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This Had To Hurt

I have seen many fake things on the internet but I am 99% this is real.  Not sure what the hell they are saying;  the person who sent it to me said it was in Russian.  Either way, we all laugh the same and they obviously think this is funny as shit.  I don’t know what sets the air bag off but this guy gets blasted and it made me wonder, how the hell do you not hurt yourself when an airbag pops open in your face? Read more

Real Or Fake- I Don’t Know

Most of the Real of Fakes I post on the site I have an opinion about and am 95% confident I am correct.  On this one I am going to say Real, but am just guessing.  The whole set up at the beginning, the shaking hand, the the following her out of the house and it being blurry and shaky and then the car hitting her seems legit as does the blood.. The one thing that throws me off is the driver.   He seems too staged. Read more

Do You Like To Swim In The Ocean?

I am the first to admit it. I am a pussy when it comes to cold water.  I moved out here from Boston and tried the whole surfing thing here in San Diego.  After two weeks of looking like an idiot, getting bitten by a sting ray and just freezing my ass off I decided to give it up. The looking like an idiot part of it was not what caused me to give it up. Hell I look like an idiot 6 1/2 days a week and that doesn’t stop me from leaving the house.  It is the cold water but also,  the thought of all the critters below that could be nibbling on my feet.  Always thinking that there could be a shark lurking in the waters below and ready to have me as his next meal.  Well, now I am not only not going in the ocean swimming but I am not going to walk along the shore line unless I bring a fat friend and have him between me and the water.  Read more

How Real Men Shoot Skeet

Again, ladies watch this and learn. Men are just simple creatures. I have had this video sitting in my archives for months now and the email is making its way around again. Obviously the video is fake as there is no way a tank could hit something like this, but it really looks like they are shooting a giant skeet into the air.  Either way men still watch it and say cool. Read more

Real or Fake of the Week.

I get a ton of these sent me me by readers.   I try to figure out if they are real or fake before posting them on the site or sending them to my group of friends.  This one I am not sure about. It starts off kind of slow, but I am entertained by the guy and had a similar experience with electronics this past weekend. I was dropping my son off at a bday party and came home and my wife said the TV is broken and she hates the TV.  I said I just left 5 minutes ago and it was working. Read more

Real or Fake of the Week

The internet has come up with a ton of them and I have featured many on the site and some…..I still don’t know if they are real or fake.  I received this a few weeks back and didn’t post it because I really didn’t think it was worthy.  I have received it 4 more times since then, so I am putting it up on the site; another real or fake video for you.  I would like to think this is real and some drunk from Arkansas is really running around his farm, bailing hay, decided to get naked, Read more