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RSA For The Week

This was sent in from Gigi and  here is what she wrote, “Note to self:  If you miss an elevator, bashing in the doors won’t make it come back. Instead, you will plummet to your death..”    I have no idea what this guy was thinking.  Oh, shit I just missed the elevator in my sweet new ride.  So let me back up and ram the door a few times to show how cool I  am in my new ride.  Idiot, you are denting your sweet new ride.  Then you rip through the door and when you land you scared the shit out of the person in the elevator. I also noticed you were not wearing the proper safety gear.  Way to teach the Rollers something new you idiot.  If you have something you want share with the viewers please email me.   Thanks Gigi



if he was in a rush to get to the bottom floor I think he accomplished that.

Chris K

Finally, the consequences of road rage captured on video.

purple and gold

do you think this is real? what an idiot.


This video is .awesome!!! Love you so much right now! and when you were throwing CD’s i was like n00b’ but the good kind of n00b. Thankyou so much for this video! Made my day so mucho btteer!


It’s not possible to watch this and NOT smile.I think you may have cecnivnod me to give it a try now I just have to find someone down the shore in NJ (you know, the other side of the world )to teach me![WORDPRESS HASHCASH] The poster sent us ‘0 which is not a hashcash value.