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Warn Your Kids Not To Do This

It is every kids dream to be on the jumbo tron at a baseball game.  You go to the game in the hopes of getting an autograph from your favorite player, catching a foul ball, eating tons of junk food and if you really lucky you get to be on the jumbo tron.  Well I think this kid was thinking about being on the jumbo tron a bit too much and had a whole dance planned for it. I am not sure if this is funny, cute or scary.  The kids seems possessed and kind of freaks me out a bit.  I would definitely not want to be sitting next to him.  What are your thoughts?  Does this kid not freak you out? Look at his eyes. He looks possessed.  After posting this I figured out who this kid reminded me of and had to come back and post it.  He reminds me Wes Borland Limp Bizkit’s guitarist. This is what Wes would have looked like at age 12.

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Golf Fail Compilation

This is for all the golfers out there.. The first one is priceless and I love the guys driving the golf cart 60 mph and catching air.  Thinking a few people may have died in this video and if they didn’t they had to be severely injured.  If I have people following me around with a video camera when I golf I could add a few clips to this video.   Anyone have a good video of a golf fail?  I am not talking about bad golf gear. I have plenty of photo’s of myself in bad gear… see above…

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The Road To The Final Four NCAA Mens Basketball

The Road To The Final Four NCAA Mens Basketball

The #13 ranked SDSU Aztecs are seeded 4th in the West which is one of the weaker brackets except for Arizona.  With a tough loss to NM for championship and #2 seed, SDSU looks very promising to make the Sweet Sixteen.  This Fri, the Aztecs open the tourney vs. NM State in Spokane.  This first game against New Mexico St should be an easy game except NM ST has a big 7”6  Euro in the paint.   Aztecs are just too fast, athletic, and too much defense for this team.  Look for a high scoring game for Aztecs as they literally run them off the court.  Next up would be Oklahoma and they have a solid well coached team.  SDSU matches up well with OK and we should prevail as long as Thames/Davis/Spencer/Polee stay healthy.  OK can win as they have the horses.   SDSU must play their game and not get caught up in physical play of tougher OK squad.  Thames must be on his game as his leadership should keep Aztecs rolling.  Thames played a month with no turnovers and at this level to win you cannot turn the rock over.

At the Sweet Sixteen, it is all about matchups.  #1 seeded  Zona beat us 69-60 in Nov as we did have a chance to win but AZ had 4 and 5 who could score, board, and play D which killed us in the paint late in game.   AZ is ranked #1 for several reasons as they have handily beat a number of top ten teams.  Davis and Spencer must board over their averages of 10 and 5 respectively.  Thames and Shigley must shoot good shots.   SDSU must keep D pressure the entire game at an uncomfortable level.   The only way for SDS to win is to minimize the 4 and 5 which means some trapping zone defenses, the 1-3-1, and do the full court zone traps at various times to change momentum.

Aztecs have three scorers:  Thames 17 pts, Davis 8pts,  and Sheppard 12 pts.   They have a tremendous D with 3-4 ball hawks:  Polee, Thamse, Davis, and Spencer with Polee/Thames averaging 3 steals together.   Sheppard at 6”9’ at the 2 guard can board but Davis is a rebound machine.  Skylar Spence must show up on D.  Shigs can flat out shoot when he gets the ball in right spots.  Read more

Sochi Olympic Village Tour- The Behind The Scenes You Don’t Want To Miss

I have been watching the Olympics everyday now and really enjoying them, but have often wondered where are all the athletes staying.  Well for those of you wondering the same thing this video will show you.  I am very impressed with the housing and that all the different countries are all together.  I never realized all the extra benefits the athletes received while staying there.   What do you think of their dorms, restaurants, and gymnasiums where these modern day athletes get enjoy each others perfect bodies.

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Texans Cheerleader Destroys Mascot At Pro Bowl

I did not see this til today. I thought the most exciting thing about this years NFL Pro Bowl was the draft and watching Dion Sanders and Jerry Rice go back and forth. I am hoping they keep them for next year and do another draft.  I had always thought the game was the biggest flop of the year, but now am starting to think the biggest flop is the NBA dunk contest..    Want to see more of this in next years NFL Pro Bowl.  Hell have a whole game of the cheerleaders vs the mascots….
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Patrick Kane Stick Handling Skills

I think even a non hockey fan will appreciate this video.   A semi hockey fan will definitely appreciate it and a real hockey fan will watch it 4-5 times in a row saying “holly shit, that is sick, no way”   I was a goaltender growing up and to watch this makes me glad I am not still playing.  I could only imagine how high my jock would be hanging if he came in on a break away on me.   Would love to see more videos like this and the ending is a nice touch…  Hell, as a Bruins fan I even watched this 5 times..

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SDSU Annual Halloween Baseball Contest

This is one event you want to mark down on your calendars for next year. This years members of the SDSU baseball team took part in the annual Halloween Baseball Contest and Game this past Sunday at Tony Gwynn Stadium. They had the Red team play the Black team and the Black team came out on top. All the players dressed in costume and my favorite is the Jamacan bobsled team. Did them getting out at first count as 5 outs? Parents and coaches mark this down on your calendars for next year. This is fun for all and I think the kids would love it.

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Boston Strong

I know this is not a Boston website and the site is about San Diego and just how freaking awesome San Diego is, but this video is awesome and will give you the chills even if you are not a Boston Red Sox fan or just not a Boston fan.  Props to MLB for putting this together and this just shows you what a team can do.  I have seen many of these in the past and this is by far the Best Boston Strong Video.  This is not just about the Red Sox, but can be about a little league team, your team in the office or anywhere.  You are as strong as you want to be and if you all act as a team the sky is the limit.   Boston Strong…..  thanks to Jim O’Connell for sharing this one.

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This Is Why I Don’t Watch Soccer.

This video is the main reason I won’t watch soccer.  The sport is just too violent and should have some type of warning when being show on TV or anywhere.  This is just not suitable for kids to watch.  What if they start acting like this in school or in public?  This is just not acceptable.  And I thought Football was a tough sport.  Warming this is a very graphic soccer injury.

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Pam Oliver Hit In The Face With A Football

What is the more appropriate line for this video of Pam Oliver being hit in the face with a football?  Now that had to hurt or Now that is gonna leave a mark. Either one is a winner as a caption of this video.   This pass has to be 20 yards and isn’t tipped or slowed at all.  The only thing worse here could have been the receiver continuing his route and plowing her over.   Chandler Harnish of the Colts nails her good here and right on the side of her face.  You will see this over and over and I am hoping this will be added to one of DJ Steve Porters video’s in the future.. Pam Oliver is now going to be a household name after this video.

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Rory McIlroy vs Machine

This is not only awesome for the golf fans out there but for the machine/tech heads out there it is just as awesome.   I don’t think this was rehearsed many times based on Rory’s response to the machines comments.  Either way this is awesome.  Golf is hard if you are trying to hit a ball a certain distance at a target and then add in the height/trajectory they are trying to hit the ball and then it is nearly impossible.  Before watching post a comment on who you think will win.

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All I Got for Opening Day Del Mar is a Picture with Sunny Garcia

My camera-man went MIA on the morning of Opening Day, so all I was able to muster was a photo with Sunny Garcia at EvenTide Tattoo in Cardiff. This was after hitting up my favorite local hangout for a few pre-party cocktails at Besta-Wan Pizzeria. After this photo was taken, our crew of four headed over to Mr. T’s for a few on-the-house shots of Patron.  This was compliments of Cyndi who was kind of enough to stick the bottle head between her boobs along with my RollinSd business card and pose for a pic.

By this time, I was starting to feel lubed which of course made the sun seem brighter, the sky bluer, and the girls prettier. This also helped in shoving my way onto a yellow school bus with 50 of my other favorite San Diegans as we sat sweaty shoulder to sweaty shoulder for the 20 minute, 2 mile drive into the track.

The rest you can probably already imagine…hats, drinks, lost money, made money, lost friends, new friends, cigars, buglar players, Coors Lite Tent, clubhouse, Turf Club, paddock, Blue Moon, Champagne, more shots, camera shots, puckered lips, fights, kisses, lines, Joel Rosario, Bob Baffert, Trevor Denman, limos, strollers, rednecks, millionaires, wannabes, somebody’s, playmates, mistresses, fedoras, tote board, finish line, roar of the crowd, wiseguys, rookies, Del Mar Plaza.


Ahh, the Plazza. Or should I say L’Auberge. Yes L’Auberge is the “The Party” but it’s overated. I’d say it’s Full of Sound and Fury signifying a whole lot of douchebags dressed in suits. RollinSd had a better time cruising down to Indigo’s post party bash where the circus was tamer, the drinks cheaper, and the people cooler. The sun started to set over the Pacific at this time and all I could think about after 10 beers, $100 bucks, and a day of walking and gambling is that we live in the greatest city in the world and that Opening Day truly is Christmas in July.

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Reality or Imagination? Red Bull’s Danny MacAskill Imaginate Video

This is an awesome video for many reasons. It shows you the power of your imagination and most of us are too old to imagine doing things like this but think back to when you were a kid.  Now the only thing people reading this are imagining is hooking up with the hot receptionist or the women hooking up with the pool guy.   It must have taken a ton of time to create the props for these stunts and it looks to be like a real life Alice in Wonderland to me.   Make sure you watch to the end and check out the bloopers. I can barely ride a bike never mind do any of these tricks. Then if I sneeze wrong I can’t walk for day so imagine how Danny MacAskill felt after some of these falls.  Props to Red Bull for putting this together.  This is a video you can show your kids and I bet they will be impressed.  I picture my kids thinking like this when playing baseball as their favorite player.

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Opening Day Del Mar 2013

OD 2013! No, OD does not stand for drug overdose, or the nickname of my college roomate Michael O’Donovan, or the lame urban dictionary definition of over-doing it. But OD stands for the greatest track party in the US, Christmas in July, and ostensibly the San Diego holiday called Opening Day.

It is a day where you will find the greatest congregation of socialites, milfs, college grads, hookers and call girls all in one place.  And all parading in their recently purchased shimmering summer dresses with hat to match, fuck-me-now shoes, and french manicured nails. Each looking as if they did their best to impress just you on a first date. And the best part about it is… all of them are there to get drunk and gamble.

This is better than any super bowl Maxim party, better than some Sundance Festival after screening party, even better than that Panama City spring break wet tee shirt contest where you macked with one of the contestants (Not better than the Playboy mansion party. No one competes with parties at Hugh’s house). But in terms of sheer numbers, sheer quality, sheer accessibility, sheer drunkeness, and sheer fun –  nothing beats Opening Day at Del Mar racetrack!

And I didn’t even mention the fact that the ocean is a 1/4 mile away, that the best jockeys and ponies ride here, or that Del Mar may in fact be the prettiest racetrack in the country.

And of course, like always, RollinSD will be there covering all the boobs, puckered lips, and see-through (errr…diaphanous) dresses you can handle. .

So grab a hat, a wad a cash, and a pair of clear contacts and meet us at the track for “OD” Opening Day 2013!!!


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Who Wants To Play A Game Of Bike?

You might ask, “what the hell is a game of bike?”  I am sure all of you have heard of the game horse or pig in basketball right?  Well, it is the same concept except these kids do a trick on their BMX bike and their friend has to match it.   Not sure how these kids do this stuff but thinking it took many hours of practice and many falls with broken bones and blood.  Enjoy this one and I would love to see any of you reading the try one of these.  If you do please email me so we can get our video crew out to capture your fail.

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