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Super Bowl XLVI Recap

On Sunday 2/5/2012, a record breaking 167 million viewers tuned in to watch the New England Patriots and The New York Giants slug it out for the title in Super Bowl XLVI. The highly anticipated rematch of Super Bowl XLII was a fight to the finish as both teams went the distance, keeping fans on the edge of their seats down to the final play. At times throughout the game, it seemed more like a rerun than a sequel and although I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the outcome, I must say that it was one hell of a good game!

Down by two points late in the fourth quarter, Manning drove the Giants down the field 88 yards and into the end zone for the go ahead touchdown, leaving only 57 seconds for the Patriots to work with. Brady’s attempt at a legendary comeback was stopped short by the Giants defense as well as his own receivers and their inability to make plays. Ultimately, the Giants won the bout because they made the least amount of mistakes throughout the game and made the critical plays in the fourth quarter. Like most Chargers Fans, I can’t stand Eli Manning but I can’t argue the fact that the guy is clutch when it counts and he now has two rings to show for it.

I won’t waste your time or mine with a critique of Madonna’s half time show but I can’t help but mention an interesting article that I read this morning claiming that her entire performance was a cleverly disguised satanic ritual which nearly every fan in attendance ignorantly took part in. The NFL needs to get a clue when it comes to selecting artists for these half time shows. All I know is that I miss the Bud Bowl and I long for the day when Iron Maiden plays the Super Bowl!

It’s a known fact that many fans enjoy the commercials during the Super Bowl as much as the big game itself. Although the quality of these $3,000,000 spots seems to have declined over the years, you can always count on Bud Light to deliver at least one sure winner! The Giants may have won the game and Manning may have been named MVP but my “King of the Game” crown goes to Weego the recue dog who served up 14 bottles, 2 coolers and a keg in his one minute spot.

Spuds was cool back in the day but Weego is the Next Big Thing! “Here Weego”

It’s sad to see another season come to an end, for it’s going to be a long seven months until the Chargers take the field on opening day. All we can do is hope that in that time, A.J. and Norval can get their heads screwed on straight and give our team the best opportunity to win in 2012. Who Knows? With a few key signings, a lot of hard work and a little luck, Charger Nation could be celebrating victory at this time next year!