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Welcome Back

Sorry about the construction. RollinSD is getting a facelift and some added features.

Warn Your Kids Not To Do This

It is every kids dream to be on the jumbo tron at a baseball game.  You go to the game in the hopes of getting an autograph from your favorite player, catching a foul ball, eating tons of junk food and if you really lucky you get to be on the jumbo tron.  Well I think this kid was thinking about being on the jumbo tron a bit too much and had a whole dance planned for it. I am not sure if this is funny, cute or scary.  The kids seems possessed and kind of freaks me out a bit.  I would definitely not want to be sitting next to him.  What are your thoughts?  Does this kid not freak you out? Look at his eyes. He looks possessed.  After posting this I figured out who this kid reminded me of and had to come back and post it.  He reminds me Wes Borland Limp Bizkit’s guitarist. This is what Wes would have looked like at age 12.

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Angry Billy Goat Terrorizes Town

This is priceless.. How can one angry billy goat terrorize a town so much?  Love when the guy tries to help the second women and totally misses with his first kick.. then the billy goat lines him up and nails him in the balls.  Then he backs up again to line him up and nails him again.. I can watch this over and over.  What did they do to piss this guy off so much?

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One of the Best Things I Have Seen All Week

Now this is purely awesomeness.  I don’t know where this was taken, but props to these kids..  I don’t want to hear how dangerous it is driving on a motorcyle without a helmet on.   Hell, these kids are riding without a helmet, playing drums and guitar and probably had a few beers before.  If anyone knows these kids please have them get in touch with me. I want to do an interview with them and have them play at the next RollinSD Chargers tailgate.. Mark your calendars now for this event.   Sunday Dec 7th San Diego Chargers vs New England Patriots.  This tailgate is going to go off the hook and just need to have these guys drive in playing a tune to kick it off.

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Batman Can’t Stop Thinking About Sex

There are so many great lines in this.  Here are mine

“let me see if I recollect, some stuff happened, you sucked my dick, like a lot.   How was that by the way. I hadn’t showered that day and I fight crime in a rubber suit.  Really seals in the flavor”

“You know I am good at it.  I do the alphabet”

“You want a little?  which one of these tubes do you smell out of?”

What one is your favorite?

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Golf Fail Compilation

This is for all the golfers out there.. The first one is priceless and I love the guys driving the golf cart 60 mph and catching air.  Thinking a few people may have died in this video and if they didn’t they had to be severely injured.  If I have people following me around with a video camera when I golf I could add a few clips to this video.   Anyone have a good video of a golf fail?  I am not talking about bad golf gear. I have plenty of photo’s of myself in bad gear… see above…

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Laboratory-grown vaginas implanted in patients

Ummm, can I have one put on my hand?

Laboratory-grown vaginas implanted in patients

The scaffold is configured into a vaginal shape (credit: Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center’s Institute for Regenerative Medicine)

A research team led by Anthony Atala, M.D., director of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center’s Institute for Regenerative Medicine, has reported in The Lancet the first human recipients of laboratory-grown vaginal organs, which were engineered with their own cells.

“This pilot study is the first to demonstrate that vaginal organs can be constructed in the lab and used successfully in humans,” said Atala. “This may represent a new option for patients who require vaginal reconstructive surgeries.”

The teenage girls in the study were born Read more

Bad Neighborz Interview With Jay Crew

I was lucky to be able to sit down and talk with Jay Crew of Bad Neighborz about their upcoming debut full length album, CD Release show, life and music…..  D Wolf sat down with the group years ago and I wanted to do a follow up and just see how things were going for the band.

Let’s start by telling us something about Bad Neighborz for those that DON’T know anything about you or your music: 

JAY: We first started out in in porn actually…No I’m playin. I would say that our music is meant to make you have fun and think about life differently. And by differently I mean you choose to do something because you want to be more free in their life. Everyone I know is stuck in more than one thing that don’t liberate them. We personally are at the point in life where we look at our jobs or our relationships that aren’t serving us and say, ‘why am I in this, why don’t I trim the fat and just have some lean mean fun in life?” I think that comes across in our sound and lyrics. So if you listen to our music and decide to do something really liberating for yourself and your life because of it, Boom, job completed for me.

How about those fans that DO know you and your music, what are some things that they probably don’t know yet:

JAY: I’ll give you one musical and one personal.

1 – I wrote most of these songs on the album with just an acoustic guitar and a notepad. Another one is that I never started singing Read more

How To Pee With Morning Wood

I know there are many women that also read this site and this can also be useful to you.  Show this to your man so he won’t be spraying all over the toilet seat in the AM or all of the wall.   You can have him practice a few of these each night before going to bed.  Not sure if he would really need the cape for the Superman, but maybe that can be part of your role playing for the evening.    Hell, print this and frame it above your toilet.  You will be educating the men in your house and at the same time avoiding bad aim.

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The Road To The Final Four NCAA Mens Basketball

The Road To The Final Four NCAA Mens Basketball

The #13 ranked SDSU Aztecs are seeded 4th in the West which is one of the weaker brackets except for Arizona.  With a tough loss to NM for championship and #2 seed, SDSU looks very promising to make the Sweet Sixteen.  This Fri, the Aztecs open the tourney vs. NM State in Spokane.  This first game against New Mexico St should be an easy game except NM ST has a big 7”6  Euro in the paint.   Aztecs are just too fast, athletic, and too much defense for this team.  Look for a high scoring game for Aztecs as they literally run them off the court.  Next up would be Oklahoma and they have a solid well coached team.  SDSU matches up well with OK and we should prevail as long as Thames/Davis/Spencer/Polee stay healthy.  OK can win as they have the horses.   SDSU must play their game and not get caught up in physical play of tougher OK squad.  Thames must be on his game as his leadership should keep Aztecs rolling.  Thames played a month with no turnovers and at this level to win you cannot turn the rock over.

At the Sweet Sixteen, it is all about matchups.  #1 seeded  Zona beat us 69-60 in Nov as we did have a chance to win but AZ had 4 and 5 who could score, board, and play D which killed us in the paint late in game.   AZ is ranked #1 for several reasons as they have handily beat a number of top ten teams.  Davis and Spencer must board over their averages of 10 and 5 respectively.  Thames and Shigley must shoot good shots.   SDSU must keep D pressure the entire game at an uncomfortable level.   The only way for SDS to win is to minimize the 4 and 5 which means some trapping zone defenses, the 1-3-1, and do the full court zone traps at various times to change momentum.

Aztecs have three scorers:  Thames 17 pts, Davis 8pts,  and Sheppard 12 pts.   They have a tremendous D with 3-4 ball hawks:  Polee, Thamse, Davis, and Spencer with Polee/Thames averaging 3 steals together.   Sheppard at 6”9’ at the 2 guard can board but Davis is a rebound machine.  Skylar Spence must show up on D.  Shigs can flat out shoot when he gets the ball in right spots.  Read more

The Ultimate Mechanical Bull Ride

I am sure everyone has seen a few mechanical bull rides in their day.  Some are obviously better than others.  We all watch to see if someone get’s hurt and get flung 10 feet in the air.  Typically this does not happen and the operators are getting much more creative with how they have the bull move.  I think this is the ultimate mechanical bull ride. The operator is showing off his/her skills and the rider has done this more than once.  I am guessing she was raised on a farm- care to comment?  Poway Fun Bowl used to have one and now it is gone and the Double Deuce is the only place I can think of in San Diego where you can go check out a mechanical bull ride.  There has to be a place in Lake Side or Santee.  Love the song in this video…

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Success! The 33rd Annual Tribute to the Reggae Legends

The 33rd annual Tribute to the Reggae Legends festival is back at the San Diego Sports Arena aka the Valley View Casino Center. The festival is formerly known as “Bob Marley Day”, although now the festival name and venue have been changed. One thing is for sure, this year’s lineup made Reggae History. This festival has highlighted some of the most sensational reggae acts to date with it’s past lineups bringing big names like Stephen Marley, Gregory Isaacs, and Peter Tosh. This year featured a mixture of local talent and international stars. Tribute to the Legends 2014 honored an amazing lineup of reggae revival artists, local stars, and old favorites as we paid homage to the artists of the past.

The festival’s thirty-three year run in San Diego still makes it the largest Reggae event in San Diego.  Of course, the event is still organized by Makeda Makossa and the World Beat Center, who ensure the festival’s consistent success. The unique vibe and atmosphere of this event is unmatched. The festivals performances were set on a revolving stage, which minimized waiting between sets. RollinSD has covered the event for four years now, and it has always been a pleasure working with Makeda and her team. In all my years working with the World Beat Center, everything has always been handled promptly and professionally- usually with a smile. At the show, we got some great photos of the event along with video footage of performances and interviews with a few of the artists. RollinSD was lucky enough to catch up with Jah9, Protoje and Alborosie.  All of this was possible through the great coordination of management of artists and Makeda’s wonderful crew backstage. Read more

How To Poop At Work

This could be one of the funniest things I have watched in a  long, long time.  I love some of the terminologies and all the scenarios are spot on.  This is so accurate and awesome. It is a must share. I even shared with my kids and said you can apply the same to school.  Who ever created this is brilliant and it has roughly 22,000 hits on youtube.  I bet in a week it is at over 1,000,000.   I think we need to create our own video.  Anyone know how to create the cartoon guy? The survival guide for taking a dump at work. I don’t think the cast of Saturday Night Live could pull this off without breaking out into laughter.  I think the computer actually kind of laughs a time while saying the script.

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Sochi Olympic Village Tour- The Behind The Scenes You Don’t Want To Miss

I have been watching the Olympics everyday now and really enjoying them, but have often wondered where are all the athletes staying.  Well for those of you wondering the same thing this video will show you.  I am very impressed with the housing and that all the different countries are all together.  I never realized all the extra benefits the athletes received while staying there.   What do you think of their dorms, restaurants, and gymnasiums where these modern day athletes get enjoy each others perfect bodies.

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Texans Cheerleader Destroys Mascot At Pro Bowl

I did not see this til today. I thought the most exciting thing about this years NFL Pro Bowl was the draft and watching Dion Sanders and Jerry Rice go back and forth. I am hoping they keep them for next year and do another draft.  I had always thought the game was the biggest flop of the year, but now am starting to think the biggest flop is the NBA dunk contest..    Want to see more of this in next years NFL Pro Bowl.  Hell have a whole game of the cheerleaders vs the mascots….
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99 Words For Boobs

Many many new photo’s here guys.   I didn’t know there were 99 Words For Boobs.  This is OK for work and you will like this more if you remember the song by Nena 99 Red Balloons.  I thought I had a ton of nick names for the female breasts but this song has taught me a many more.  Had to watch 5  times to really start to remember some of the names.  Do you have any others we could add to this list?  Enjoy Rollers and this video may have you looking like the guy above.

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For Immediate Release (San Diego, CA):  February 12, 2014 – The 33rd Annual Tribute to the Reggae Legends Festival 2014 has added the legendary Jamaican Reggae band, Third World, to this year’s festival to be held at the Valley View Casino Center in San Diego, CA on Monday, February 17, 2014.  Third World will be paying a special tribute to their late lead singer and co-founding member, William ‘Bunny Rugs’ Clarke, who passed away after a battle with cancer this past week on February 2nd.  Bunny Rugs was widely known to have one of the greatest singing voices in Reggae music and been a pioneer with his work with the band and as a solo artist over the past four decades.

Tribute to the Reggae Legends Festival, formerly known as Bob Marley Day, has been an annual event in San Diego now in its 33rd year. The Annual Festival is one of Southern California’s largest Reggae events with this year’s line-up including Third World, Don Carlos, Sly and Robbie, Tarrus Riley, Dean Fraser, Horace Andy, Alborosie, Midnite, Dezarie, Bitty McLean, Tribal Seeds, Protoje, Jah9, Sister Nancy, Willi Williams, Piracy, Alika with Quinto Sol and more.  WorldBeat Productions has been the spearhead for bringing Reggae music’s top acts to San Diego with artists like Peter Tosh, Dennis Brown, Gregory Isaacs, Bunny Wailer, and the brightest stars from Africa, Latin America, Europe and Asia.

Festival Founder Makeda Dread was a personal friend of Bob Marley and after he passed in 1981, Makeda created a tribute to Bob Marley Festival. The first Bob Marley Day was held at the International Blend on 30th Street and then moved the following years to various venues as the festival grew. Over the years, the event’s popularity increased and so WorldBeat Productions teamed up with Moss Jacobs, who brought his expertise and professionalism to bring the event to large capacity venues such as the San Diego Concourse (Golden Hall) and California Theatre. After reaching its capacity in these venues it was time to bring the team’s hugely successful Bob Marley Day festival to the San Diego Sports Arena. After consistently selling out capacity shows for over 10 years, Bob Marley Day transformed into what it is now known as, Tribute to the Reggae Legends, in honor of all the great reggae artists that have passed throughout the years.

This year WorldBeat Productions has created the “Reggae Legends Hall of Fame” which is to be housed inside WorldBeat Cultural Center in Balboa Park. This Hall of Fame will honor the legacy of the Artists who are the Foundation of the Reggae Movement and are past and present without proper recognition. Read more