rip them apart if they suck and prop them if they are good.  There are way too many bad commercials out there and not enough good ones.   One of the best campaigns I have seen/heard in the past few years, is the Dos Equis ads and they are very effective. I have many times found myself in the beer isle of Vons day dreaming about what it would be like if I could take all the beer home. Read more

Geography Lesson Of The Day

Ever watch the show Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?  I think they need to have one Are You Smarter Than A 3rd Grader.  I am not stupid but I am also not even close to as smart as a 5th grader on the questions they ask. If they ask practical questoins like how many 16 oz beers are in a keg, how can you use a cigaretter lighter or seatbelt buckle to open a beer or how to get Happy Hour prices when it is not Happy Hour yet I would kick some serious ass.   So why am I bringing this up again?  Well I try to be a good dad and help my kids with their homework.  I was helping my oldest the other night with his geography and my head was spinning. I realized I don’t think I could name all 50 states.  Wait are there 50 or 51 states?   So we are working  on a map of the Middle East and I am seriosly lost and am of no help to him.  So Brad sends me this map of the Middle East and Iraq and it totally helped me out.  So if you have a son in 6th grade show him this map below and he will think Read more

Men Watch This And Memorize What This Guy Says

I am going to spend the next few days trying to memorize what this guy says.. What a perfect turn around and also what a nice rack on this chick.   I am now regretting smoking so much in college as I am going to need a few of those brain cells to be able to pull this off.  This video is pure poetry.

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