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Success! The 33rd Annual Tribute to the Reggae Legends

The 33rd annual Tribute to the Reggae Legends festival is back at the San Diego Sports Arena aka the Valley View Casino Center. The festival is formerly known as “Bob Marley Day”, although now the festival name and venue have been changed. One thing is for sure, this year’s lineup made Reggae History. This festival has highlighted some of the most sensational reggae acts to date with it’s past lineups bringing big names like Stephen Marley, Gregory Isaacs, and Peter Tosh. This year featured a mixture of local talent and international stars. Tribute to the Legends 2014 honored an amazing lineup of reggae revival artists, local stars, and old favorites as we paid homage to the artists of the past.

The festival’s thirty-three year run in San Diego still makes it the largest Reggae event in San Diego.  Of course, the event is still organized by Makeda Makossa and the World Beat Center, who ensure the festival’s consistent success. The unique vibe and atmosphere of this event is unmatched. The festivals performances were set on a revolving stage, which minimized waiting between sets. RollinSD has covered the event for four years now, and it has always been a pleasure working with Makeda and her team. In all my years working with the World Beat Center, everything has always been handled promptly and professionally- usually with a smile. At the show, we got some great photos of the event along with video footage of performances and interviews with a few of the artists. RollinSD was lucky enough to catch up with Jah9, Protoje and Alborosie.  All of this was possible through the great coordination of management of artists and Makeda’s wonderful crew backstage. Read more

Errol Bonnick-Reggae Artist

When you first meet Errol Bonnick, you will very quickly experience and notice that he has a very spiritual persona and presence that fills the room, whilst radiating peace, love and serenity, not to mention the fact that he is oozing with confidence and charisma. It is so easy to allow yourself to bask in the calming, reassurance of his presence and truth.
Errol’s young looks betray his wisdom and mature, rich, sultry sounds that penetrate the very essence of your being. The more you listen to his music, the more you get totally absorbed in the music and the person as you allow Errol to take you on your journey of self discovery with his unique sounds and the way he easily and Read more

Tribute To The Legends 2013

The Tribute to the Legends festival is right around the corner. The beginning of the year is here and that means that the San Diego rainy day blues are about to be chased away by the sounds of sweet reggae music. The new home for the festival has been a great transition from the Sports Arena, where it has been held years past. The pavilion features a large hanger for the main stage, with lots of floor space. There are ramps that lead to balconies along the side of the auditorium that overlook the main stage. The large hangar can also accommodate a large amount of vendors, which feature an array of reggae and Rastafari culture products. Stone brewery sponsored the beer garden last year and will return this year to host the outdoor drinking area.

Say what you want to say, but this venue is a top choice in San Diego. With the closing of 4th and B and the fear of rain this time of year, the cruise ship terminal gives concert-goers a dry, spacious indoor venue to watch the headliners.  This year, the amazing line-up includes international sensations like Don Carlos, Luciano, Warrior King, Martin Read more

Space Case: a New Way to Grind

There is no book titled smoking weed for dummies. Whatever habits we have formed getting baked were developed through experience or word of mouth. Tobacco cigarettes are filled with a ground up or shredded version of the dried tobacco leaf. This creates an even burn and easy way to measure. The same concept has to be applied to smoking marijuana, but it isn’t common knowledge if you aren’t a smoker. For those who don’t know, when you purchase marijuana, from a dispensary or a guy you know, it comes in a flower bud form. This bud must be ground up to extract the maximum surface area to create the most ideal smoke. Thus, the smoker’s inevitable need for a “grinder”. Grinders come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are made of many different materials. Grinders are basically two Read more

San Diego Son in Dodger Blue

San Diego Son in Dodger Blue   by Tony Fantano

The San Diego Padres have been battling their way through the 2012 season. Recently Padres fans were thrown a huge curve ball when our “native son” Adrian Gonzalez was traded to the Padres biggest rival the Dodgers. While in Boston, Gonzalez was busy fending off the Yankees and the Boston press. He was out of sight and out of the minds of a lot of San Diegans. The huge trade between Los Angeles and Boston has Padres fan asking “how could Adrian do that to us…his hometown.”
Right before Adrian went to Boston 2012 he was quoted saying that he would always be a padre fan.“ I want to see the Padres do well. In a way, this is still my team. It was my team Read more

Bold Lead Designs

San Diego’s beautiful landscape makes for the perfect outdoor adventure destination. We in San Diego love anything outdoor and dog friendly.  In just about every corner of town, you will find a dog park or a dog friendly business. We in San Diego just love our dogs. The pure breds, the mutts, the big  ones, the little ones- we all have found a dog for us, and love taking them anywhere in our native city. Because we spend so much time with our dogs and put so much into an active lifestyle we only want the best gear for ourselves and our companion. In the next few weeks RollinSD will be taking a look at some new dog gear that is hitting markets. We are digging deep to find the most exclusive dog product companies and taking the time to do extensive product reviews. If you are a dog lover, this Read more

Bee Line-Butane Free Flavor

Bee Line’s collection of natural hemp wicks is right for anyone who can appreciate smoking. Maybe you are a medicinal marijuana patient, a casual smoker, a natural rasta man, a heavy smoker, or just like stoner gadgets. This organic product from Hawaii has been showing up on shelves in smoke shops, dispensaries, and music festivals. The completely organic beeswax coated hemp string comes in a regular and thick version in varying lengths.

Bee Line is meant to be used in place of a conventional butane lighters flame. The wick must be lit from a source like a candle or lighter. Once it’s lit, you have a completely organic source of fuel burning the flame. So whatever you are lighting, be it a bowl, a cigar, a cigarette, etc, you will not be inhaling any unhealthy fumes from fuel like butane. Read more

Southern California World Music Festival

The Southern California World Music Festival will be making its debut in San Diego this month. This extraordinary event will take place at the Four Points Sheraton on July 28th and 29. Located at 8110 Aero Drive, this Sheraton is in a central part of San Diego that is easily accessible from anywhere in the county. This event will feature two days and two stages of amazing Reggae and World music acts. You can’t beat this ticket price, especially considering all the booked talent.  After the event, there will be an after party with the Tribe of Kings at the Office. Don’t miss the rare opportunity to socialize with the same artists you saw perform earlier that day! This festival is an all ages event, so avid reggae lovers can bring the whole family. An amazing weekend of great music couldn’t be possible without sponsors. Check out these sponsors at the festival: TWINE Hempwear, Green Dream Music Management, Trini-West Records, Irie Nation, Tru Reelz, Irie Lion Entertainment, 420 Nurses, Freedom Fighters Clothing, HUGO’S Ice Cream, and Royal Emperor Sound.  The local talent, as well as the headliners, are all ideal choices for this festival. Personally,  I am excited to  check out local talent  Piracy Conspiracy and Jam Kwest on Saturday. This festival is sure to be an entertaining show for old and young souls alike.

Saturday’s lineup is as follows:


11:30PM…………….Sister Nancy
9:00PM……………..Todo Mundo
8:00PM……………..Shocks of Mighty
7:00PM……………..New Shoes Old Socks
6:00PM……………..Maka & The I Sight Band
5:00PM……………..Indica Roots
4:00PM……………..Arden Park Roots


Identity Festival 2012

Identity is returning for another day of debauchery on August 18, 2012 at Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre. The main stage will be accompanied by a RockStar stage to ensure there will be music playing at all times. Sponsored by iHome, Rockstar, Bed Head, Jagermeister, and Miller Genuine Draft, this event has definitely grown in size since last year’s debut.

This year, LED has booked artists such as Eric Prydz, Excision, Porter Robinson, Paul van Dyk, Hardwell, Showtek, Le Castle Vania, and many more. If you are a house music lover or just love to see half naked chicks bouncing t o the beat, this event won’t disappoint. The all-day, all ages festival starts at 2pm and ends at 11pm. Last year, the energy was palpable as hordes of music lovers poured into the venue to stake out a meeting spot on the grass.

This year they will be allowing one sealed water bottle per person, as well as an empty re-usable water bottle to prevent dehydration;  a smart move for an all-day festival in Chula Vista. People who love to do lightshows for their fellow ravers can bring LED gloves, glowsticks, and hula hoops, as well as a small backpack. There are also non-professional cameras allowed to document the  costumes and scantily clad Read more

Andre Nickatina House of Blues May 23rd

 May 23rd at House of Blues Downtown, Andre Nickatina will be performing! Originally Andre Adams, this American rapper from San Francisco is famous for his sharp stage presence as one of the last Legends of the Bay Area. This is not a show you want to miss. Nickatina is known for songs like “Ayo for Yayo” and “Smoke Dope and Rap”. With heavy bass that brings the classic hip-hop from around the block  back but keeps it fresh with a unique voice that commands like an MC should. Fun and funky lyrics that make you laugh and make you think. Nickatina’s subject matter covers everything from gang violence to the American drug culture. His unique spin on the hip-hop culture has brought something new to the table and ensures a good show. Nickatina’s song’s are easy to listen to yet still hold loyal to being music of the streets. Anyone can enjoy. This show is going to be a great way to make the middle of your week bearable again. Rockhill Studios and Mr. Jihaan Barbat have done it again with another great show. Buy your tickets today at   ~Tom Searcy

Seedless 420 Party

Seedless annual 420 party was an awesome celebration of a day centered around understanding. The theme this year was diversity in music. The show featured a night of music from Hip-Hop kings the Living Legends. Reggae sensation Johnny Osbourne was also featured. The night was broken up with DJ sets of roots music. 6Blocc Deejayed Dub-Step sound to continue the diversity. The opener’s for the night were a sound all of their own out of Atlanta. Fountainhead opened the show for the 12th annual party. This event was put together by Seedless and Rockhill. Thanks to Mr. Jihaan Barbat for coordinating, promoting, booking, and “all-arounding” this event. Mr. Barbat has put together many awesome shows in this town and he is definitely a San Diegan to know.  Jihaan brought us Snoop Dogg for 420 last year. He also put together the Don Carlos and Junior Reid firehouse reunion show. Quality musicians that people really want to see. Only your friends at Rock Hill and Seedless could put together something this epic for 4/20/2012.

The House of Blues was Seedless’d out in banners and green logo lights. Read more

Tribute to the Legends 2012 By the Bay

It’s almost time for the Bob Marley festival in San Diego. Formerly “Bob Marley Day” now Tribute to the Legends. This festival of oneness, consciousness, and righteousness  has been pulling in reggae fans from all over southern California for 30 years. The 31st annual event will feature amazing world renowned reggae stars along with local reggae talents. This festival will take place on the 18th and 19th of February, that’s right, two days of sweet reggae music. The doors will open each day at 4pm, giving concert goers time to enjoy the bay. Unlike past years at the Sports Arena, the event will be held at Read more

Piracy Mel C meets Tommy Dubs Preview

About 40 m

inutes is how long this journey lasted. I lost track of the time quickly. Piracy Meets Tommy Dubs mix tape. The prelude to a much anticipated album. These artists have pulled the inspiration of life here in San Diego mixed it with reggae vibes, deep dub and dub-step music, and painted it their own color. This mix tape takes you through Dancehall, Culture, Consciousness, and Roots. The heavy drum and bass with grooving melodies are what I’ve been looking for in new music. I haven’t been this excited for a collaboration since “Distant Relatives”.

Piracy Mel C‘s honest and variant vocals keep the music transforming. She can mash it up tuffin her dancehall flows and still keep it light and positive on chorus. The message is oneness. A way of life is offered. The dub influence makes it catchy and transition well. This teaser is just a taste Read more

RollinSD Fans Meet Squidly Cole

  Wilburn “Squidly” Cole is the son of legendary ska/reggae artist StrangerJah Cole, also nephew to Donald “Tabby Diamond” Shaw, so its no wonder great reggae music is in his blood. Check out “Give me the Right” and “Ruff and Tuff” by StrangeJah. Known as the Singing Drummer, Squidly’s work has come a long way since his start at a young age. At 14 years old he was collaborating with artists like Jimmy Cliff and Barrington Levy. Squidly is an accomplished producer, drummer, and singer. An all around musician. His resume includes work with some amazing reggae legends like Ziggy Marley, Mykal Rose, Sizzla, Stephen Marley, Julian Read more