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Rollin’ For A Cure

The RollinSD crew got up at the crack of 9 am with the help from the time change and made our way to Balboa Park to check out the Susan G Komen Race for a Cure. There were plenty of boobs and a strong effort to make sure they were healthy.

The event covered about three football fields and there was a huge turn out of participants. Many different types of people were there for a lot of different reasons but everyone was there to help support the breasts of the world. The cause supported healthy people and positive living choices and that is what RollinSD is all about so we Read more

Mayday Parade at the House of Blues on November 3rd

The Mayday Parade is coming to San Diego’s House of Blues on November 3rd. The show will be epic and these rockers from the south bring back memories of in-your-face bands like New Found Glory and The Ataris. The show should be a lot of fun since Mayday Parade from Fearless Records already know about San Diego’s world-famous music scene.  RollinSD’s Tony Fantano had a chance to talk to the band and here is what went down.

Who are all the members of the band and where are you from?Derek sanders – singer, Jeremy Lenzo – bassist, Brooks betts – rhythm guitar, alex Garcia – lead guitar, Jake Bundrick – drummer. We are from Tallahassee Florida.

Where and when did the band form and how has that influenced the sound of the band?  The band was formed in 2005 in our hometown Tallahassee Florida. We grew up listening to alot of 90s and early pop punk, I think that has played a big role in shaping the vocal melodies of the band and where we draw influence.

How has the tour been going and have you heard anything about San Diego before?   The tour has been going great. We have been extremely happy with the turn

Outs and love all the bands on the tour. For the second half of that question, yes we have heard of san Diego and have been many times :)

 What are some of the highs and lows of being a part of MayDay Parade?The lows would be leaving your loved ones behind to go on the road, but honestly other then that, it’s all highs!

 Does Mayday parade know how to party after the show or are you guys all business?   We for sure know how to party. We Read more

SDSU Basketball is giving Fans a season to look forward to.

The Aztecs basketball program has been reignited and the smoke from last season has only barely begun to clear. With team leader’s like DJ Gay, Billy White, Malcolm Thomas, Mehdi Cheriet, and Kawhi Leonard leaving or graduating there is a huge gap in Mountain West Champion Aztec’s line-up. Coach Fisher and the gang have been out trying pick-up solid recruits and transfers where ever and how ever they can find them. Coach Fish is just starting to reel them in.
Dwayne Polee II is on his way back West to be with his ailing mother. While he is here he also decided to play basketball for San Diego State. Polee is an excellent dunker and is bound to have THE SHOW frothing at the mouth. After winning a state title for Westchester High School in Los Angeles, he spent a year playing with St. Johns from the Big East conference. He is on his way west and is undoubtedly drawn to the Aztecs program because of the school’s tendency to “let the players play.” Aztecs basketball is fast-paced and in your face. Dwayne Polee just wants to get some. Read more

Heat vs Mavs Series has Ripened into a True Classic

We are now heading to game six and the dream team from Miami have their backs up against the wall. The Dallas Mavericks lead the series three games to two and the storied career of Dirk Nowitzki is it at the verge of reaching its pinnacle. The match-up is a classic rivalry between the veterans and the young guns, strategy vs raw talent, experience vs flash, and basically blue vs red.
In Game 1, Miami shut up all the naysayers and won on the hand of Lebron James. In Game 2, The Mavs sent a message to the world that they were not going away without a fight as Nowitzki scored 24 points and took down 11 rebounds. In the highly anticipated Game 3, Miami Read more

RollinSD Rocks 70's vs 80's night at the Belly Up

The Rock was alive on June 3rd at the Belly Up Tavern. There wasn’t any time for the passive-aggressive rock that we have grown accustomed to in this modern age. It was 70s vs 80’s night and the power was brought to the forefront. Wayward Sons and Platinum Rockstars rocked with the knowledge that the songs in their repertoire were certified rock legend ballads. The 70’s vs 80’s night was a classic rock buff’s wet dream. Wayward Sons are rockers in their prime and they knew what it took to dazzle the crowd. With the crowd pumped, the young guns of Wayward Sons answered the mating call of the eager cougars in the crowd. Their raw sexual energy was glistening off their moist chest hair and suggestive bulges. Wayward Sons gave the crowd what they wanted but the next act The Platinum Rockstars gave everyone desert. They got all the girls Read more

Miami in the Finals Who Would have Guessed it?

Was “The Decision” successful? Not many can make a strong argument that Lebron James did not make the right move in choosing Miami. They just advanced to the NBA finals over the one-seeded Chicago Bulls. The last game of Chicago’s season was stolen away by Miami. Derek Rose, Chicago’s leader and shining star got man-handled in the games last two minutes when James and company shut Chicago down. It was a demoralizing loss for Chicago. To see their star player get rejected on the season’s final shot was down-right devastating. Throughout the entire fifth game Chicago was working to choke off any attempt Miami was making to close out the series. Chicago had the lead most of the game but Miami hung around and in the last two minutes Miami made their move. Lebron sunk a clutch three-pointer to tie up the game. Read more

San Jose Sharks Good Luck Charm!

This Guy is pure Americana Cheesiness. He needs to be inducted in the Hall of Fame.
Look in the Yellow Circle. That guy’s Teal afro symbolizes the true American combination of Grit and Sass.
I saw these characters throughout the game. Real Madrid guy kept showing off his Jersey. The guy with the teal afro is solid.
I want to personally thank San Jose and their fan base for coming out strong in an effort to keep California alive in the 2011 hunt for the Stanely Cup. Keep pushing it San Jose cause Read more

Sharks Don't Choke… San Jose is Cali's Last Hope for the Cup.


   The Hockey Playoffs are picking up momentum and the San Jose Sharks vs Red Wings series has been a nail-biter. Absolutely down to the wire this series has been worth every minute. The series was the closest in NHL history. Every single game of the seven-game series was decided by no more than one goal.
          For those who have not been following the Series. The San Jose Sharks took the momentum they earned beating The Los Angeles Kings and went up to a three game advantage against the Detroit Red Wings. Then Detroit came back and won the next three games. The stage was set for a all-or-nothing Game 7 in San Jose.
Read more at Reggae De Mayo at the Belly Up Tavern

We did it up huge for Reggae De Mayo at The Belly Up Tavern. We brought the crew up to Del Mar and we documented the festivities. The women were out and some of them were cougars. The whole night was a blast and local band’s Jet West and Jam Kwest just added to the flavor. Jam Kwest kept the roots reggae alive with there set of classic covers and some awesome originals. Jet West mixed up a music fusion that could only be described as a combination of Skate Punk/Ska/ Reggae. Jet West definitely brought the Ladies to the stage and loosened up the night. Check out the video and interview with the band and let me know what you think about these up and coming bands in San Diego. Read more

San Diego Sports For April

April has been a busy month for sports in San Diego. The Padres started their season off, the Chargers were let back into the locker rooms, and the Aztec’s Men’s Basketball team was honored with an official day in San Diego called Aztec Basketball Day.
The Padres started off their first game with a big slap in the face to the high and mighty St. Louis Cardinals. Padres new center fielder Cameron Maybin faced an 0-2 pitch count with two outs in the bottom of the 9th. The Padres were down 3-2 and historically have been horrible when playing in St. Louis. The pitch came in and Maybin smacked it. Read more

Jet West At The Belly Up Tavern has been on the look out for a band that can tap into the culture of Southern California and express the San Diego lifestyle through song. RollinSD patrons the search is complete because Jet West is taking you on a trip from Santa Barbra down to Cabo San Lucas. Turn the up the volume and sink into the melodic vibes that Jet West stirs into the atmosphere. Their music is top-notch and their fan base lives to smile. Jet West will be playing an exclusive show at the Belly Up Tavern in Solona Beach at “Reggae De Mayo” on Cinco De Mayo (May 5 for those of us who are not bi-lingual.)
We asked them a few questions to get their perspective on the upcoming show and to learn more about how the band ticks. We want to find the secret to what makes Jet West’s music so accessible. Read more

Snoop Dog at 4th & B

Snoop Dogg on 4/20/11 it can’t get better than. We definitely had a treat coming to San Diego when Rock Hill presents Snoop Dogg – Seedless 420 Party was set. All of San Diego’s heavy hitters were beckoned downtown to the 4th and B for some high times with Seedless and Snoop Dogg. With the epic music building the momentum toward a point breaking Snoop strolled on the stage with the bump of the bass and the rattle of the speakers. It was on. Snoop got the crowd up and chanting to “I Wanna Rock Right Now.”

On my way down to the show from 163 south, I could see the spotlights in the air. The 420 epicenter was at 4th and B and sensi vibes were attracting all the players in San Diego. Out Read more

Tony Rolls Earth Day San Diego

Earth Day was awesome. There is truly nothing like a sunny day at Balboa Park to remind you of what is great about San Diego. We were forced to park about a mile away. We went directly toward the sound of the drum circle and stumbled upon the Hare Krishna guys by accident. Once we arrived at the drum circle, we brought some continuity to a gradually growing circle of sound.  After a two-wheeled bearded man gave me a chocolate brownie that he made special for the drummers, I had a feeling good things were coming. The Acro-yoga chics across the path were amazing to look at. After awhile, we made our way through a flurry of protesters, Read more

Sweet Sixteen- SDSU Aztecs

All that matters at the end of the game is the score. The Aztecs battled through two overtimes and claimed the next round. They pulled out a win to move on by the skin of their teeth. Now the sweet sixteen awaits them in Anaheim. In the Aztec’s first game they withered the wave of threes and muscled their way past Northern Colorado into the next round.

The Aztec’s second game was an epic. In a game they really should have won, they faced an east coast contender in Temple University. The Aztecs came out playing on egg shells and their offensive touch was off. Temple’s offense was slow,methodical and wore our defense down but we hung in there. The Aztecs contested almost every shot. Read more

Upset Predictor- NCAA Tourney Starts Today

Determining a potential upset in the NCAA college basketball tournament is like predicting the next sleeper stock to take over Wall St. With so much basketball to be played there are so many potential wins you can chalk up. When it comes down to the tournament’s final rounds every win will count as your office pool should be coming down to the wire.
Picking correct upsets is a keen science. My main upset predictor is dependant on the level of a team’s overall fatigue. Take an example from the Mountain West tournament. Jimmer Fredette was off point Read more