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Don’t Drink and Drive

Here is a video that will make you think a bit.  Friends actually took some real time to try to teach their friend a lesson. He has had 5 DUI’s and they are trying to prevent him from getting his 6th or ever worse killing himself of others.  This makes light of the whole situation but gets the point across.  This could happen to anyone and you need to be careful.  Better yet call a cab.

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Fisherman Spots Great White Shark Off Coast Of La Jolla

Surfers beware.  This little fella was spotted just two miles off the shore of Wind and Sea.  If I was this kid I would have shit my pants and not been video taping.  When the great white shark bumps the boat and then does the u-turn and started following the boat all I could think about was Jaws. If I was a surfer I would not go near the water with a 14 foot Great White Shark being spotted just 2 miles off the coast.   I love the shark expert saying this is really exciting that so many Great White sharks are being spotted off the coast of San Diego.  I don’t think if you asked any of the local surfers what they think that any would say it is exciting.   Please be careful out there and get the word out.

Watch the video here:  Great White Shark Spotted Off La Jolla Coast


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A Simple Battery Test To See If Your Battery Is Still Good

I know this is not the typical post, but I thought this was very useful and wanted to pass it on.  If you are like me you get sick and tired of trying to figure out if the batteries you have in the fridge or closet are good or bad.  Put a new one in to find out is is only good for a few hours?  Well this simple test should help you relieve a bit of that anger in the future.   I have tried it with 15 batteries and it has worked for all.     Don’t worry this will not be my typical post on the site and will get back to delivering funny jokes, funny videos and of course hotties.  Here is your RSA  “Rollin Service Announcement”.

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Awareness At Our Scripps Ranch Parks

Have you seen this man?

I know people give me shit about, but we are really a community site that is just a bit on the edge.   Please read below and forward to friends and anyone in the area.  I agree with the below about calling 911 right away, but also would like someone to call me just before calling 911. I just came back from Vegas and picked up a shit load of fireworks.  I would like nothing more than to find this guy at one of the parks and stick 2-3 M-80’s up his ass and then stand 10 feet away and shoot 3-4 roman candles at his crotch.  Then when the police get there I will explain that I just arrived and this guy seemed to be playing with illegal fireworks and had an accident.  I will also mention the below to the police.

For those who may not have heard there have been reports of suspicious activity in and around the Scripps Ranch community parks particularly the Dingeman area. Please click on the link below for a picture and description of a man who exposed himself at Dingeman recently.  His identification has been confirmed (Thomas Michael Benhoff) and the police have Read more

February 15th RSA- A Day Late

Again, RollinSD is not just San Diego’s hottest website because of all the hotties, funny jokes in the Mornin’ Coffee, the great sports insight or because you can come to one place for all your information.  We look out for our readers.  From time to time, we post an RSA (Rollin’ Service Announcement).  This it to help keep our readers informed of very important information that can help them.  Read more

The Orgasmic French Kiss

I was forwarded an article from a woman reader and she said that the men reading this site need to read this and that there are some great tips here. I really am not one to comment on this because I have been married for so long I don’t really remember what a French Kiss is. I mean I have seen people do it in the the movies but it makes me feel uncomfortable.  So I am not going to dissect this one and am going to let good old Iceberg handle this.  This will be your RSA (Rollin’ Service Announcement) for the week.

Iceberg here.  I actually like this topic. I have been married and am now divorced and still hang with my ex-wife from time to time and also have a semi serious girl friend. Read more

RSA-Staring At Breasts Increases Heart Health

I have seen the emails for years now and didn’t know if it was true or not. Leave it to a Boston station to report on this.  I have always thought that at 44 yrs old I am pretty healthy. I drink more than most and eat like shit but still feel like I am in better shape than most. I went out for a late lunch today and ended up at the Silver Fox from 3 to 7  and came home feeling no pain..  Had some dinner and am still on the computer. I will be up at 5 am tomorrow to work out and is that why I am in good shape?   I don’t think so. I stare a womens chest all the time. I can’t help it. I really need to wear sunglasses all the time so I can just stare at her tits non stop. I need to show my wife this video so when I walk by her showering she won’t cover up her perfect tits on me. Read more

Rollin’ For A Cure

The RollinSD crew got up at the crack of 9 am with the help from the time change and made our way to Balboa Park to check out the Susan G Komen Race for a Cure. There were plenty of boobs and a strong effort to make sure they were healthy.

The event covered about three football fields and there was a huge turn out of participants. Many different types of people were there for a lot of different reasons but everyone was there to help support the breasts of the world. The cause supported healthy people and positive living choices and that is what RollinSD is all about so we Read more

These Messages Must Stop

Rollers welcome back Amanda Jo.  She went MIA on us for a bit but is back with some real legit advice.  So read this an learn guys.

Half of my heart breaks for guys like these, but then the other half rolls it’s eyes and says get a clue pal! World, meet Lance Martin. A random, but real important “publicist” from Hollywood. Apparently these days guys think Facebook is a female delivery service?

I know guys rely heavily on the “spaghetti theory” when it comes to crap like this, (Email 25 girls, and a few have gotta bite!) However, I am overrrr generic party Read more

Everything You Wanted To Know About Your Penis

Everything you wanted to know, but were too afraid to ask – About Your Penis. From a woman, no less.

  1. There are two types of penises (peni?). One kind expands and lengthens when becoming erect (a grower).  The other appears big most of the time, but doesn’t get much bigger after achieving erection (a shower).
  2. Smoking can shorten your penis by as much as ONE FULL centimeter (get out your rulers).  Erections are all about good blood flow, and lighting up calcifies blood vessels, stifling erectile circulation.  So even if you don’t care all that much about your lungs or dying young, spare the ‘lil guy.
  3. No brain is necessary for ejaculation. This is a good thing for most of you.  That order comes from the spinal cord.  Read more

Mother’s Day Advice

Greetings Rollers!  I’m excited to be contributing my first post to RollinSD!  Don’t let my name fool you.  Lady Loose Lips does not mean I have a loose vagina.  It simply means I have no filter when I speak, and usually say what I think.  I hail from a long line of sarcastic women who love to tell others what to do.  I’m here for you.  I’ve seen and done it all and have an intense wealth of knowledge on many subjects.  Send me your questions and I’ll help you out of whatever bind you got yourself into.  No questions?  No worries. I have a plethora of opinions to share with you.  If you don’t like what I have to say, that’s fine.  But if I wanted your opinion, I’d give it to you.

Today’s advice is for Mother’s Day.   For some of us, we owe the utmost gratitude to our mothers.  Without mom, we may have gone hungry, never made it to school on time, or learned how to tie our shoes.   Mothers go out of their way 365 days a year to make sure their families are taken care of.  Yet, there is only one measly day out of the entire year devoted entirely to Moms.  Read more

Test To Determine If You Are An Alcoholic

I have often wondered if there is a simple test to determine if you are an alcoholic.  Maybe something as simple as answer these 10 questions and get the results back. Or, maybe have you walk through the beer aisle at Vons and see how long you can stand there before you have to grab a beer or you start sweating. I know I when I walk through the beer aisle all I say to myself  is, “look at all those choices, should I buy a 6-pack of each?  What if the beer companies go on strike? Should I stock up and fill the garage just in case?”  Well, now I feel better knowing that Read more

Steak and Knobber Day, the Valentine’s Day for Men

This post is from Gigi one our our female contributors. I didn’t know this was an official holiday and I’m so glad she forwarded me her post and made me aware.  I think if I had written this, it would have been taken lightly but, Gigi spells the day out perfectly.  This is one you can forward to all your friends and to their wives and you will be a hero for doing so.  Be sure so let us know how your Sunday goes. I am printing this out now and leaving it in my wife’s purse.

Steak and Knobber Day, the Valentine’s Day for Men – Sunday March 20th

Alright ladies, you may or may not know this, but Steak and Knobber Day is fast approaching.  Some of you might be wondering what exactly is Steak and Knobber Day?  Well, it’s basically Valentine’s Day for men.  Let’s face it.  Most all holidays are geared towards women, especially Valentines Day.  So here we have a holiday that is specifically for men and men only.  While it is the man’s job to make a woman feel special on Valentine’s Day it is our job to make our men feel special if even for this one day. Read more

How To Spot A Meth Lab

I grew up in Boston and had no idea what crystal meth was until I moved to San Diego.  I am glad to say I have not been around too many people using it and it seems to have lost it’s appeal.   I have a few friends who have a few friends who met this lady who had a cousin and she lost her teeth because of meth.  Crazy right?  Meth  is very dangerous and there are some warning signs that everyone should be aware of.  Well, I am here to help.  Read more

Breast Exams By Boy Scouts

Breast cancer is no laughing matter.  According to the National Cancer Institute, in 2010 alone, the estimated number of deaths was almost 40,000 women (and roughly 400 men).  Self-examinations and mammograms are important for early detection.  That’s why these sensible young men in the video below have the right idea when it comes to helping the cause.  Everybody knows that Boy Scouts are “trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent”, which is precisely why women should feel safe putting their mammary glands in the hands of a trained Scout.  Read more