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Bad Neighborz Interview With Jay Crew

I was lucky to be able to sit down and talk with Jay Crew of Bad Neighborz about their upcoming debut full length album, CD Release show, life and music…..  D Wolf sat down with the group years ago and I wanted to do a follow up and just see how things were going for the band.

Let’s start by telling us something about Bad Neighborz for those that DON’T know anything about you or your music: 

JAY: We first started out in in porn actually…No I’m playin. I would say that our music is meant to make you have fun and think about life differently. And by differently I mean you choose to do something because you want to be more free in their life. Everyone I know is stuck in more than one thing that don’t liberate them. We personally are at the point in life where we look at our jobs or our relationships that aren’t serving us and say, ‘why am I in this, why don’t I trim the fat and just have some lean mean fun in life?” I think that comes across in our sound and lyrics. So if you listen to our music and decide to do something really liberating for yourself and your life because of it, Boom, job completed for me.

How about those fans that DO know you and your music, what are some things that they probably don’t know yet:

JAY: I’ll give you one musical and one personal.

1 – I wrote most of these songs on the album with just an acoustic guitar and a notepad. Another one is that I never started singing Read more

Success! The 33rd Annual Tribute to the Reggae Legends

The 33rd annual Tribute to the Reggae Legends festival is back at the San Diego Sports Arena aka the Valley View Casino Center. The festival is formerly known as “Bob Marley Day”, although now the festival name and venue have been changed. One thing is for sure, this year’s lineup made Reggae History. This festival has highlighted some of the most sensational reggae acts to date with it’s past lineups bringing big names like Stephen Marley, Gregory Isaacs, and Peter Tosh. This year featured a mixture of local talent and international stars. Tribute to the Legends 2014 honored an amazing lineup of reggae revival artists, local stars, and old favorites as we paid homage to the artists of the past.

The festival’s thirty-three year run in San Diego still makes it the largest Reggae event in San Diego.  Of course, the event is still organized by Makeda Makossa and the World Beat Center, who ensure the festival’s consistent success. The unique vibe and atmosphere of this event is unmatched. The festivals performances were set on a revolving stage, which minimized waiting between sets. RollinSD has covered the event for four years now, and it has always been a pleasure working with Makeda and her team. In all my years working with the World Beat Center, everything has always been handled promptly and professionally- usually with a smile. At the show, we got some great photos of the event along with video footage of performances and interviews with a few of the artists. RollinSD was lucky enough to catch up with Jah9, Protoje and Alborosie.  All of this was possible through the great coordination of management of artists and Makeda’s wonderful crew backstage. Read more

99 Words For Boobs

Many many new photo’s here guys.   I didn’t know there were 99 Words For Boobs.  This is OK for work and you will like this more if you remember the song by Nena 99 Red Balloons.  I thought I had a ton of nick names for the female breasts but this song has taught me a many more.  Had to watch 5  times to really start to remember some of the names.  Do you have any others we could add to this list?  Enjoy Rollers and this video may have you looking like the guy above.

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Reunion On The 50 Yardline

This is just too awesome not to post. I have no clue what it feels like to have a family member overseas defending this awesome country of ours, but I do have a few friends who are over there and that is very hard.    Such a simple video and I teared up like a little baby.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone one of our heroes who are overseas defending the right for us to be safe and at home. God Bless you all.  This one should be passed on.  I want to give a shout out to Fidel Tapia and to keep you ASS safe brotha..  We all love you and can’t wait for you to get home.  Maybe we can set something like this up on the baseball field when you get back.

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SDSU Annual Halloween Baseball Contest

This is one event you want to mark down on your calendars for next year. This years members of the SDSU baseball team took part in the annual Halloween Baseball Contest and Game this past Sunday at Tony Gwynn Stadium. They had the Red team play the Black team and the Black team came out on top. All the players dressed in costume and my favorite is the Jamacan bobsled team. Did them getting out at first count as 5 outs? Parents and coaches mark this down on your calendars for next year. This is fun for all and I think the kids would love it.

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Jaguar Attacks Crocodile

Now this is awesome..just the title Jaguar Attacks Crocodile should give you a hint.   I first saw a video of just the attack and wondered how the Jaguar got into position etc. This shows he/she swimming across the river and then walking down the bank for a while in stealth mode and then swimming back across the river to pounce. I can’t believe the crocodile is taken down with just one bite to the back of the head. I would have figured he/she would have had to bite for a few minutes to really kill/stun the crocodile enough to be able to carry it off.  Not the case at all.  Within a few seconds the jaguar drags the croc back into and across the water to go have a meal.   Was thinking maybe a croc was going to get the jaguar on the way back.  Enjoy the video’s. First one is the long version and the second is a video of still frames of just the attack. The third is a different attack but is also awesome. Can’t believe the croc doesn’t get the jag at all.  Where is the help from the other crocodiles in the 3rd video. Way to have your boys back.

now for the second video. Read more

Aloha Taylor San Diego’s Hottest News Caster

OK,  it is that time of the year again.  Channel 93.3  does their annual contest for the Hottest News Chicks  in San Diego.    We all know who the winner will be, but I guess Channel 93.3 actually has to have a contest/vote to really crown their queen.  Well my job doesn’t suck because I got to sit down with Aloha Taylor again this year and talk about her job, her life and what makes her smile.     I have always heard that guys get better looking with age ( I am still waiting for that to happen to me) but I now think it also holds true for women.  One year later and one year hotter and yet so cool.   For people who know me they know that I am somewhat outspoken and not very shy.  Well I sat there today over breakfast for 10 minutes just looking at Aloha and saying wow, wow, wow and then I think I mixed in a holly shit she is hot, and then went back to wow and another wow.  I won’t go into what I next started thinking next, but I think all you guys who watch the Fox News at night to see what the weather will be like the next day have very  similar thoughts.  When I finally snapped out of it I actually started asking her a few questions.

Aloha, How has your life changed since last year and winning the crown as San Diego’s Hottest Read more

Coastal Beauties Mansion Party 5. The San Diego Event You Don’t Want To Miss

I was lucky enough to sit down with the lovely Jenna Banks the owner of  Coastal Beauties last week to talk to her abut her 5th annual Mansion Party happening Saturday September 28th.     This is a an event you don’t want to miss.  If you have other plans cancel them.  You cousin just passed away have them move the funeral date, just get your butt to this party.

On Sat Sept 28th, Coastal Beauties will be partnering with Supreme Team Media, Famous Vodka, U4Rik Vodka, and Gale Force Productions to bring you our exclusive 5th Annual Mansion Party.  This is  held at a private estate in Rancho Santa Fe and the layout is amazing.

This event will feature live shoots, fashion shows, live poker, DJ’s, hosted bar, appetizers, CB model appearances, painted models & more.  Guests include an elite mix of models, aspiring models, sports players, business owners, luxury car dealers, scouts, industry professionals,  poker players, photographers, fans and friends.  Will it include you?

It is so much fun to party in an environment where the models are walking around, dancing and talking to everyone…not stuck behind a rope.

guaranteed to make this event the perfect blend of sexy and social!


While waiting at Starbucks for Jenna to arrive I will admit I was a bit nervous.  When she finally arrived she gave me a big hug and made me feel right at home. I will admit I did feel a bit uncomfortable from time to time with everyone staring in our direction knowing they were all asking themselves, ” how is this guy sitting with a girl like this?”   Well we finally settled into talking and here is what Jenna had to say about her Coastal Beauties Mansion Party. 
Jenna for those readers who are not familiar with Coastal Beauties can you tell them a little about


Coastal Beauties and what you and your company do?  

Coastal Beauties is a model marketing and promotion company that hosts elite parties.  In the last year, Coastal Beauties has partnered with Supreme Team Media, a creative production company,to build content for models that includes web sites, graphics, logo design, business cards, video production and more!

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Pam Oliver Hit In The Face With A Football

What is the more appropriate line for this video of Pam Oliver being hit in the face with a football?  Now that had to hurt or Now that is gonna leave a mark. Either one is a winner as a caption of this video.   This pass has to be 20 yards and isn’t tipped or slowed at all.  The only thing worse here could have been the receiver continuing his route and plowing her over.   Chandler Harnish of the Colts nails her good here and right on the side of her face.  You will see this over and over and I am hoping this will be added to one of DJ Steve Porters video’s in the future.. Pam Oliver is now going to be a household name after this video.

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All I Got for Opening Day Del Mar is a Picture with Sunny Garcia

My camera-man went MIA on the morning of Opening Day, so all I was able to muster was a photo with Sunny Garcia at EvenTide Tattoo in Cardiff. This was after hitting up my favorite local hangout for a few pre-party cocktails at Besta-Wan Pizzeria. After this photo was taken, our crew of four headed over to Mr. T’s for a few on-the-house shots of Patron.  This was compliments of Cyndi who was kind of enough to stick the bottle head between her boobs along with my RollinSd business card and pose for a pic.

By this time, I was starting to feel lubed which of course made the sun seem brighter, the sky bluer, and the girls prettier. This also helped in shoving my way onto a yellow school bus with 50 of my other favorite San Diegans as we sat sweaty shoulder to sweaty shoulder for the 20 minute, 2 mile drive into the track.

The rest you can probably already imagine…hats, drinks, lost money, made money, lost friends, new friends, cigars, buglar players, Coors Lite Tent, clubhouse, Turf Club, paddock, Blue Moon, Champagne, more shots, camera shots, puckered lips, fights, kisses, lines, Joel Rosario, Bob Baffert, Trevor Denman, limos, strollers, rednecks, millionaires, wannabes, somebody’s, playmates, mistresses, fedoras, tote board, finish line, roar of the crowd, wiseguys, rookies, Del Mar Plaza.


Ahh, the Plazza. Or should I say L’Auberge. Yes L’Auberge is the “The Party” but it’s overated. I’d say it’s Full of Sound and Fury signifying a whole lot of douchebags dressed in suits. RollinSd had a better time cruising down to Indigo’s post party bash where the circus was tamer, the drinks cheaper, and the people cooler. The sun started to set over the Pacific at this time and all I could think about after 10 beers, $100 bucks, and a day of walking and gambling is that we live in the greatest city in the world and that Opening Day truly is Christmas in July.

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Reality or Imagination? Red Bull’s Danny MacAskill Imaginate Video

This is an awesome video for many reasons. It shows you the power of your imagination and most of us are too old to imagine doing things like this but think back to when you were a kid.  Now the only thing people reading this are imagining is hooking up with the hot receptionist or the women hooking up with the pool guy.   It must have taken a ton of time to create the props for these stunts and it looks to be like a real life Alice in Wonderland to me.   Make sure you watch to the end and check out the bloopers. I can barely ride a bike never mind do any of these tricks. Then if I sneeze wrong I can’t walk for day so imagine how Danny MacAskill felt after some of these falls.  Props to Red Bull for putting this together.  This is a video you can show your kids and I bet they will be impressed.  I picture my kids thinking like this when playing baseball as their favorite player.

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9 Year Old Girl Gives Birth In Mexico

I swear I am not making this shit up.  I am just commenting on what is being reported.  Read the story below, but ask yourself these questions because something just doesn’t make sense.  The boyfriend asked her to move in with him?  She refused?  What about the girls parents? Don’t you think they might have spoken up?  What 9 year old would be able to deal with something like this?  They might criminall hcarge the boyfriend?  Why the hell wouldn’t they? Who cares if they were romantically involved.  Someone had sex with her and needs to be shot.    I am thinking today is April Fools and this is some kind of joke.

Girl, 9, Gives Birth in Mexico

By ABC News     Feb 6, 2013 2:42pm   By Anne Laurent:

A 9-year-old Mexican girl, under the reported name of Dafne, gave birth to a baby girl on Jan. 27, 2013 in Jalisco, Mexico.

Both mother and child are at home and healthy, Dr. Enrique Rabago, director of Zoquipan Hospital, said at a press conference this morning.

The search continues, according to authorities, for the baby’s 17-year-old father, who may be criminally charged for having a sexual relationship with Dafne.

“Due to her young age, we don’t know if she is being entirely truthful,” says Lino Ginzalez Corona, spokesperson at Jalisco State Prosecutor’s Office, who received an account of the relationship from the young mother who describes a loving relationship.

According to Corona, the 17-year-old and Dafne were dating but the young girl is unwilling to release any further information regarding the association between the two.

“She did not realize that she was pregnant until the seventh month,” said Corona. Her boyfriend suggested Dafne move Read more

The Proper Way To Do A Lat Pull Down

I am no gym rat but know enough to know that this girl is no vetran to the gym.  I am thinking this might be her first time visiting a gym and decided to give the Lat Pull Down machine a try.  I would have loved to have been the one to take this video. The question I have is why didn’t the person taking this video follow her around and get more footage of her using the different machines.  She may have tried to do a hand stand and run on her hands on the treadmill.

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